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When we talk about video shooting, the first thing that comes to our mind is hardware. How much to invest and what is possible to get in return? Technology these days is rapidly growing, prices are dropping, but high-quality cameras are always expensive. Finding the right brand at an affordable price might take time. We found a variety of good brands at That came as a great blog-place full of useful tips and even smartwatches.

Should you start a Vlogg in 2024?

The point is not to have millions of subscribers since that is almost impossible and all of us want it. What you are going to get from Vlogg is your experience of shooting videos, working with movie maker type of software and some exposure regarding in the field of things you want to achieve soon. The next thing would be a youtube channel.

1. Basic camera knowledge

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You do not have to have excessive knowledge of handling cameras, but you need at least basic knowledge. The more you know about cameras – the better it is. You are going to learn all kinds of different techniques. At that point, you don’t have to focus so much on the technical part, but be focused more on the story that you want to tell. If you don’t know so much about your camera, try to look up some videos on youtube regarding your model.

2. Be OK with being on camera.

Enjoy filming yourself. This is a very tricky part since a lot of us are not big fans of standing upfront of a camera. Get used to being comfortable with filming yourself or have someone else film you. Nicely dressed people with good manners are more interesting to everyone.

3. Learn how to present the right story

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A lot of people are bored in upfront of the cameras since they don’t know how to tell the story. They come up with all kinds of boring things that do not keep the audience. We all have unique lives and we should all present how each of us sees it from a unique perspective. Create your text or paraphrase someone else’s.

4. Finding the right motivation.

Are you planning to make tons of money in marketing with your Vlogg-s or you are just about to have some fun and present yourself as a good filmmaker? Talking to a camera might give you the opportunity to meet new people.

5. Good work ethic

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Like with any other type of work – we need to be dedicated and focused on what we are doing. It does take time to learn the software and even to learn the market (if we you are getting involved in this for cash making purposes).

Some people actually make a decent living of their videos. Currently, we are looking into something like 300+ hours of HD videos being uploaded on YouTube. Furthermore, we are talking about 13 billion videos being posted on Youtube. Youtube is becoming stricter about what kind of content we can post. Youtube has the largest video base and whatever we need to search – we can go there and inform ourselves. Due to almost all topics being covered in videos, some online research can be done from blogs and video can be created like some sort of scenario. If you are passionate about some specific topic, we are almost sure that you are going to adjust your time schedule and place Vlogging as a priority. High-quality videos are nicely encouraged by Youtube and they meet international standards. Restrictions are very important to follow. For some people who use to break the rules ongoing – we have to pay the price of higher control and more people being hired to police this platform. We always encourage everyone to make sure to go in-line with requirements, as we know that penalties and closing the channels might be unproductive at the end.

Youtube does make the money from you posting the content, so make sure that you get a piece of that cash flow as well by placing quality videos. Video promotion is a half-way done job. Finding ways to promote youtube channel. Now, it really depends on whom you are creating videos. Find specific facebook groups that are interested in your videos. Basically, being a Vlogger means that you are doing several jobs at the same time. You are creating a scenario, you are editing, promoting and managing your videos.

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Vlogging can be further combined with other types of marketing promotion tools, such as email campaigns or Newsletters. All the video content can come from the text as a hyperlink. Basically, doing marketing means getting yourself out there in the public by all means. All the options must be combined and a good strategy must be created. It does take time for all of that and we need a good structure in place. If you decide to go in this direction, carefully select your goals, see what your competition is doing and create your own room on the market.