We all know the importance of grooming, wearing the right clothing, and accessorizing when it comes to looking pulled together and polished. Whether you’re a sartorially minded man who puts attention and detail into his look every day or looking to up your style game this year, your aesthetic has many crucial elements to consider. One often overlooked area of a man’s wardrobe is the accessories he owns – but this is something that is changing in the fashion world. As clothing, in general, becomes more about unisex fits and looks, men are embracing jewelry and accessories today more than ever. Whether you’ve got a full accessories drawer that you’re looking to add to or update to stay on trend, or you’re a guy just dipping his toes into the fashion scene, keep reading for the essential accessories all stylish men need this year.

1. Men’s Earrings

Depending on your age, you may already have your ears pierced, or at one point, you wore a stud or hoop in one ear only. Today, times have changed, and not only are there no rules to style or wear men’s earrings, but the options also range from fun and whimsical to more traditional earring styles. From diamond studs and gold hoops to hoop huggies with gemstones and diamonds inlaid, the sky’s the limit to how you want to express yourself. While a pair of pearl studs may feel too fashion-forward to you, men’s earrings are a great area to express the fun side of your fashion personality as it’s easy to amass a collection that you can switch out to suit your outfits as they change day to day.

2. Chain Bracelets


While certain jewelry styles, like necklaces, have been commonly worn by men for centuries, every guy will be wearing a bracelet this year. And they’re blingy! Chain link bracelets compliment your outfit, whether your style is conservative preppy, grunge, or streetwear. Opt for a chain bracelet made from sterling silver or gold, so it’s a piece you can put on once and never take off, guaranteeing you’re accessorized daily.

3. Cuban Link Chains

Once a staple of streetwear only, Cuban link chains are in vogue for all men today. At the same time, there are several timeless chain styles for both men and women, like Figaro, Curb, Rope, and Paperclip; this year, the Cuban link style reigns supreme. If it’s not your style to let your chain hang out of your sweater or button-up, just a glimpse of these thick pieces is a great way to show you’re paying attention to the details when you get dressed each day. If you’re looking to splurge, investing in a gold Cuban link chain you never take off, similar to the bracelets mentioned above, is always a good idea.

4. Wristwatches


You need to know what time it is, and the truth is, we’ve all got the time on hand with our smartphones in our back pockets, but fashionable men understand the importance of a separate timepiece. There’s nothing more attractive than someone asking you the time and you sliding your suit jacket sleeve up to remind them. This year, the trending wristwatch style is a rectangular face, but watches are expensive, so it’s more beneficial to your wallet and your aesthetic to invest in a piece that resonates with your existing style. Some men even prefer the heirloom feel of a pocket watch. No matter which watch style you choose, make sure you choose one and accessorize with it daily.

5. Statement Rings

For centuries, many men only wore their wedding ring, and that was it, but times, they are a-changin, and this is a great thing! Men’s rings are a great way to express your style upfront as we use our hands all day through gesticulation, handshakes, and so much more. Think big in 2024 when it comes to your rings, whether you opt for a turquoise and sterling ring to pair with your leather jackets or a classic monogrammed signet ring on your pinky for more elevated occasions. In the same way, earrings are an affordable way to up your accessory game, and so are rings. While you can splurge and invest in these pieces, wearing statement-size costume rings not made of pure gold is usually your best bet.

6. Stainless Steel Water Bottles


Don’t let this next one throw you for a loop because sustainability is in style. You carry your groceries home in a reusable tote bag, so staying hydrated shouldn’t be different. Studies have shown that stainless steel water bottles are the healthiest option for drinking on the go, and countless brands offer stylish options to stay hydrated, from outdoor brands to major fashion houses. Fashion is about making a statement to the world about who you are, showing you care about the planet by adding a stainless steel water bottle to your daily accessory repertoire.

7. Designer Sunglasses

There are areas of your wardrobe where you can save and others where you should always splurge, and when it comes to sunglasses – splurge. A pair of designer shades is essential for every guy, no matter his aesthetic. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so protect them in high fashion. Designer sunglasses are also of higher quality, offering clearer lenses and polarization options that their cheaper options don’t. Lastly, sunglasses are essential to protecting the delicate skin around your eyes, so they’re perfect for staving off signs of aging like crow’s feet or forehead lines from squinting in the sun or in a cheaper pair of glasses that don’t protect your vision as well.

Some other noteworthy accessories for men’s fashion this year are pocket squares, cufflinks, bow ties, lapel pins, and money clips, but the above-mentioned are accessories that work for every man, not just men that wear suits each day. Whether you invest in one or all of them is up to you, but having fun with your look is what fashion is all about, so embrace the fun earrings, big chains, and other classic accessories that are back in vogue.