Well, there is one unusual thing that we need to say here. Do you feel like you are living in the world of photography? People publish millions of different images every day on their social media accounts, websites, etc. The reasons why they do that are different. Some of them only want to share a memory while others want to improve their business performances in that way. 

Yet, when we talk about businesses, it is not enough to share a photo and wait for the results to come. Sometimes, a professional camera is not going to be enough to represent your products or businesses in the best possible way. You will additionally have to edit the photos and try to improve their quality in that way. 

That is the reason why the demand for professional photo editors is raising every single day. Yet, just like any other industry in the world, advanced technology directly influenced the photo editing industry in different ways. All professional photo editors should be aware of the latest changes connected with AI technology. If they don’t understand how that type of technology is reshaping the industry they are working in, there is a big chance they won’t manage to take advantage of it. Because of that, let’s analyze together the influence that AI technology has on this industry. 

You Will Get the Chance for One-Touch Editing


It is not a secret that working with different photo editing tools is challenging. In some cases, you will have to spend hours in front of your computer to meet the requirements your clients have. However, it seems that things will become much easier thanks to Artificial Intelligence

So, here is how AI is going to help here. As you know adjusting different elements in one image usually requires a lot of time. You will have to pay attention to the tiniest details and ensure the photography looks realistic after you edit it. With AI, you will not have to spend hours doing that. Instead of that, thanks to machine learning features, you will get the chance to adjust everything in a few minutes. Organizations like Shaip are helping companies improve their image recognition models by accurately annotating the image datasets from various use cases such as Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Retail, AR/VR, Agriculture, Fashion, E-commerce, and more.

That’s exactly what one-touch editing means. Thanks to AI, the software starts to learn from your previous edits. Because of that, if you already have your style, the software will recognize it and apply it to the next photography you plan to edit. All you have to do is control things and ensure everything software is doing is correct. 

Despite that, photo editing tools such as DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI are working a bit differently. They use millions of enhanced photography samples and improve the quality of the image without harming its quality. It allows you to sharpen the photo, reduce its noise, or simply add different cartoon effects. As mentioned above, AI is making everything easier. All you have to do is click a few buttons, and your job is finished! 

Are Face Beauty Effects a Problem? They Won’t Be!


We can’t even determine how many selfies are published on social media every single day. People would be more than happy to find someone that will add face beauty effects to their images. However, they also want to ensure that everything looks natural after editing. Well, this is a moment when AI makes things a lot easier for photo editors. 

Believe it or not, many photo editing tools come with AI-based facial recognition. Thanks to this feature, everything you do will look more realistic (in some cases, the differences won’t even be visible). For instance, these programs can adjust all the effects on the face of the person such as highlights, shadows, and contrasts. Despite that, it also has the capacity to make color correction perfectly. Because of that, meeting the requirements your clients have will no longer be a problem. 

Editors Will Get the Chance to work with Different Style Effects


Well, style effects were usually a problem for the photo editors before the AI technology arrived. However, things are much different now because all AI-driven software solutions offer a wide range of customized styles that will apply different effects to images you are working on. That can be an essential feature at the moment when you want to complete the job in a hurry. 

All you have to do is to apply the existing “templates” and your job is done there. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget what creativity is. Whichever style you apply, it has to be matchable with the style of the photography you are editing.  However, we can all agree that, thanks to this feature, amateurs will have more chances to improve their skills a bit quicker. 

To make things clear, we should probably highlight some examples. For instance, some editing tools of this type can apply mosaics sketches, paintings, and other stuff. On the other hand, most of these styles are often divided into different categories that you can easily recognize and apply. 

Artificial Intelligence Has Brought Photo Upscaling


We can all agree once again that technology has improved significantly in the last 15 years. The cameras people are using high-quality resolutions that will probably improve more in the future. However, that doesn’t mean the technology has reached its maximum. We need to work more on the improvement of photo quality.

The good news is that the development of AI made different developers design photo upscaling apps that have the purpose to increase the photo resolution. However, these apps will only be a good choice if they don’t harm the quality of the image in any way.  

So, the way how these programs function is pretty simple to understand. They use machine learning to identify every single pixel of the image and analyze it to find a way to improve the overall quality of the image. A human eye can’t do that properly without any doubt even if you are spending hours on completing the job. 

Final Thought 

Well, as you can see, AI technology has a strong influence on the photo editing industry. Together with the improvement of technology, that influence will become even stronger. Photo editors have the task to analyze AI and get familiar with it. If you don’t do that, your competitors will, and they will manage to reach better results than you. However, you also need to check out which options you have and why some programs deserve your attention.