Who does not want to put a full stop to aging and look younger? According to various research, NMN, popularly known as nicotinamide mononucleotide not only provides energy to our body for proper functioning but also helps in reversing the effects of aging. Due to its various health benefits, many people have started taking NMN supplements.

The best part about taking anti-aging NMN is that there are very few side effects related to it. Young to middle-aged people can safely take these supplements. However, the dosage is not the same for all age groups. As per the experts, people between the age of 30-60 years can consume 500 mg of NMN in a day. But if your age is more than 60 years, then a dosage of 750 mg is recommended to maximize the benefits of NMN. Find here the most beneficial and high-quality anti-aging NMN supplements.

Major Health Benefits Of NMN Supplement

Improvement in functionality of the brain


Alzheimer’s is a common disease in aged people which slows down their memory or sometimes destroys it. Older people find it difficult to remember things and their ability to learn things also decreases. However, these issues can be prevented with the help of NMN. With age, the blood vessels in human beings become dysfunctional due to improper blood flow to the brain. NMN supplements help in improving the functionality of the brain by increasing blood flow.

Energy level increases

Nowadays, the most common issue faced by elder people is a decrease in strength and ability to move around. Age is the biggest factor that decides the energy level of human beings. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything to increase your body’s energy levels. Various types of research have been carried out and it was found that NMN helps in improving the energy metabolism in animals. Also, there were no side effects of this supplement on the animals. Therefore, NMN can also be invaluable to increase muscle strength in later stages of human life.

Keeps your heart healthy

The heart is the most important organ of the human body and you cannot afford to take any risk with it. Elder people are more susceptible to heart failure due to irregular heartbeats. This is why it is paramount for aged persons to take care of their hearts. To keep your heart beating constantly, your heart needs a huge amount of energy. To produce this energy, healthy mitochondria are required. NMN supplements to aid in preventing heart failure by rejuvenating the mitochondria.

Reduces obesity


Another major problem that is faced by people from many countries is obesity. Undoubtedly, a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the best way to reduce fat but many people are unable to make such difficult lifestyle changes. Such people can take the advantage of the NMN supplements. According to research studies, NMN helps in calorie restriction. It means that it can be very helpful in reducing obesity and improving the overall well-being of a person.

Boost fertility

With age, the fertility levels in human beings also decrease. However, it has been found that people who take NMN supplements regularly have more libido. If a woman wants to reproduce in her later stages of life, then taking NMN would be helpful as it helps in increasing the quality and number of the maternal eggs. You will also find improvement in the fertilization process.

Helps in repairing DNA

Sirtuins, an essential group of proteins found in the DNA, are responsible for maintaining your well-being. NAD+ is known to activate these proteins in human beings. However, as a person gets old, the level of NAD+ declines. This decline in NAD+ can be reversed by taking anti-aging NMN supplements.

Restores vision


Due to a decline in NAD+ level with age, many people experience vision loss. Consuming the right amount of NMN can help you in restoring eye vision. After several scientific studies, it has been found that this supplement is very beneficial in improving the functionality of the eye. It can also help you in reducing inflammation in the eyes by promoting sirtuins which is a group of proteins found in the DNA.

How Much NMN Can You Consume Safely?

There are no or very less side effects of consuming NMN but one should always know about the ideal dosage. Taking the right amount of NMN supplement will bring you the best results. Many experts have suggested that consuming high amounts of this supplement would be more advantageous. According to experts, a person can consume 1-2 capsules of NMN daily. The recommended dosage is between 250-500 mg a day.

Many supplement providers recommend dosage depending upon their observation and research. Most of them will tell you the ideal dosage based on your weight. For heavier people, a higher dosage is suggested for the best results.

Side Effects Of NMN Supplement


Various scientific studies have been carried out to date to find out the adverse effects of this supplement on animals. But there is not much information available to know its side effects on humans. The experiments that have been conducted till now show that this supplement is safe for both animals and humans. However, they should be aware of its ideal dosage.

To Sum Up

Everyone wants to stay healthy and look younger even in the later stages of their lives. You cannot completely stop the process of aging but some solutions can help you slow down this process. Apart from opting for healthy lifestyle changes, you can start taking NMN supplements to reverse the effects of aging.

There are many health benefits of consuming it regularly. Some major benefits include improvement in the functionality of the brain, reduces obesity, boosts fertility levels, increases energy levels, and promotes a healthy heart. A person can safely take up to 500 mg of this supplement in a day to maximize the health benefits of this supplement. However, it is always suggested to take some expert advice before consuming any supplement on a daily basis.