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Every homeowner knows how the right tools can make your backyard look great. If you don’t use the right tools and devices, you will spend a lot of time and money making the whole place look good. However, there are too many different devices available on the market, and they all seem essential.

To help you understand how to do proper maintenance and which are the most important tools you should invest in we created this guide. Follow it so you know what to get and how to use it. You should know that you can use some of these tools for more than one task, and you will cut your time and investment in more than half.

1. Lawn Mower

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The lawnmower is something everyone should have. This will make the difference between you cutting the grass for hours, or your yard being overgrown and a lawn that is picture-perfect.

There are a lot of different types and sizes you can find on the market, so you have to do some research to find the best one that offers the needed features and that fits your budget. These units come with prices between $500 and a few thousand dollars. It is said that the more expensive the device it is, the more durable it will be.

2. Leaf Shredder

We all know how hard it is to get rid of all the fallen leaves in the fall. It takes a lot of time to gather them all and it seems that you cannot find a way to throw everything away. Gathering leaves can be done a lot faster with the help of leaf blowers. According to BestofMachinery tool expert, some leaf blowers work by sucking leaves that are on the ground. Once they sucked inside the vacuum it will then munch them up into very small pieces and deposit them in a bag that should be attached to the vacuum itself. Some blow the leaves around helping you to stack them in a pile for easy mulching.

If you are interested in getting read of the leaves and making your own compost for the plants in your garden then you should get a leaf shredder. These units are quiet, fast, and durable. They are also safe and easy to use. You don’t have to spend more than a few hundred dollars on them, and you will save a lot of money when you make your own compost. So, no matter if you need to shred those annoying pine needles or if you have a tree with big leaves, you can use the same machine to get the job done.

3. Hose

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You cannot maintain your backyard if you don’t water it regularly. You can use sprinkles, but they don’t get the job done throughout the whole place. So, you should get several hoses with different sizes to make your life easier. To find the garden hose we recommend you check out this guide from the unclutterer that will help you to make a good choice.

You can use them to clean your patio and driveway with ease, without spending too much time (or water) doing it. Experts say that you should soak the grass and the whole garden at least twice in the summer. When you do that, you will ensure that all of the plants get enough water and that they won’t dry out in the hot weather. Do this in the early morning or late evening, so you don’t cause too big of a temperature difference in the soil.

4. Chain Saw

Sometimes you will need to cut down some trees or sculpture bushes. Even though this tool is pretty much the last resort, it can save you a lot of time and it will make your yard even more beautiful than it already is.

You probably already know this, but you need to protect your trees in the winter so they survive the cold and the ice. If that does not happen, or if your tree gets a disease, sometimes cutting it may be the right thing to do. This is why you need to invest in a good chain saw that is easy to use, durable and will get the job done. These devices come in a lot of sizes, so pick one that is fit for your yard. The prices vary depending on the model and the type of saw you are looking for.

If you want to make sure your trees look amazing and if you don’t want to spend money on a new chainsaw, places like can help you maintain the trees, cut them, or trim them when needed.

5. Wood Shredder

This is another device that will create something usable from the waste. If you have a lot of trees in your yard and if you want to make cat litter, food for the plants, or if you just want to get rid of those huge branches or stumps, you should get a wood shredder.

Most of the newer machines are compact and lightweight. They are also quiet, so you won’t have to worry about waking up the whole neighborhood. You can find this tool for less than a thousand dollars, but you need to get it only if you are going to use it.

6. Shears

If you want your bushes and shrubs to look nice and if you want to get rid of all those excess small branches and leaves, you need to get some shears. They will make a huge difference in your yard and they are really inexpensive.

Even if you want to get a professional pair of big sheers, they won’t cost you more than $100 and you will be able to make your yard look perfect. You can use them to cut grass, vines, or just overgrown trees. With this tool you will make your job so much easier, just don’t forget to sharpen the blades from time to time.

7. Gloves

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Don’t forget to invest in a nice pair of gloves that will keep your hands protected from anything with sharp edges. There are a lot of different types of gloves available, so choose something durable, made of the best materials and that won’t get damaged. You should choose comfortable gloves that are made from thick rubber, so you don’t risk anything from blisters to cuts.

If you are not sure what types of tools are going to be the best for your backyard, you can consult the professionals in the home and garden store. They will help you choose the right devices that will help you maintain the beauty of your whole yard. Don’t forget to invest in some fertilizer as well, so that the grass, plants, and trees can look beautiful all year round.