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College is a stepping stone towards something far greater and significant than anything we’ve ever been involved in before. It’s a new beginning or rather an end to the old, carefree life that we led. It not only is culturally shocking but molds your lifestyle into something new and fresh. Even though, it’s a fresh start it can get overwhelming. It’s away from familiarity, comfort and people who’ve known you since you were in diapers. It all can get too much.

If you’re a high school senior or a freshman or just a college student, struggling to juggle between things which all seem too important to let go of, here are some basic rules or rather tips that have been a success in most cases to ace college like a boss that you are!

  1. Learn to prioritize

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Prioritizing is the name of the game! There are too many things ranging from classes to coursework to basketball practices to a part-time jobs which just don’t seem possible to do at the same time. This is where prioritizing swoops in. The first step is towards investing in a planner. Planners work as great tools to give you a perspective, a direction to work towards. It allows you to acknowledge all that you have to do in a short time frame.

Start each morning by jotting down the tasks that you have on hand. Now, the key is to jot down anything from grabbing a coffee with your roommate to cooking dinner. Make a list and subsequently, prioritize. Classes and needless to say, coursework must be your first priority, followed by your band practices which can be followed by a quick gym session and cooking. These lists might seem like an additional task each day but it’ll turn it into a habit. With everything done at the end of the day, you can check them off and sleep feeling productive and efficient.

  1. Learn to say no

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College is not only about studying towards a kickass degree, it is an experience. As mentioned earlier, it is a stepping stone towards your life long ambitions and goals and most importantly, an adult life. With that said, it is important that you enjoy your four years of college without compromising on your grades and CGPA.

Saying no is an art and the sooner you learn it, the better it will be for you. It is imperative to turn down dates, study groups or even parties if you have something more important in line to complete. There are times you would have to say no to parties you really want to do because of a pop up quiz the next day exactly how you would skip a class for a breakfast date.

Studies are important but so is your mental health and social life. With that said, to be on the winning side it is important to make note of a party coming up or even a presentation you have to prepare for. When there’s a party you’ve been dying to go to, it is completely fine to go and enjoy. Now you would ask how? Well, this is where comes in. It is a website that helps students out with their assignment woes by assisting them and in some cases, even doing it for them at low rates.

  1. Sleep, sleep and sleep!

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Sleep is definitely not for the weak. It is an essential bodily function that cannot be compromised on. College students often give up on a proper sleep schedule to fit in which is not right! Just think about it like eating or say breathing, they’re all things you cannot work without and hence, cannot be compromised on. It is imperative that you let yourself sleep for seven to eight uninterrupted hours of sleep every night. Social media can be enticing but don’t let your phone be the last and even the first thing you use when you wake up.

Moreover, sleeping sufficient hours will not only help you be more efficient but will allow you to be present in the moment and use your brain to its optimum potential.

  1. Stay active and healthy

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College is fairly demanding both physically and mentally. You’re expected to do everything and anything every other day. All of this can have a significant toll on your health. With that said, it is imperative to understand that you’re young and can face these challenges head-on but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of yourself. Now, having self-care Sundays are great with face masks and junk food but it is important to understand the importance of taking care of yourself on day to day basis. The point I’m trying to get to is that it is imperative that you eat well and stay active.

Eating healthy and exercising shouldn’t translate into dollar bills, it should be more low-key and personal. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you hog on leaves which taste like grass but it also doesn’t mean that you consume microwavable meals each night. Try to strike a balance between the two. Cook at your dorm and know what is going in your body. It not only will save you money but will also make you feel good both internally and externally.

Further, with eating a balanced diet a student must also be active. It is imperative to move your limbs every once in a while. If your campus has a gym, hit it up! If not, then running across the block every night or morning will work just fine too. Not only will it erase all the unnecessary stresses you have been carrying but will also help you get a banger body in no time. It can be a great opportunity to hang out with your friends or even listen to audiobooks.