What comes to your mind when you hear the word marketing? Do you see numbers that would be almost impossible to attain and long hours spent in gathering the right information to engage with the lead after lead for a single conversion? Well, all that is in the past now. Welcome to the world of marketing automation where the click and tap of a button can automate several messages and data-driven deliverables with the right information, backed by notifications of tasks for every member in the sales pipeline. This is what we call marketing today.

With the advent of all things digital, we have also stumbled upon information that is too colossal to be manually handled. This is because of one simple reason – everyone is online now. And this, in turn, is due to another simple reason – unlike traditional media, you can actually talk and engage with your friend’s families and even celebrities and brands. Never before has the world seen such a shrinking of border and boundaries. Further, never before has the world seen such an explosion of information and the rise of opportunities that come and go at the speed of light – quite literally!

This is where marketing automation neatly steps into the picture. With the right marketing automation software like the ones mentioned on and backed by the right CRM software, you will be able to make more than just a dent in the consciousness of the collective and individual audience base. You will be able to reach, engage and convert with ease since the entire process will be automated with the right information in the right place for the right function – and even for the right team member who would be powered and energized to put in all the efforts to attain these conversions.

So how does marketing automation help marketers and how can it help in getting businesses closer and closer to goals like scalability and growth? Here’s our quick list of marketing automation benefits for marketers:

1. Accuracy


We are going to lead with this point because with an explosion of information also comes many versions of the same. Therefore, you would need an automated system for capturing the right information from the right places so that it may be used to show just how authentic you are as a business or as a marketer. This would be imperative when you are pitching solutions run the form of products and services to various kinds of customers. The accuracy with which you segment and then engage with each type of audience will decide whether or not you make the right inroads in order to secure those precious conversions. With the use of marketing automation software, you will be able to do just that.

2. Positioning


Now, we all know that every business and marketer needs to make a mark with the right kind of positioning. When you have to stand out from amongst your competitors who may or may not be doing the exact same thing online, you need to use an often repeated and stressed tool called positioning which would show your audience why you have an edge over your customers. With the marketing automation software, you can get the competitor analysis that will show you which gaps you can fill and what the others are missing out on. You can also craft your message in a way that would not be anywhere close to or similar to anything that your competitors may be saying. This will instantly set you apart and create some great brand recall value for the product or service that you are trying to market!

3. Partnerships


When you are trying to build your presence online as a marketer, you would have to collaborate and partner with a number of parties including businesses, influencers, and other tools that can help in third-party collaborations at a later stage in the sales pipeline as well. But how do you maintain all the information within a well-structured workflow that will have automated notifications for everyone involved so that you do not end up losing your mind? Well, the simple answer would be – a marketing automation software. With marketing automation, you would be able to achieve all of the above in a very simple way.

4. Analysis


Every marketer knows that insights and analysis can be a game-changer and a much-needed tool or feature for every strategy and marketing plan. Yet, it is difficult and time-consuming to actually gather all the data required for a wholesome and cohesive report, especially if you are a marketer who is handling campaigns for various products and services. In such cases, marketing automation can easily fix your problem since the analysis function is a part of every good marketing automation software. The insights in this report would show you the exact performance metrics and results of the various tasks and resources that you would have used along with the improvements that you need to make. The analysis feature of marketing automation would also help you recognize other marketing opportunities that you may have overlooked earlier.

5. Efficiency


This is a sweeping benefit that applies to all of the above and yet, it is also in a class of its own. When you use a marketing automation software like EngageBay, you essentially automate all the monotonous tasks including information gathering, storing, retrieving and crafting, and sending out deliverables. This can be done by setting the parameters and the elements for data-driven deliverables and practices within the marketing automation software. In turn, this would free up your time and bandwidth to do what you do best as a marketer – engaging with the end-user, or the possible customer. When you are able to do so on a more consistent basis, you would be able to efficiently close conversions and effortlessly bring in increased revenues. This would also ensure that you have an efficient system or strategy at the heart of your marketing automation and functions.

Marketing automation provides businesses with customer profiles and data management capabilities to help them serve their markets better. Successful customer acquisition, conversion, and retention are, for the most part, a product of a holistic marketing strategy, a strategy that most marketing automation solutions are fully equipped to support.