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It was over 100 years ago when Alexander Graham Bell released the invention when the first telephone came to the surface. At that time, people didn’t know what good technological innovation would bring because everyone still depends on the snail mail system to communicate, whether for personal or business purposes.

In today’s technology, mobile phones or other devices have greatly improved the way people communicate. Still, these high-tech devices can rarely address companies’ budget concerns, especially the start-up or small business, because these devices mostly require a considerable amount of data and airtime, which means companies need to set aside a separate budget for those. To save time, money, and effort, B1 Communications came up with many technology-powered solutions through VoIP phone systems.

From getting familiar with their technological products and services to choose the suitable device to maximize their features, up to getting the systems ready to roll for the business, the company is fully equipped to help your business’ phone communication needs.

But what is a VoIP? What do VoIP phone systems have that the traditional phone systems don’t? VoIP is a growing communication technology that works through the internet. This modern phone system allows anyone to talk on the phone without the need for long wiring systems.

Here are some of the many benefits of VoIP phone systems for small Canadian business:

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1. It can increase business mobility

Mobility is essential to most small businesses because these businesses need to be available anytime, anywhere. From customer inquiries and follow-ups to marketing and sales, every transaction matters; it would not be easy to turn down even a single project because they need to keep a fluid flow of income for their daily and monthly expenses to keep the business running.

They need to make sure that people can reach them anytime, even on the go. The VoIP phone system will work so long as there’s a good internet connection, and for small businesses, this would mean that they’re not going to miss all calls that matter.

2. Crisp and clear voice quality

When the VoIP phone systems first rolled out in the market, fewer people patronized it because its call connection capabilities aren’t stable, calls either get disconnected, the line gets staticky, or people can’t hear each other. Today, with a massive improvement to VoIP, people now can make and receive calls anytime so long as there’s a stable internet connection. The voice quality is now clear, and calls now have continuous connectivity.

3. Enhanced security feature

Fraudsters are getting creative every day, and they have already ventured into defrauding people through the traditional telecommunication system. One of the oldest security problems with the conventional telephone system is that fraudsters can easily intercept the phone connection. From there, the fraudsters can get important information from the people on the phone, such as accounts, personal, and all other non-public information that they can use to take over someone’s identity, which can lead to account takeovers and ruining people’s credit history.

One of the great benefits of VoIP phone systems for small Canadian businesses is digital security. Data encryptions are basic yet the most effective to prevent fraud to anything that works within the internet space. Encryption works by decoding codes into a simplified text, preventing injecting malware from working its horror of stealing data or information.

Another good thing is that VoIP phone system providers now work with a sophisticated online security system to prevent fraud systems from working.

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4. VoIP can send files and documents

Benefits of VoIP phone systems include the capability of sending files or documents to the person on the other line simultaneously. In line with phone system security, businesses can ensure that only the right person receives the file. This feature helps prevent fraud through internet file interception. Fraudsters also use to steal many kinds of information to access online banking platforms, social media sites, and email addresses. Some VOIP services also have online fax capabilities, letting you receive and send fax from email.

5. It can minimize communication expenses

Regular telephone systems can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars annually, and it depends on the type of account or subscription the business is using. Usually, these subscriptions only include basic calling features, and additional phone system features would mean additional costs on top of the monthly fee.

VoIP phone systems provide solutions to these expenses by combining important features commonly used by the business for a minimal cost or, sometimes, depending on the system provider’s package offerings, may even cost zero dollars. It would only mean that savings can go to other business expenses if it’s not going to the revenue.

One of the direct savings VoIP phone systems can give is that it will not require additional physical phones to work because the VoIP company provides software that businesses can download on their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. But for some, the software won’t suffice as they may need VoIP gadgets or devices to work for their business needs. Still, costs related to VoIP phone systems are relatively low compared to the traditional telecommunication systems.

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Today, the world has changed a lot. Everything needs to be accomplished quickly and precisely, especially today that businesses lean towards globalization. The use of the internet is crucial for everything to function well. That’s why it’s important to know the benefits of VoIP phone systems for small Canadian businesses.

Starting up a small business is not that scary only if all the business plans are carefully laid out and there is a calculated risk. It’s essential to identify where to get the telecommunication service and support because it’s one of the pillars that can help the business thrive.

It’s easy to look for different VoIP phone systems online, but it would be better to go for a trusted company that can provide reliable services before and after sales. It’s also important to look at the company’s track record and experience in providing the IP telephone system before getting their services to prevent or at least minimize business operation disruptions caused by faulty VoIP telephone system problems or other technical issues.