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Professional models need to be always prepared and ready, especially when they’re going to a go-see or audition, or on booking. Keep in mind that a good, capable model is a prepared one. 

Just imagine how great you’ll look if you have almost everything your client wants. What’s more, your modeling agents and client will adore you and book you again. For a little help, here are nine best accessories for models. Read on to know more!


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Not only a watch or a timepiece is important in our daily life, but it can be crucial for your photoshoot, as well. Watches are an essential accessory that can spice up your entire look. Also, they’re very versatile. 

Thus, you can wear a certain timepiece like an analog watch with a simple shirt and jeans or a dress. For this reason, we can say that a watch is one of the most excellent photoshoot accessories. 

Make sure to choose a high-quality watch that is at least designed of Stainless Steel. Also, it might be best to opt for a branded luxury watch that can last for years to come. Browse some watch options on Watch Shopping and make sure that your watch brand is a respected one. 


Professional female models must always have a basic palette or makeup kit that has a mascara, liners, eyeshadow, translucent powder, bronzer, blush, concealer, BB cream, or foundation. On the other hand, professional male models don’t necessarily need all the items that female models do. 

However, male models must have a translucent powder, bronzer, and a good concealer. Why? Well, it’s because even men can use a quick touch-up from time to time. 

Heels, Sneakers, Flat Shoes

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A small array of heels and flats of various heights are excellent to include in your bag. More often than not, you’ll be aware of the kind of booking you’re going to beforehand. Thus, you can ask your booker or agent what kind of shoes you must bring so that you won’t drag around heavy shoes.

Because of this, it’s crucial for professional models, particularly those traveling Asian countries, to take or bring an excellent selection of shoes. 


Jazz up your overall look by wearing statement rings into your ensemble. Take note that rings can add a dose of elegance and sophistication to your outfit and will make you look fantastic on camera. Be sure to bring different rings to your photoshoot. You can either opt for one vibrant statement ring or layer different rings. 


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Did you know that sunglasses are perfect accessories to play around with during your photoshoot? In fact, you can never go wrong with a fashionable, chic ray bans. However, it is wise to experiment with various colored lenses. 

Alternatively, you can even opt for reflective sunglasses. Keep in mind that sunglasses can unite your entire look and raise your cool factor by a million times.

Wide Brimmed Hat

You can simply or directly wear a wide-brimmed hat during your shoot and immediately create a brand-new, fresh look. Wide-brimmed hats are one of those accessories that can change the vibe or feel of your entire look. 

Although you might consider hats for outside use only, they bring a boho, chill vibe when worn in photoshoots. Thus, a wide-brimmed hat is a staple photo shoot accessory for both male and female models.


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There is no denying that funky, trendy, fashionable earrings look good on camera, particularly during headshots and close-ups. Whether they’re cute studs, dangly earrings, or hoops, this accessory is a piece of excellent photo shoot jewelry to bring or have during your photoshoot. 

Make sure to bring different earrings to your photoshoots so that you have lots of options to select from for every look. You can check for new sets of fashion earrings.


Since it is your body and face being photographed or filmed, not your wrists, it can be rather simple to forget, bringing bracelets to your shoots. However, take note that bracelets can add a dose of interest to your photos.

It can even show your edgy side or can be arranged in layers to make different textures in photographs. Ultimately, bracelets are excellent accessories since they look fantastic with every photoshoot look.


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Wearing a bag on your photoshoot can make you look great on camera and add movement to a photoshoot. Take note that bags can be an exciting experiment with during your photoshoot. A duffel bag, a backpack, or a handbag can showcase your playful, jolly side and make your photos stand out. 


Keep in mind that the more accessories you bring to your photoshoot, the more options you’ll have during the photoshoot. The top accessories for models are watches, palettes, shoes, rings, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, earrings, bracelets, and bags. 

It would be wise to change up your photoshoot accessories to make a variety of looks and diversify your portfolio. With these accessories in hand, you can always be prepared for anything.