Investing in a premium thermal printer is advantageous for anyone running a studio- or shop-based arts and crafts business.

The best thermal printers are portable, small, and low-maintenance replacements for standard home printers. The best thing about thermal printers is that they don’t require toner or ink cartridges; all you need is paper and the printer itself. If you want to find the best kind for yourself, this article is for you!

Top 4 best receipt printers of 2024

1. Munbyn


If you’re looking for a receipt printer that you can use at retail stores, grocery stores, or cafes, MUNBYN ITPP047 is the right pick for you! It is also practical and often used by banks, food trucks, and restaurants! You can go for three different kinds of printers on their site, all of which are easy to use as you can easily connect them with Windows, Linux, Chrome & Mac. They can meet your provision timeline from tens to hundreds of devices. Enjoy fast printing of text and images, along with printing up to 48 receipts per minute.

2. Dymo

The Dymo LabelWriter 4XL is a popular printer for e-commerce vendors, including those with small shops and websites as well as Etsy sellers. You might enjoy it the most as it works best for printing wider shipping labels up to 4 inches wide. This is related to the fact that it can print shipping labels directly from websites like Amazon and eBay, which goes hand in hand with its compatibility with many important online marketplaces and shipping services. You will enjoy a great printing program, along with the fact that it is compatible with Mac & Windows.

3. Star Micronis


Star Micronics has released the TSP143IV, which is 20% more compact than their previous models. Still, it allows for powered USB connections, which can be used to charge POS tablets and print receipts. You as a user might enjoy its fast print speed, flexible network connectivity choices, lengthy warranty, and reasonable price. The Epson TM-T88VII has a faster print speed of 500 mm/s. You are going to love its digital receipt and promotions tools but heads up as you will face slow printing speed.

4. Epson

Lastly, you can give it a go with Epson. The T88 has been one of the most popular thermal receipt printers for almost ten years, and a top-selling product by this company. The adaptability of the TM-T88VII printer’s network connections was appreciated by reviewers. Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are all compatible with it (via a wireless USB dongle). The TM-T88VII prints at an astounding 500 millimeters per second and it comes with a four-year warranty. Although practical & high-quality, it is the priciest option on the market, which is why you might not enjoy it as much.

What’s it gonna be? Let us know! All of these printers can come in handy, but our top pick is our first choice. Let us know what you end up getting for yourself or for your business.