Giving gifts is one of the noblest and fulfilling things you can do. The act of making someone happy fills you with more happiness and love than you could ever feel. Searching for the best birthday gift can be fun, but it can also be a challenging task, especially if you are shopping for someone close to you. However, looking for a gift for a coffee lover can be easy if you follow our tips.

Coffee lovers usually have everything they need, but if you dig deeper, they actually don’t! There are so many cool and unique gifts that you can give to someone who enjoys a nice, hot cup of coffee, for more information you can visit

Here we are going to give you some ideas about what you can buy for your special someone.

Espresso Everywhere – Portable Espresso Maker

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If the person you are looking for a gift for loves to drink their coffee in the office or on the go, you need to buy them one of these. This device is one of the ideal housewarming gifts for men if you have any dilemmas, as finding the perfect present for a man is usually much more complicated than for women.

The portable espresso makers are the best balance between taste, ease of use and portability. It can extract a nice coffee from pretty much all beans. They have a compact, all in one design, which means that you can put this coffee maker in any size bag and have a nice cup of espresso anywhere you want.

If you want the updated version, there is an expansion kit that has a larger water tank and a grounds basket, so your special someone can make a double espresso. With the overall size doubling, it means that this version of the portable espresso maker cannot fit in almost any bag, but if they want a double shot of their favorite coffee, they can get a larger bag.

However, you should know that not every coffee lover likes espresso, so it is better to ask them before you buy this portable maker.

Death Wish Coffee – Coffee: The World’s Strongest Coffee

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This is something they probably haven’t tried before! The perfect gift for people who are always complaining that their coffee is not strong enough.

If your special someone needs a caffeine fix to make it through the day, then this is the perfect gift for them. This super-strong, certified organic and fair trade, dark roast coffee is the world’s strongest coffee.

If you want to give them something extra, you can combine it with the annual Death Wish collectible mug. Be careful, this charming and a bit morbid combination may not be to everyone’s taste. If your friend or loved one is not into dark humor, they may get offended by this combination. If you want to learn more about coffee beans like these, read here.

The Gift of Milk Foam – Handheld Milk Frother

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There are some people who want to add extra flavor in their coffee and there are those who don’t want anything extra in their coffee.

If your special someone is like the most and want to add a bit of cream or milk in their morning energy boost, then this is the gift for them. We all know that the coffee is so much better when the milk is frothy and hot.

This is a really affordable gift! It is easy to use and with the handheld battery-powered frother they can make every foam look like a cappuccino-quality foam. You can even get one for yourself so that your guests can always drink a nice, foamy coffee. If you want, you can even combine it with a milk pitcher and give the best birthday gift ever.

A Cool and Unique Coffee Mug

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We are not talking just about a coffee mug that everyone has at home. We are talking about those unique coffee mugs with a special message written on it. There are so many different sizes, shapes, and styles of these mugs that you won’t be able to choose just one.

With a personalized or unique mug, you will have your special someone think about you every time they take a sip of their favorite beverage in the morning. You can even find a mug with something cool or funny written down so that you will be able to make your day better just by looking at the mug and smiling.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, you can ask the experts for advice, or you can just google some unique mug designs to get some inspiration. Another way to get some great ideas is to visit Friedcoffee for beautiful coffee mugs, who knows, maybe you’ll find something for yourself as well.

Home Bean Roasting – Ceramic Bean Roaster

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This is the best and the worst gift you can give your coffee lover. Why? Well, because once they roast their own beans, they will never go back. If you want to let them finally taste the purity and uniqueness of freshly roasted beans at home, this is something to think about.

The ceramic bean roasters are an affordable and unique gift that will put a smile on every coffee lover’s face. They probably tried to roast beans in an ordinary cast iron pan before, and even though it technically works, nothing can make the taste better than a bean roaster.

Remember to get them some fresh green beans as well to make a complete set.

A Digital Weight Scale

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Every coffee lover knows how difficult it is to make the same cup of coffee accurately every day. If you found the perfect recipe for your favorite coffee, that’s great, but how to make the same perfect cup of coffee again?

With a digital scale, your coffee lover will be able to reproduce their favorite cup accurately, plus they will be able to try other people’s brewing recommendations.

If your special someone brew using the pour-over method, then they definitely need this scale. The timer on it will make the results more reproducible. Why? Well, because they will always know the amount of water and the time spent moving through the grounds.

Even though a scale is not necessary to make a great cup of coffee, it will surely be helpful to reproduce that great cup. For some recommendations on the best coffee scales visit thecoffeefolk.

Any of these gifts will make your friend happy and they will think of you every time they have their favorite drink. These ideas will make your search a lot easier and the birthday gift better. Just make sure to call your coffee lover to ask them what’s their favorite type of coffee, so you don’t make any mistakes.