Boating has always been a sweet escape for people who want to get away from their stressful schedule and environment. Those who enjoy spending time on the water certainly know how this activity makes them feel good. Just imagining the calming sound of the water and the comforting breath of fresh air makes you already want to speed up the weekend just so you can jump on your boat and sail away.

But do you know that apart from the relaxing and comforting feeling that boating can bring, it also has several positive effects on your health and well-being? As it triggers a more placid state of mind, sailing can affect both your psychological and physiological state.

Getting Started On Your Boating Journey


Here in the USA, different states have varying boating regulations. In Missouri, particularly, boating education is required if you’re planning to operate a vessel and were born after January 1, 1984. You’ll need a Boating Safety Certification Card if you want to ensure the boat safety on your boating journey.

Aside from getting a boat certification, you must have a good boat that you purchased from sites like

These certification cards are recognized in all US states and also in Canada. To get certified, boaters are highly recommended to take an interactive course that’s usually completed in more or less three hours. If you need to find out more about the course and the certification card, you may visit your state office and inquire about the different interactive courses that are certified by their regulating board.

Health Benefits Of Boating


For decades, recreational boating is believed to have health benefits but they haven’t been fully proven until now. In a study performed by Dr. Wallace Nichols, an award-winning marine biologist, it’s revealed that boating can be associated with several spiritual, psychological, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive benefits.

If you want to find out more, these particular health and well-being benefits are:

  • May Reduce Stress

Being on the water slows down your breathing and heart rate, allowing you to feel calmer and better. Also, your stress level may be significantly reduced as the sound of the water somehow prompts an escalated flow of blood to the brain. It’s also assumed that even the mere sight of the water is already inducing relaxation, thereby reducing stress levels.

  • Could Help With Anxiety And Depression

At times, stressful situations and environments can’t be helped, and when they overload, you tend to feel overwhelmed. If this condition sustains for a longer period of time, you may eventually suffer from anxiety attacks, memory problems, and even depression.

Being on the water fosters a meditative effect. When you’re closer to nature, the brain’s activity is stimulated, particularly a certain brain area called the amygdala. The amygdala is responsible for developing feelings of happiness, empathy, and compassion.

  • Promotes Quality Time With Family

As you and your family spend time together on your boat, you don’t only get to relax and destress. At the same time, you’re able to share some quality time with people who matter the most.

You also get to play and be more creative with your family. You can come up with water activities that you can enjoy while sailing, such as fishing or holding a competition of who can swim the fastest. It’s also a good way to celebrate special occasions without spending too much money.

You can also take advantage of such an opportunity to teach your children (if you have any) how to safely navigate the boat. You may spend time just checking on the vessel and even teach them how to maintain the yacht to keep it in smooth running condition. You’ll find that boating can strengthen the bond and connection that you have with your family and you’ll be able to build trust, teamwork, and respect.

  • Gets You To Be Physically Active

It’s already common knowledge that being physically active is beneficial for the body. Engaging in activities, like boating, gets you to be physically active as you explore the water. You can enjoy activities like snorkeling and diving while on a boat trip. You can also take this time to learn a new skill or a different hobby, such as water skiing.

Being physically active improves health and well-being as it helps you build stronger muscles. You’ll also notice how your endurance and flexibility can significantly improve over time.

  • Allows You To Enjoy The Fresh Air And Warm Sunlight

Whenever you sail on your boat, you’ll be dancing with fresh air and warm sunlight as your vessel go further away from the shore. You can enjoy a quick but meaningful detox from technology while also loading up on Vitamin D from the sunlight.

When the body is exposed to the sun, it produces vitamin D, which is responsible for several biological effects on the body, including the regulation of phosphate and calcium.



Boating isn’t just a regular activity that you do to enjoy yourself. Apparently, there are several health benefits that you can get from it, like reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. You’re also presented with an opportunity to spend quality time with your family, which makes you physically active. Lastly, you get to enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D.

It’s about time you spruce up your regular routine and think of something new to do. Consider boating either all by yourself or with your family so you can have a relaxing time while also reaping all these benefits to improve your health and well-being.