Many like, let’s face it, to test their intelligence, find out what their coefficient is, and compare themselves to others. Definitions of intelligence differ, but it is generally considered to be a combination of characteristics of the nervous system and developmental intelligence that is shaped by experience and learning. In addition to the general IQ, we also talk about linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, body-kinesthetic, spatial, social, emotional, and other types of intelligence. Experts agree that the general IQ, which we want to know so much, is not in itself a guarantee of success in society. However, it can serve as a guide to various institutions about the possible behavior of students, employees, soldiers, and the like.

You go to the gym and train your muscles, run or walk to become more endurable, but what do you need to do to train and strengthen your brain? Training your brain will not only speed up your memory but will also help you learn faster.

When it comes to increasing our own intelligence, we might be surprised that we can learn something about it from young children. Namely, it is known that the brains of small children develop very quickly and that what they did not know how to do yesterday, they know today.


What we want to say is that intelligence can be improved in many ways. An old saying goes that a man learns while he is alive.

Now let’s take reading books as an example. By reading, we expand our vocabulary, and very often we learn interesting facts about something we didn’t know before. Of course, this directly affects our knowledge because in this way we upgrade it. Reading reveals new ideas and significantly improves mental abilities.

In addition, various quizzes and tests are very useful. It’s not bad to repeat the same test from time to time to see if you have made progress in the meantime. You can visit to learn more about it. When we say IQ as an IQ, we only mean that absolutely measurable IQ, and that is logical intelligence. Although there are different types of intelligence, such as social (emotional), spiritual, mathematical, artistic, spatial… That IQ is something that definitely makes a difference in relation to how intelligent we are, ie. smart (although it is not the same term), how well we will do in the world, etc.

According to some research, the IQ test measures two types of intelligence – crystalline and fluid. To solve problems, crystal intelligence relies on existing knowledge, skills, and experience, while fluid intelligence relies on problem-solving thanks to the ability to understand the connections between different concepts. In other words, this type of intelligence is independent of prior knowledge and functions with information from short-term memory.


In addition to reading and taking intelligence tests, there are several other ways to improve your intelligence. Believe it or not – watching television is one of those ways. Of course, we are not talking here about watching reality, but about watching fiction that will make you think of fictional characters who have no contact with the world in which we live. Theater, drama, also have a great influence on the development of intelligence.

Each of us has a hobby. If you want to work intellectually, do not limit yourself to just one activity, but also do not fly from one to another, but try to develop a little deeper interest.

A quarrel is something that does not bring good to anyone, but a discussion or exchange of opinions is more than useful for your brain. Simply indulge in the conversation and you will realize that there is almost no conversation from which you will not learn something and thus expand your horizons.

Do you know of an old saying that says “In a healthy body a healthy spirit“? Take care of your physical health, exercise, eat healthy, because it all reflects on your brain. Eat intelligently – vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts are things that have been proven to nourish the brain and improve its functions. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol and cigarettes because they contain substances that burden the brain, dehydrate it, and reduce its mental abilities.

Our brains rely on fatty acids to function. If the brain is not getting enough fat. begins to deplete stocks. If the brain does not get the necessary fat for a long time, it has been proven that it can even “block”. Concentration, incoherent speech, memory loss is difficult for us. Omega 3 fatty acids are also more than welcome.


We live in a world where our lives are subordinated to modern technology. Why calculate by heart how much is 525: 5 when we can check it with a calculator. Why look for an answer in an encyclopedia when we can simply google it? Technology has made our lives much easier and increased early efficiency, but on the other hand, it has “lazy” our gray cells.

Have you ever heard of a person setting certain challenges for themselves? It doesn’t matter what it is, extreme climbing, a healthier diet, building muscle mass, expanding knowledge in a certain field, or anything else. Is it feeding your ego this way or is it something else? It is probably both, but what we want to say is that in this way a person broadens his horizons and pushes boundaries, tests his mind and his body. It is believed that challenging one’s own brain can have a significant effect on increasing intelligence.

And most important of all is – positive thinking. The human body is a perfect machine. Studies have shown that mental exercises can increase intelligence by up to 8%. The human brain perceives everything negatively and then sends such signals to your body. You would achieve a lot more if you think positively all the time. The bottom line – you can get smarter! So, if you ask me how to increase IQ? No way. But how to be smarter? There are many ways for that!