Recruitment and employment are on the list of the most important functions of human resource management. One of the biggest challenges of the HR team in the company is to attract and hire the right people – and the best professionals, whose work will contribute to the growth and development of the business. However, this sometimes doesn’t work so perfectly in practice. The question is what are we doing wrong? We will point out to you 5 signs that your business needs a better recruitment process.

You Need To Have Clearly Defined Goals If You Want Your Recruitment Process To Be Effective


The process of finding a suitable and quality workforce can often cost you both, time and money. However, the cost of hiring the wrong candidate is far greater and more serious. For the company to employ the highest quality and most competent workers – it is necessary to have a clearly defined process of employment and recruitment. Predefined steps, methods, and models for the implementation of the employment plan, as well as clear goals that the company wants to achieve – make this process efficient. The main goal of recruitment is to attract qualified and professional candidates who will bring refreshment to the company. Your new employees should bring quality knowledge and good ideas – and very quickly and easily become related to the team and the culture that the company nurtures.

What Signs Indicate That We Make Mistakes In The Recruitment Process?

Of course, the one who works – also makes mistakes, so it happens within the HR teams that deal with recruiting employees. Sometimes a poor-conceived strategy can cause us problems. These problems are not always visible from the start – but they can bring big headaches in the future. Therefore, pay attention to some of the warning signs, which may indicate that you should change your recruitment process.

1. Your Recruitment Process Takes Too Long


This is one of the typical signs that you need to change and improve something in your recruitment process. Although according to some research, the deadline in the recruitment process was extended to 20 days or even more – keep in mind that this amount of time is too precious to spend so easily. The time for the recruitment process has been extended due to the competitiveness of the market. However, keep in mind that it will start to lose sense after a while – and it will cost you more money. Then you will reconsider your recruitment process. In addition, delaying the whole process will indirectly affect the candidates, who will increase their expectations. Therefore, when making the final selection, you may not have the desired results. So make sure that you perform this procedure as efficiently as possible – and in the shortest possible time.

2. You Have Way Too Much Candidate Reviews

Of course, you want to make the best selection of candidates – but that doesn’t mean that you can review all applications for a specific position. It’s like hunting in a vast area – and you’re not up to it. Some research says that more than two-thirds of registered candidates are not even qualified for any of the positions offered in the company.

According to, during the recruitment process, you must take into account the compliance of the received applications with the requirements of the company that employs staff. Even after that, it happens that those who have the required qualifications are excluded before or after the interview. Therefore, with thorough and efficient searches, try to eliminate the excess of candidates – to facilitate later steps in the recruitment process.

3. You Have Negative Reviews Online


Nowadays, most candidates apply online, either through the company’s website – or employment sites. What we often forget is the possibility that rejected candidates may express their dissatisfaction by writing negative comments – and describing recruitment experiences in a particular company. Believe it or not, this triggers a chain reaction from other candidates, who will read these reviews and follow your company rating on such websites. If the parameters have changed – then it’s time to think about what you’re doing wrong.

Did the candidates see you as unfair or disorganized? Did they assess the recruitment process as insufficiently professional? If you come across things like this – maybe it’s time to think about changing something in the recruitment process. Certainly, a few individual negative reviews will not affect the general impression and your rating on the website – but still, more bad reviews and a reduced rating are serious indicators that you need to make some changes in this process.

4. You have Too Many Interview Rounds

Most companies and HR services already have some strategies in place to interview candidates. However, it often happens that candidates go through several rounds of interviews. That can be exhausting for both candidates as well as HR service. Some research even shows that most candidates go through 3-4 or even more rounds of interviews. This is a serious sign for HR services that they need to change something in their testing strategy. Namely, everything that interests you and is relevant for recruiting new employees – you can find out in one, or possibly two interviews. Everything else is a waste of time and money – and an indication that something is wrong with your interview strategy.

5. Poor Use Of Technology And IT Solutions In HR


Imagine how much easier and simpler it is to start looking for a certain profile of workers when you have a database with all the information about the candidates who applied. A well-developed IT strategy will help you maintain all data in perfect order. Imagine how much easier and simpler it is to start looking for a certain profile of workers when you have a database with all the information about the candidates who applied. This way of working reduces costs and the duration of the selection process – because we would have summarized and segmented data. It is quite certain that HR must keep pace with the development of technology and its progress if it wants to respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently to the needs for human resources and their development.

The Bottom Line

Finally, it is important to note that after you hire candidates and complete the selection process, the work of the HR team and the company is not over. Actually, the work is just beginning. It is necessary to work continuously on improving the working atmosphere, and engagement of employees – to achieve better results, a higher degree of efficiency, and satisfaction of employees.