California brings in countless visitors per year. Sure, it is a great place to do business, but the weather is also amazing, especially if you like sunshine. If you have to visit The Golden State on business, you’re in for a treat.

Is this your first time taking a business trip to California? Keep reading to see what you need to know before making your journey.

The Weather and What Clothes to Pack


California is no stranger to warm weather. However, it is quite a big state so the weather can change depending on the region. For example, Northern California can get pretty chilly in the winter months. You will want to bring a sweater and long pants. If you head to Los Angeles or San Diego, you can expect some heat.

Make sure to check the weather of the region you’re traveling to so you can pack accordingly. A few California essentials are sunglasses, hats, and casual shirts. Locals tend to keep it on the casual side, so it’s best to follow suit if you want to blend in while checking out the sights.

What Kind of Budget Do You Need?


California isn’t cheap. Items like food and transportation can be a lot more expensive than other states. You must allocate a decent budget for your upcoming business trip to California. You can expect some pretty large expenses if you’re visiting a major city like San Francisco or Los Angeles.

You should plan to carry at least $100 a day in spending cash. You may need more if you’re going to visit fancy bars and restaurants. If your budget is pretty tight, it will help if you avoid eating out for every meal, as that can add up quickly.

Where Is the Best Place to Stay?


There are countless options for amazing hotels in California. The best place to stay will depend on the location of your business trip. To help you out a little, here’s a list of the best hotels in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

San Francisco:

  • Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco (0.6 miles from center)
  • The St. Regis San Francisco (0.6 miles from center)
  • Fairmont San Francisco (0.7 miles from center)

Los Angeles:

  • Beverly Wilshire (7.2 miles from center)
  • The Ritz Carlton Los Angeles (1 mile from center)
  • Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles (6 miles from center)

San Diego:

  • The US Grant (2.4 miles from center)
  • The Westgate Hotel (2.5 miles to center)
  • Pacific Terrace Hotel (9.8 miles to center)

What About Transportation?


Most people in major cities use Uber and Lyft to get around. It’s much more convenient than renting a car and cheaper than taking a taxi. If you’re in Los Angeles, brace yourself for one of the worst traffic jams of all time.

The same goes for the Bay Area. If you need to make a quick jolt from San Francisco to the South Bay, the CalTrain is clean and reliable. Renting a car isn’t necessary unless you have the extra time to drive throughout the state and check out the beautiful scenery.

A Quick Breakdown of California Culture


California’s culture is a mixture of hundreds of different subcultures. If you’re visiting the edge of Western civilization, you should always have an open mind. You’re going to come across all different types of people, styles, and personalities. Many people here leave their hometown and come to California to be in a more sophisticated environment.

The state has a heavy Spanish and Mexican influence. Most cities in California have Spanish names. People from Texas may disagree, but you’re going to find the best Mexican food in the United States in Los Angeles or San Diego. Residents have a deep-rooted love for their state, so make sure to have some respect and enjoy the beauty it offers.

Visiting San Francisco


In case you are not aware, San Francisco is one of the most vibrant cities in the state. There is a massive tech culture in town, with headquarters at every corner. Other than computer programmers, you’re likely to find a lot of fantastic artwork throughout the city.

As for sights, there’s the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which is a must. You can also stop by Golden Gate Park, the city’s version of Central Park in New York. After sightseeing, you can check out the boutique bars and restaurants throughout the hilly town.

Remember that San Francisco can get chilly, especially at night. So, make sure to keep a backpack with a jacket, hat, and maybe even gloves.

Visiting Los Angeles


Not much can compare to a day in Los Angeles. There’s some unseen energy around the city that seems to attract visitors from all over the world. If you’re going there on business, get ready for a memorable experience.

For sights, you got the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. If you want to burn some calories, we recommend going for a run in Runyon Canyon Park. It’s a tough mile uphill, but you’ll get a beautiful view of the city once you’re up there.

The options for food and nightlife in Los Angeles are overwhelming. There are tons of bars you can visit for happy hour. If you’re feeling hungry, head on to Santa Monica for some of the best food in the city.

Los Angeles is hot, so make sure to pack loose-fitting shirts and shorts as you check out the city.

Bon Voyage!

You’re going to have the time of your life during your next business trip to California. You won’t be able to stop by every site during your trip, but we hope you have a better idea of how to have a good time in The Golden State.

You can also include on your next itinerary doing whale watching San Diego or visiting great beaches in the area.

If you’re looking for a companion during your next business trip, California has many escorting services that are safe and reliable.  Read more about that here.

Enjoy your trip, and make sure to catch that iconic golden sunset!