Getting a small truck camper does not require you to sacrifice quality. Despite the small size, there are plenty of short bed campers out there with tons of features and excellent appearance.

All you need is to choose the best small truck camper that suits your wants and your needs. Now, the question here is how are you going to find one, so here the six things to consider in buying a small one.

1. Know the size and weight

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Checking your truck bed size and total payload capacity needs is essential; you should identify the maximum weight that your truck can carry and the bed length. Then, find a truck bed camper for that size of the bed that’s lightweight, below the max weight rating.

The truck camper is a very convenient unit; It is suitable for five and six-foot-long beds and is perfect for camping trips due to its flexibility.

2. Know the camper type that suits your truck

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Either Pop-up or Slide-in, you must choose a camper that suits your needs and wants and your truck.

A slide-in truck one boasts fitted roofs and structured walls, and several benefits over the other types.

In choosing a slide-in bed camper, you could select different floor setup ideas and great features, including areas to store more insides.

Meanwhile, Popup truck ones are almost as flexible, and they could fit both small and full-size pickup trucks.

The either hard or soft walled unit, this camper could fit in, and choosing a popup truck one could give you a better fuel system, and you could buy it at a lower price. Also, pop ups offer a tremendous off-roading experience, and it fits almost all small pickups.

3. Check the sleeping capacity


Although it is a small truck camper, you might still need enough sleeping space for everyone when going on a camping trip, especially if you dream of a group trip with your family or friends and even your colleagues.

Good thing there are truck bed campers that have slides that give more space; you could also bring camping tents and set them up near your vehicle for additional space.

4. Look for a Bathroom and Choose a Toilet Style

Despite its small size, most but not all tiny campers offer a bathroom.

In buying a camper, check if its restroom style is what you wanted.

5. Look for an excellent kitchen arrangement


Since small campers have a toilet, there are also small trucks with a cooking and dining area.

For this type of convenience, you have to buy a one that has not just dining but also a cooking area with the style you want and features you need.

6. Choose the best small truck camper brand based on your needs

Make sure to choose the best small truck camper brand that suits your purpose, no matter what brand the small pick truck you own. There are five small truck campers you could choose from, and note that they are suitable pickup trucks with half a ton capacity.

The best and lightest Short Bed Truck Camper for under 2000lbs is the Lance 650S, and it has a constant goal of making a more durable and more lightweight one.

The Lance 650 bed camper’s standard features offer a reduced heating system and an Audio enable for Bluetooth devices, an air conditioner, a microwave, and camping GPS Systems. It would also allow you to enter the door without using the traditional keys.

The Best Short Bed Popup Truck Camper is the NorthStar Popup Camper 600SS, and it fits on all sizes of truck beds. It would fit some small pickup truck models such as the Canyon, the Ranger, the Frontier, Colorado, and the Tacoma pickup truck model.

Some of its features include a roof lift system controlled by electricity, LED lights inside, covered floors, A refrigerator with three functions, an auto-ignition furnace, and a domestic glass burner stove.

The most suitable small truck bed camper for four members is the ALP Adventurer Truck Camper; it has a slide that is compatible with six footbeds.

It has a fully furnished bathroom; It offers a shower, a flush toilet, and a ventilator.

ALP Adventurer features plenty of space to store things, a slide-out, a kitchen, an outdoor shower, a queen-size bed, a folding dinette, and a refrigerator.

The best cab-over short bed camper is the NuCamp Cirrus 820; It is a tremendous hard-side truck camper that is suitable on a three-fourth ton truck with a six-foot-long bed.

And it offers a modern design with fantastic style ready for solar set up; it also features an air-conditioned camper, HD television, eight feet awning, and many more.

Lastly, the best Lightweight Short Bed Camper with a Restroom is the Northwood Arctic Fox 811; it features a formidable side and single slide bed.

It is more significant than many other campers that could fit in a three-fourth ton vehicle.

It also offers a sliding mini dining side, heated tanks, LED Lights, a Full bathroom with shower and toilet, stainless steel equipment and appliances, cathedral style ceiling, a seven-foot-tall, two-way fridge, and an electric overhang.

To get a clearer view of these truck camper brands, you could visit the Camper101 website for a specific review of each model.


If you dream of turning your truck into a great camping unit, then there’s no wrong way to do it! No matter what vehicle you drive, there’s sure to be a camper that lets you get outdoors to start your adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a more exciting adventure or a way to immerse yourself into the beauty nature has to offer. Truck campers are one of the best tools to make your first RV travel experience more fun and comfortable.