Widely embraced all over the world, yoga has been popular for decades. Deemed as an ancient form of meditation as well as exercise yoga is a physical practice that also incorporates spiritual elements within it.

Because of this, the question of whether or not this practice is compatible with Christianity has often been raised within the Christian community.

But is yoga something that Christians can and should practice?

The Spiritual Elements of Yoga & its Compatibility with Christianity

Some Christian’s stance is centered around the belief that due to its Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism roots, yoga is not in line with their belief system. In contrast, others see it as a form of physical activity that can easily coincide with their faith so, how should you go about knowing what the right choice for you is?

Exploring the Compatibility of Yoga & Christianity


First practiced over five thousand years ago, this ancient Indian practice involves physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation that all aim to bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Due to its connection or association with Hinduism and other Eastern religions, some Christians choose to steer clear of yoga, seeing it as incompatible with their faith arguing that yoga leads them away from their beliefs, pushing them to embrace false beliefs and worship false gods. Christians that align with this thought process are of the view that yoga is not just physical but rather a spiritual practice that strives to bring an individual closer to the divine. Put in this way it’s easy to see how this sport could conflict with Christianity.

Yet, this perspective is not entirely accurate as there are many individuals who practice yoga without being aware of its spiritual elements. For this group of people, yoga is perceived as an exercise executed through physical postures as well as breathing exercises resulting in numerous physical and mental benefits. Like any other sport, yoga will help practitioners improve their balance, flexibility, strength, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, depending on where you’re practicing and who you’re learning from, some styles of yoga such as “Kundalini yoga” where chanting and other spiritual rituals are involved could interfere with your faith.

Incorporating this discipline in various ways such as wearing a Christian t-shirt or apparel while exercising as a reminder of the importance of their faith, many Christians have found a way to incorporate this discipline in their lives while showing their devotion to Him. Despite all this, many Christians have found a way to incorporate this disciple in their lives

Yoga & Christianity: Finding the Balance


Opting to pick up yoga should thus only be done after ample consideration on the matter and a deep understanding of its spiritual elements has been achieved ensuring, it doesn’t come in conflict with your faith. Study additional materials, read topical articles, and listen to advice. If you feel that this issue is important to you, you will definitely be able to find a solution.


In conclusion, the question of whether Christians can practice yoga has been a topic of debate for many years. While some believe that yoga’s spiritual roots are incompatible with Christianity, others believe that the physical and mental benefits of yoga can complement a Christian lifestyle. Ultimately, the decision to practice yoga is a personal one and should be based on an individual’s own beliefs, values, and comfort level.