Getting great marijuana on campus has always been a bit of a trick. In the old days, it meant calling up your friend’s “guy” and hoping that he had something worth smoking. And more often than not, you had to go to him to get it. Now, dispensaries offer a legal shopping experience, but having to borrow a car or grab a ride to leave campus can be tricky to schedule and can cut into your cannabis budget. In addition to the normal struggle, quarantines, lockdowns, and curfews have made it that much trickier to run errands of all kinds, including grabbing some edibles or a vape.

Delivery services have been a thing in California for nearly a decade, but one Los Angeles delivery service is changing how Los Angeles and Orange County campuses enjoy great products delivered right to their dorm, sorority house, or even the library if the need for a creative aid strikes.

Cannabis Delivery


Cannabis delivery has been legal in California for some time, services like Grassdoor entered the market in 2018 out of a need for a curated cannabis delivery service that not only offered a great selection of products but actually showed up when they said they would. They are also known for being California’s best cannabis delivery services offering brands and delivering them in an average of 45 minutes from time of order. This is faster than the time it takes most old school dealers to weigh a bag out.

Most delivery services (both legal and illegal) at the time weren’t reliable or consistent, and oftentimes would show up hours later if at all. Plus, many of these services operated (and continue to operate) a variety of businesses and licenses, with delivery being an afterthought rather than the primary offering.

Curated cannabis delivery services are different from your run-of-the-mill mom-and-pop delivery shop. When you shop from a curated cannabis delivery service, you have access to a wide selection of personally-tested products that offer the highest quality experience within each price point. Los Angeles’ fastest cannabis delivery service operates as a 100% compliant, legal cannabis business that is regulated by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, and offers safe, professional transactions, as well as the convenience and discretion expected of delivery services in other industries. Curated cannabis delivery is setting the bar for professionalism and safety, especially in the era of social distancing and contactless orders.

How it Works


Cannabis delivery services use a “phygital” business model that has digital and physical aspects to the process; you order online and the product is delivered in person. Some places split offerings into two menus: ASAP and Scheduled Delivery. Each of these menus offers some of the best products in the state, including top brands like Stiiizy and Raw Garden.

First, you have to decide how soon you want your product. If you want to make sure your product arrives within the next 45 minutes, then the ASAP menu will have everything you need to get your order placed. This menu will have the items that are available the quickest within your area. Then, once you’ve ordered, a driver will arrive within the 90 minute time window you scheduled. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you may want to schedule your delivery for later in the day or tomorrow to make sure you get your top choices.

Scheduled Delivery


Scheduled delivery offers more than 300 different products, sourced from all over the state, and orders can be placed for same day or next day delivery. If you want to schedule an order for later in the day or tomorrow, choose “Scheduled Delivery” for the expanded menu selection as well as a variety of delivery times set according to your preference. Plus, sites like Grassdoor have special deals that are only available on the Scheduled Delivery Menu as part of “Last Call” selections.

How’s the bud?


Naturally, the first question besides arrival time is how is the quality? Most delivery brands are working with whomever is easiest, local, or cheapest to work with. This leaves delivery customers wanting for the quality that many storefronts offer. Cannabis delivery is different, as these services personally travel throughout the state to work with only the best brands, hand-testing each cartridge, flower, and edible product before it ever hits the menu. Rest assured that brands and products available on this delivery menu deliver as promised.

Is it expensive?

Second to quality is often the question of value; what’re the prices like? Delivery menus typically feature products in multiple pricing tiers to accommodate a variety of budgets. They’ve got super high end exotic flowers and concentrates, as well as sun grown affordable options for the budget-conscious. And, if you’re ordering off of the Scheduled Delivery menu, you get access to Last Call, a steals and deals section with the best deals on some of their top products. Plus, get free delivery on all orders over $50.

How to Use Curated Cannabis Delivery


To start, head over to a curated cannabis delivery provider’s website from your phone or computer. The mobile website works on any device with an internet browser (Android, iPhone, or otherwise). You can use it in your dorm, from the library, at a hotel, or even from the sorority house. Using the mobile browser or desktop site, pick your desired delivery time and menu and then start shopping. Once you’ve made your selections, complete your order and get your cash ready for payment when the driver arrives. You can track your order using the mobile web app or desktop site. Drivers typically arrive within an average of 45 minutes, but could take a little longer if you are in a remote area or hard-to-access part of campus. Once your driver arrives, make the exchange, and get ready to enjoy California’s finest buds, edibles, vapes, and more.

Note: Campuses haven’t endorsed these services and some may have policies preventing cannabis delivery on-campus. Curated cannabis delivery offers convenience and reliability that allow you to safely and confidently order for a delivery location that’s walkable from campus if needed.