Unlike some other crops, growing cannabis is more than just getting seeds and planting them.

Acing your cannabis journey requires many steps and processes, including adequate research, getting a permit to grow it, choosing the right seed, and the reason for growing it. Most states that legalize Cannabis farms do so because of the medical benefits it offers, and it would be difficult to grow legally if you have different reasons.

Sometimes your major focus could be the habitat of the plant, whether you will prefer growing indoors or outdoors. However, Herbies is one store where you could get seeds that could be grown indoors and outdoors, so handling this need should not come with many challenges.

This article outlines every resource that you will need to successfully start your cannabis journey seamlessly and effectively. Let’s get started!

Steps to starting your cannabis Journey

1. Getting Prepared


To get the best results in harvest, you must be patient and devoted. Most especially, as a newbie, you must understand the laws and rules guiding the herb’s cultivation in your state before starting the process. Firstly, you need to get the ideal instruments, your most preferred seed, and get the seeds from a trusted and reliable seed bank in your state.

You have to understand that the process would require you to put in the work; time, fertilizer, water, etc to help take care of the plants and their environment. There are two ways or systems of growing cannabis, and before advancing in your cannabis journey, you have to decide if you want to grow the herb indoor or outdoor as this would play an essential role in the setup that will be best for your planting system.

2. Indoor Cannabis Cultivation


Growing the herb indoors would benefit the farmer more because, as a beginner, you have to monitor your plant regularly to not mess up the process. Using a small space for production in your house is also cheap as it would not require a lot. Here are some points to consider if your favor indoor production:

  • Setting Up the Space

You have to set aside a space where you need to grow the plant with the help of your planting instruments. You have to keep the place light-tight and highly sanitized. If you’re into commercial weed production, you might want to set it up in a way that favors female plant production since male plants will be uprooted eventually. The space must also get air and a refreshing temperature for the plants to grow out properly.

  • Growing Lights

Choosing quality indoor light is essential as this would influence the quantity of the harvest and condition. The most popular light for indoor growing cannabis is the LED light-emitting diode, fluorescent light switches, and high-intensity discharge lights.

3. Temperature


Every crop requires the right temperature to grow well, and cannabis is no exception. The herb requires carbon dioxide and fresh air to help bring about photosynthesis. This implies that your growing place requires air circulation for great results. However, keep in mind that some species of cannabis can do well or prefer high temperatures.

4. Providing Your Plants with Nutrients


To get maximum quality from your cannabis, you would have to feed it with macronutrients. You are feeding the herb with a suitable nutrient extract or providing them with a pre-fertilizer organic soil mixture once every week. It is also necessary that throughout the cannabis vegetation stage, it gets added nitrogen. If you need any additional help you can check CFAH.

5. Outdoor Cannabis Production


The outdoor process of growing cannabis is a great experience for any farmer. However, it would require you to sacrifice your time and money for the process. Planting cannabis outdoors for personal use will not need a large piece of land as you can use a small garden space. However, commercial cannabis production may require a massive financial outlay. Growing your cannabis outdoors would allow the plants to benefit from direct access to the sun to grow successfully. If you think outdoor is your way to go, these are factors to consider:

  • Relative Cost

Using the soil to grow your cannabis outdoors would save you from spending a lot of money as you wouldn’t need to get an AC unit, dehumidifiers, nor spend so much on electricity. However, you would channel your energy into learning the role of choosing a good seed, clone, soil, and fertilizer.

  • Choosing The Outdoor Space

When growing cannabis, choosing the right outdoor space is very important so that the plant can directly have access to sunlight during the day, which contributes immensely to the plant’s health.

  • Handling Outdoor Pests

Insects can cause plant infestations, and this can also affect cannabis. One of the most effective ways to protect your cannabis from pest infestation is by keeping it healthy and in a clean environment. In case infestations get too alarming, you’d need to remove affected plants.

6. When to Plant Your Cannabis


The first stage of growing cannabis is delicate and requires a lot of attention. Whether you’re using clones or sprouting cannabis seeds yourself, you still need to take precautionary measures to grow cannabis successfully.

Cannabis growers often prefer to start cultivation indoors to protect the plant from harsh outdoor environments. Growing indoors under the right conditions protects the seedlings from mold, pests, and diseases. It also gives them room to grow out strong so they can fight against pest infestation naturally with their healthy state.

Spring or early summer is the recommended time to start planting your cannabis. However, to be successful in this journey, you must also do the following.

  • Do not overwater or overfeed your cannabis with fertilizer.
  • Do not use biological fertilizers that could be harmful to the herb.
  • Do not allow pests to destroy your plants.
  • Use only clean water when watering the plants.


Growing cannabis requires a certain level of expertise and commitment, and you will have to be able to express these qualities to be successful in your journey. This article has outlined comprehensive steps that you must follow when growing cannabis. These steps are proven to work, and with the right dedication, you can easily start your journey without much stress. How have you been faring in your cannabis pursuit? Let us know in the comments below!