Cannabidiol products with a THC level below 1 % are legal in Switzerland. That is one of the main advantages because most other countries use a regulation where the maximum amount of TC must be below 0.3%.

Switzerland has progressive policies regarding cannabidiol and hemp cultivation. For many years now, experts have dedicated their time and energy to the customers to create a compelling and safe full-spectrum CBD.

Today, with the new laws and full Cannabis legalization in Switzerland, you can now buy CBD flowers on JustBob’s website and enjoy high-quality Cannabidiol products online without any worries.

High-quality CBD is now available online


The best professionals and experts took endeavors of CBD cultivation and manufactured production steps in Europe to guarantee this. From the cutting to the first drop of the oil, they work according to the principle of vertical integration.

That means that they take over all upstream or downstream value-added production processes themselves (from selecting the right producers to full EU certification and distribution in Switzerland and Europe). Everything from a single source, as the saying goes.

Growing CBD in Switzerland


In the middle of Italy’s beautiful hilly landscape is grown industrial hemp that thrives from the best producers in Europe. Many hours of sunshine, fresh spring water, pure mountain air, and fertile soil offer the best conditions for a unique harvest. The cultivation is 100% organic.

In the cultivation process, the cuttings are optimally prepared in the cultivation station for the external conditions to yield organic products. Next, the cuttings are put out in the fields in May after cultivation and are given plenty of time afterward to develop optimally.

The hemp harvest should be prepared for a good year. Producers and growers are supported in the growth process by purely biological fertilizers, which are spread regularly. Herbicides and pesticides are an absolute no for organic cultivation.

The Italian hemp farmers can look back on many years of experience breeding and CBD cultivation in Europe. They know precisely when is the right time for the handpicked harvest has come.

Also, we have to mention that you don’t need any special license to grow this plant in Switzerland. Therefore, anyone can grow it at home without any fear of having issues with the officials. This is only one of few countries with such progressive regulations related to hemp.

From industrial cultivation to production in Switzerland


After the CBD has been grown in the beautiful countryside and carefully handpick the flowers, the hemp plants are first gently dried to remove all moisture. Then it is time to proceed carefully with the subsequent sorting. They use the entire plant for oil production after cultivation.

Then farmers and producers continue with a specially developed process because they take on vertical integration steps. It starts from CBD cultivation in Europe to bottling as it is the best way to succeed as one of the leading companies in CBD products in producing an effective, safe, and active full-spectrum Cannabidiol extract.

The market is now full of various products, which is especially beneficial to farmers who can position themselves in various industries where they can standard cannabis, cosmetic products, pills, edibles, and more.

A general procedure of cannabidiol extraction


First step: the extraction

With ultrasound, the hemp flowers are opened thoroughly. Producers and cultivators developed the process together to get the best final product and ensure high quality.

They can also extract the entire spectrum of active ingredients of cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to the precious CBD. Therefore, CBD is a full spectrum extract.

After that, the raw extract is given a lot of time to rest and freed from the plant fibers employing an optimal filter press. The subsequent clarification ensures the absolute purity of our CBD extract.

Second step: the concentration

After preparing the raw extract, it is now concentrated by evaporation. In decarboxylation, the most important thing is the exact combination of time and temperature. Both accuracy and precision are essential. Therefore, the experts only heat as much as the liquid evaporates, but nothing changes in the active ingredient profile.

Third step: the activation

After concentrating, you have an inactive form of CBD. It must now be activated so that it can have a possible positive effect on humans and animals. So, subsequent heating is done. Here, too, adequate heat is used so that the active ingredient profile is wholly retained. After CBD cultivation, harvesting, extraction, and concentration, activation is carried out. Next, they do quality assurance with the latest technology to meet market standards.

If everything is confirmed and sealed, the filling takes place. The CBD extract is dissolved in inorganic and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. The filling takes place within a GMP-compliant filling system. They work here with the highest quality assurance guidelines and can guarantee the product quality accordingly.

Proven Health Benefits of CBD


While the most popular feature of cannabis is the unique feel that you get after smoking it, there are many health benefits as well, especially when it comes to CBD oil. Many ongoing types of research are proving that there is a wide range of health benefits that we can get from using this substance.

This oil can help people with chronic pain by reducing it. Also, you will feel more relaxed. The benefit of CBD, when compared to cannabis with a higher percentage of THC, is that you will be more relaxed while it won’t affect your focus and ability to concentrate.

Moreover, many studies state that this product can be very effective for people with depression and anxiety. These mental issues are unfortunately common today, and it is important to diagnose and treat them in time.

Furthermore, another benefit is related to people who have cancer. There are some connections between CBD and treatment where people can feel less pain or even a decrease of malicious cells that are causing this serious condition.

We can notice the increase in the production of cosmetic products that are implementing this oil. It can help people with various deficiencies on the skin and hair, like acne, thinning hair, lack of some minerals in the skin, and improved overall health of skin, face, and hair. Moreover, it can help people with inflammation and skin diseases.

Besides cosmetics, there are also benefits of consuming CBD in various forms every day. For example, there is a connection between this ingredient and treatment and prevention of dementia. Aside from that, it can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve the balance of sugar in the blood, and more.

There are some other benefits, and many scientists are working on proving more about this plant. Some of the most recent studies have found some relations with the treatment of mental disorders, tumors, diabetes, and more.

On the other side, there are some potential side-effects as well, but only if you consume too much of it. For example, you could feel dizziness, fatigue, or nausea if you smoke or eat too many cannabinoids at once.

In that matter, always pay attention to the amount of CBD you are consuming, and determine the products that are most suitable to your habits. If you don’t like the taste of tincture, you can choose pills or edibles.



With Swiss cannabis and legal clarity, consumers have more choices with certain cannabidiol products available today. This freedom gives space to expand the market and hope for more availability of cannabis products for various therapeutic uses.