There is a lot of shifting in the healthcare industry due to changing healthcare regulations and evolving rules for physician medical billing services. Physicians have to stay constantly abreast of all the updates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid, and other healthcare programs. Therefore, physicians need effective solutions to keep track of all the billing operations and ensure accuracy to streamline their workflow. Are you also looking for effective physician billing solutions to combat revenue collection challenges? 

Certainly, healthcare providers also require effective medical billing and physician revenue cycle management services in place. Physicians should also keep in mind to acquire such solutions for physician medical billing services that are flexible to adopt the changes needed with the passage of time. Unfortunately, due to the lack of solid ground in the billing and coding field, many physicians lag behind their revenue goals. Due to ongoing challenges in the revenue collection process, physicians are bound to encounter problems due to errors, which also impacts their patient care service capabilities negatively. 

Therefore, practitioners should consider hiring a professional physician billing company that can help to address these challenges with its industry knowledge and in-depth experience. This approach can help physicians to combat all the problems that can definitely get in the way of treating patients efficiently. Otherwise, physicians would have to make their practice suffer from the following problems; 

Mistakes In Medical Billing And Collections


If a physician’s office or any other healthcare center doesn’t have an effective medical billing process then it is on the verge of risk of losing a huge amount of revenue, from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Due to the introduction of high-deductible insurance plans becoming more common, patients are paying more out of their pockets. If the patient is uninsured or underinsured then it may give rise to more complications because there is no guaranteed method of payment for the hospital beyond setting up a payment plan, which may or may not be paid completely. Moreover, if physicians provide little or no price transparency and provide confusing bills to the patients then they are far less likely to get paid in full, once again. 

These factors cause problems for physician medical billing services and fall squarely onto the provider’s shoulders. If a provider consistently encounters revenue loss then it may also thrust a financial burden on the patient’s shoulders due to increasing healthcare costs. Therefore, practitioners must strive to collect the right information about the patients the first time when the patient enters the physician’s office until they leave the office. Once they leave it will be certainly impossible to reconfirm actual medical services received by them. 

Ineffective billing services certainly result in bad debt accrual and puts you at risk of a collection firm like this one coming after you. Without proper solutions for physician medical billing services, physicians become completely unable to meet their revenue goals and start operating at the negative margins. Therefore, in order to ensure financial stability, despite the dynamic world of physician revenue cycle management, healthcare centers should adopt strategies to streamline their physician billing services.

 At Medicare MSO, we capture the patient’s information at first place in order to validate its accuracy and completeness and then prepare “clean claims” to get them completely reimbursed. It helps us to lower the risks of errors and mistakes that can result in claim denials and rejections and ultimately prevent loss. 

Insufficient Physician Billing Solutions


In this modern technical era, healthcare centers should be fully equipped with electronic solutions that can help them to optimize their workflow. If any hospital or physician’s office has an inadequate or outdated IT system then it can never meet its business objectives. It can also harm business because of poorly trained staff who don’t know how to operate modern software physician billing solutions. It will lead your practice to costly mistakes and thrive down your financial growth graph. 

Therefore, physicians first opt to implement modern solutions that can handle the proper flow of information about patients, medical claims, and payments across their network. If this information is not handled properly then it can also subject physicians to several legal penalties by the official authorities. Despite this fact, the inadequacy of software equipment for physician billing solutions will also lead to a lot of untracked or improperly tracked funds that just end up left behind or drifting through a computer network. Even if you have a high-quality patient portal or electronic bill pay then it facilitates patients to access their health record and it will make a world of difference for them. 

Therefore, practitioners should acquire reliable physician billing solutions to track real-time patient’s information and access a secure gateway for the information flow. It will make it easier for physicians to track down patient information and keep the necessary information in one convenient place. 

Untrained Medical Billing Staff


Due to the rising demand for healthcare services, payer’s policies are changing constantly in order to meet the expectations of patients. Therefore, medical billers should also stay up to date with the evolving factors in order to best collaborate with the payers. Moreover, due to the technical issue, it has also become extremely challenging for physicians to educate a whole team of medical billers to comply with the changes in order to best collect and process patient data. Traditionally, the upfront staff at the healthcare center is responsible to collect patient data. However, if mistakes occur at this primary step then it will lead medical billers and coders to file improper claims that will get denied or rejected as a result. 

These errors drive costly business losses and pile up a lot of bad debt. Therefore, medical billing specialists should also verify information on their behalf. Moreover, staff members should track down and follow up on it to catch any loophole. 

Lack Of Effective Plan For Revenue Cycle Management


The foundation of physician revenue cycle management is an effective financial policy. So in order to run smooth billing services, a healthcare organization should have a concrete financial policy at its pace. If physicians would not focus on the administrative aspects then it can cause a whole host of financial problems for the healthcare staff. 

However, if physicians would have a robust financial policy to support the complete suite of physician medical billing services then it will not just add a safety net for revenue but also provide insights into codified processes for how data, bills, and insurance claims are prepared and managed. 

Improper Monitoring Of Medical Claims


It is a very tricky business to continuously keep track of insurance claims. Multiple entities work on insurance claims with different goals to figure out finances together. Therefore, they often result in a lot of confusion and frustration for all parties involved in the execution of physician medical billing services. Therefore, it is essential to keep track record of the claim process from beginning to end. In this way, providers and healthcare staff can stay aware of when and why the claim was denied or rejected, and it will help them to remove the errors as well. In this regard, medical billers should use automated alerts that can help them to notify about any billing or coding issue. 


In Spite of delivering quality healthcare services, there are also other challenges for physicians to run a successful practice. Backend administrative responsibilities and physician billing services are also significant factors that help them to streamline revenue. A well qualified medical billing specialist can guide physicians through the process of catching the loopholes in your finances. 

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