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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World” a beautiful quotation by Nelson Mandela. At the same time education is the best weapon through which an individual can fight with the terrorism, poverty, and ignorance.

In order to struggle and educate themselves students have to face several challenges. The moment when the issues related to justice, freedom, inequality and citizenship were solved. Then only at that moment a nation can be recovered in its true sense. The racially and ethnically discriminated people often feel insecure about their identity in a nation.

As a student I found most of the students being isolated and bullied as of their racial or cultural difference. This is a major challenge the educational system has faced and is still facing. Apart from this as a student I had faced a lot of challenges which includes, eating and staying healthy, failing to manage the money. It also includes disorganization, poor faculty, homesickness, misleading leaders and classmates, burdened educational policy, poor sleep habits and many more.

Therefore, in this paper we will discuss the issues I faced as a student and also the solution I discovered later.

Educational Barriers for the poor children

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As a student I understood that barriers in educational systems include inappropriate teaching techniques and methods. There are several types of students in a diverse classroom. Some are from rich backgrounds, some from poor. The minority groups usually are isolated and ignored as of their cultures and race.

The most important challenge these minority groups often face while learning is the communication gap. The linguistic concept becomes the major problematic zone for these students. They are not able to understand the lectures provided in the classroom as they are delivered in the fluent English language which is unknown to them. They most commonly are habituated using the local or their mother tongue.

Lack of cultural awareness is found among the teachers about these minority groups. They fail to understand their cultures, which affect their teaching methods. Disengaged teachers also fail to build a good rapport and trust with these minority groups. As a result, these students often quit attending classes.

In terms of their parents, as they lack education and qualifications, they often demotivate their children. They do not allow them to dream big. In their family they miss that role model to whom they can follow and get inspirations about their future career.  They lack that career guidance and as a result found themselves demotivated to think and dream big.

Overcrowding and poverty is yet another barrier for these poor students to continue their education. As an overcrowded house they lack the concentration power and often commit mistakes while solving their homework.

Due to poverty, these people cannot afford minimum health services. As a result these children suffer from hearing loss, eye sight problems and other chronic diseases which do permit them to continue their higher studies.

In terms of school and community, these children lack proper infrastructure, with no proper study materials or notebooks. School fees are yet another factor that contributes to the divide. These are some of the common and basic factors which almost every poor child faces. These problems can be overcome by understanding their problems, providing them education free of cost.

Teachers should be aware of their culture and should deliver their lessons to them the way they are comfortable. Each and every student should be guided socially and culturally so that they realize the value of these minority groups and should not isolate them. “Improvement in educational system was found for these children, and they getting training free of cost” says Himesh who is an expert in TopAssignmentExperts

Certain Challenges I faced as a student and initiated remedies of those problems

  • The most crucial challenge I faced as a student is to stay healthy. Staying healthy is the most difficult task a student undergoes. When a child is studying in a school they undergo the development of their appetite.As a result, it decreases their growth rate. Increased appetite will influence you to move towards tasty and unhealthy foods. Most of the schools and colleges have their canteens available where tasty and fast foods are usually found. These children therefore, often tend to purchase those foods out of their pocket money and have them. As a result the students suffer from certain stomach or abdominal pain which puts a serious impact on their studies. One of the best solutions to overcome this problem can be that the parents should educate their child not to eat fast foods as it is not at all healthy. They should motivate them by providing a variety of tiffin’s for their lunch. They should guide them to have more and more nutritional food and should train them on the importance of nutritional food. Students need to stay healthy physically in order to give full concentration on studies. Therefore, nutritional guidelines should be followed in order to overcome this problem.
  • Poor sleeping habits are another challenge a student needs to overcome. From childhood itself the sleeping habit should be formed. The phrase “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” should be maintained. The student should sleep early after completing all the homework and get up early. Poor sleeping habits can affect the learning procedures of a child. For example, if a child sleeps late at night, then he/she will delay waking up early in the morning. Automatically, the breakfast session, the lunch time, dinner accordingly will shift their timings. As a result, it will affect their health and they might lack concentration power. Apart from this, waking up early in the morning can provide you with freshness and a calm and quiet ambience which is perfect for studying.Therefore, in order to overcome poor sleeping habits, the parents should motivate their child to get up early, have healthy drinks and get back to their work. “My mother set up alarm every day at early morning and insists me to get up for jogging and exercises” says Robin who is an expert in EduWorldUSA
  • Every student faces this common problem of poor faculty in their school. Everyone is not perfect in this world, rather nothing is perfect, as life is messy, relationships are complex, peoples are irrational and outcomes are uncertain. We all struggle to be perfect. But what is more important in life is to achieve consistency, not perfection. But still teachers should try their best to deliver the student the proper education. Most of the students suffer due to poor faculty where the school or colleges consist of untrained teachers. These teachers misguide the students by teaching with inappropriate teaching materials or suffer from lack of knowledge and information. In order to overcome this problem the school or college should recruit trained and efficient teachers who can guide the students in the right direction.
  • Poor leadership quality within the class monitors or leaders affect the other students. They out of power show dominant nature towards the other students and put them in trap. They are often found to misguide their co mates and without any reason write their names and show their teachers to prove them guilty. Their poor leadership sometimes has a bad effect on others’ studies as they always create terror among others. They create a miscommunication between teacher and other students which as a result creates a bad impression on others in front of the teacher. In this way they ruin the relationship with their co mates and the teachers. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, the teacher should guide the leaders well enough so that they can handle the other students responsibly. The teacher should select these leaders as per their skills and should change this in rotational form.

  • Lethargic towards studying and reading books also is a common challenge faced by all the students. Most of the students quit studying out of lethargic tendencies. In order to overcome this particular problem these students should actively participate in the sports activities and engage themselves in physical fitness.
  • Managing time range is yet another problem faced by the students. They fail to manage time as per their schedule and unfortunately face problems. Time management is a great skill which is needed to develop. In order to overcome this problem, students should arrange their study schedule and prepare a time table according to it. “I use to prepare a time table before my examination and paste is one the wall in my study room in order to maintain time accordingly” says Harish who is an expert in TFTH
  • Managing finance is a common problem faced by the students. They fail to save the pocket money provided by their guardian and therefore suffer financially to meet their personal needs. Saving skills should be developed by the students in order to overcome this problem.
  • Family expectation is yet another problem which creates frustration among the children. The family pressurization regarding the selection of streams, subjects and grades leads to a problematic situation for every student. They get puzzled about what to select and what not to. Their choice did not get the first preference out of which they feel depressed. Therefore, the parents should be cooperative in nature and should support their child’s decision.
  • Academic pressure often creates terror among the students. Out of pressure they forgot to eat, drink, laugh, and play properly. They lost their personal life by totally indulging themselves in studies. Therefore, pressure should be reduced so as to bring these into their life.

  • Increasing competition and coping up with the situation is yet another challenge that all students experienced. In order to cope up with this complicated competitive situation they ruin their personal life and struggle hard to achieve success. As a result they suffer mentally and psychologically.  Therefore, these students should be dealt well through several counselling.
  • Peer pressure is another problem we all face in our student life. After admission in a school or in a college university we usually get ragged or bullied by the other peer groups. They used to make fun of the newcomers and isolate them. This as a result creates terror among the newcomers. Therefore, the teachers should guide the ex-students to behave properly with the newcomers and welcome them wholeheartedly.
  • Establishment of new relationships sometimes has a negative impact on your studies. Relationships in this regard can be treated in terms of love, friendship, enemy and many more. These developments of relationships affect their studies. They lack concentration and suffer. Therefore, these students should be guided properly by their parents as well as their teachers through counselling.
  • Addiction is yet another problem many students undergo. Addiction in any form can harm students’ future. Therefore, these students should be tracked at the very early stage of their addiction so that they can be rescued from such situations.
  • Hesitation and shy nature are almost common in every student. They out of fear, or shyness hesitate to consult their teachers about their students and isolate themselves from group studies. They lack smartness and keep themselves in an introverted zone. Therefore, these students are often neglected or not noticed. Parents should guide them and should share their schooling experiences more and more with them in order to reduce their shyness.
  • Demotivation and negative attitudes are most commonly found in a student. As for the above mentioned problems they suffer psychologically and get demotivated. It is the role of the teacher and parents to create a positive ambience around them and guide towards the right path.


From the above mentioned points it is clear that every student experiences challenges in their childhood and also finds solutions to those problems. Therefore, teachers and guardians should play a vital role in guiding them toward the right direction. “Perfection is an illusion based on our own perception; it is not attainable but we can chase it through excellence”.

In order to achieve the tag perfect, students should therefore chase it through their dedication and excellent performances.