For millions of people around the world, sports betting is an enjoyable pastime and something that adds fun to their favorite leagues and competitions.

While there are some very experienced players out there, many new people try wagering on sports and look for help when they are finding somewhere to start.

There are many things you should consider when choosing where to place your bets, some are obvious while others may be missed by those who aren’t too familiar with gambling

If you are thinking that now is the time for you to join the millions of others out there by placing some sports bets then here is a rundown of what you need to look for when choosing a site. Visit to learn more about sports betting.

A Platform You Love Using


First and foremost, betting should be fun and enjoyable and for that reason, you should look for a platform you love using.

Whether you bet on your mobile or desktop, there will be sites that you like and those you struggle to get to grips with. To try and make the entire process as fun as possible, go with a platform you feel comfortable with and one you are going to enjoy using.

If you find placing bets hard, navigating around a site complicated, or anything else that may put you off wagering, it is not a good start and may have a long term effect on your gambling.

Regular Offers Alongside a Welcome Bonus


The entire gambling industry is very competitive and for that reason, bookmakers have to do all they can to stand out. This involves giving players bonuses, which are both welcome offers for new players and regular promotions for existing players.

The offers listed on are a great example of what to expect from your bookmaker when you sign up with them. These will get your betting off to the best possible start, giving you bonus funds, free bets, or money back offers to use.

Alongside your welcome offer, you should look for what regular promotions the bookmaker gives you. These will vary, and can also be linked to a sport. For example, some bookies will have regular horse racing offers while others will have football offers available.

There may also be offers based on the bet type you place, for example, accumulator offers. This is all personal to you and how you bet, just make sure that you sign up with a bookmaker that has offers that you can use as often as possible.

Above Average Odds


If you have one account with a bookmaker then you need to realize that you won’t get the best odds every time you bet, so there is no need to go out chasing them.

Instead, look for somewhere that will give you above average odds and a good deal on all the bets you place.

Over a long period of time, this will work out better than a bookmaker who gives you the best odds on one selection but then poor odds on the rest of them.

To work out what is a good deal, look at a sport you are going to bet on and do a quick odds check across a number of different bookmakers. Try and focus this on what you are going to wager on, so if you are gambling on Premier League football, use that league rather than another one.

Don’t look for the best odds, but try to find the bookmaker that is consistently in the top three or five when you are doing your checks.

The Ability to Bet on Your Opinion


Betting markets have evolved and come a long way over the past decade.

There are some complicated markets out there, but also some that allow you to bet on your opinion and these are what you need to be looking out for.

Rather than trying to find ways in which you can bet, find a bookmaker that offers markets that suit your opinion. Then, if you do that, wagering will be something that you don’t even need to think about.

When you are talking with friends and work colleagues about a big upcoming game, you will explain your opinion to them. It may be on goals, a sending off, who scores, how big the margin is, or something else.

The key is that markets exist that allow you to bet on these things, doing so means you are simply using the opinion you already have to form your bets and not picking out selections.

Mobile Betting Service


For some, mobile betting will be a key piece of the puzzle right from the start. Others may feel they don’t need a mobile service right now. Regardless of which you are, finding a great mobile operator is incredibly important.

The industry benefits from many new technologies, but mobile technology is perhaps the most important right now.

Each year we are seeing more and more people turn to mobile gambling because of the convenience it brings. There will be a time, even if it’s in the future when you want to use mobile betting.

Having this already set up and ready to go will give you a head start and allow you to place mobile bets when you are ready.

The future looks incredibly strong for placing your selections via your mobile, many bookmakers are placing huge focus on this and when choosing a sports site, you should be looking at those doing this.

Advanced Features to Give Variety


There are some advanced features in betting that will give you variety with how you place your bets and they will also offer you a better service.

The main two are in play and live to stream, though others include the ability to cash out bets, a mobile app to keep on your phone, and the running of competitions.

These are all little touches that bookmakers add to their service, things that they do in order to try and stand out from the crowd in this competitive industry.

Look out for them, they are not incredibly important but if you have two bookmakers locked together and you don’t know which one to choose, this could be how you decide where to place your bets.