If you’re a die-hard fan of exclusive sneakers or if you own a sneaker store, it’s always a good thing to have the latest edition of popular sneakers the moment they hit the markets. However, getting your hands on a pair of sneakers everyone wants on launch day is often easier said than done.

The competition is fierce, and a lot of stores sell out within a matter of minutes, often even seconds. But there’s a way you can buy the latest kicks and make sure they are yours as soon as they roll out of the factory. Getting a sneaker proxy will most definitely help you get the newest sneakers before everyone else.

Sneaker Proxies: Role and use


You are probably wondering what sneaker proxies are in the first place, so stick with us, and we’ll explain everything in detail. A sneaker proxy is a specific type of proxy service designed to allow users to buy multiple pairs of rare kicks on the same website. Of course, we can use them for other similar practices, but since they are mostly used to buy sneakers, they get their name from this specific application.

In practice, it’s a method that allows you to host multiple IP addresses to purchase multiple products in stores where only one purchase is permitted. In other words, you can buy multiple pairs of rare shoes and then sell them in your store or online at a much higher price. If you pair the proxy with an automation bot, you’ll be able to buy multiple pairs of sneakers simultaneously.

5 Factors to consider when picking a proxy:


Of course, there are thousands of different sneaker proxies you can try, and there are a few different types of other proxies as well. Here’s a quick overview of the most important things to consider when choosing a sneaker proxy.

1. Location

First thing’s first, always choose a proxy that allows you to pick a location close to the store’s physical location. This is essential because the physical location of the proxy plays a significant role when buying sneakers.

The proxy closest to the store will always work faster and provide better results than the one located far away. With that said, the proxy server doesn’t have to be in the same city or country, but the closer it is, the better chances you’ll have of getting the sneakers you want. For example, Oxylabs sneaker proxies allow users to choose locations at country and city levels.

2. Latency

The latency of the connection often makes the biggest difference when it comes to using sneaker proxies. It also depends on the location of the server, as well as the speed of your connection. Put simply, latency and location go hand in hand. The further away the proxy server is from the store – the higher the latency.

In other words, all actions you make will take a few seconds or minutes more to reach the store if the server is too far away. By that time, someone else could have already bought all of the sneakers in stock. Not only that, but if your latency is too high, the website you want to access might flag and block you from buying the sneakers altogether.

3. Proxy type

There are dozens of different proxy types you can try, so it’s vital that you know which ones work best for buying sneakers. First off, never use free proxies because they can’t compare to paid proxies in any situation. Second, try to get an automated bot and pair it with the proxy you choose for better results.

When it comes to choosing the best proxy type, the best options are dedicated proxies and rotating proxies. A dedicated proxy is good because it makes sure that you’re the only one using the specific IP address, while rotating proxies can help get better results when using bots.

4. Number of proxies

Rotating proxies simply change the IP address after every purchase made, allowing you to send out as many requests as you want in very short time periods. If you set things up correctly, you can send out as many as a thousand requests and buy as many pairs as you want. You could also get multiple proxies at the same time as many providers offer affordable bundles of at least 20 proxies. The more, the merrier.

5. Cost

Comparing prices for anything you buy is always the last step in the process. Some proxy providers offer better prices, especially if you buy multiple proxies at the same time. Consider how much money you’re willing to spend on proxies without hurting your ROI. Do the math and go with the proxy that fits your business plan.

Ensuring success when sneaker copping


You can also do a few things before the launch day to ensure you have the best chances of getting the sneakers you want. Get a proxy to monitor the store and make sure that you’re informed about the latest deals as soon as they become available. Interact with the website as often as possible to trick the algorithms into prioritizing you over some random visitors. Plan ahead, and you’ll be able to score big with the right sneaker proxy and bot combination.



With the use of sneaker proxies and a combination of bots, you will have much better chances of purchasing a limited edition of sneakers that usually get sold out in minutes. Follow the tips above and be one of the first people with the rarest pair of kicks everyone wants.