Finally came the day when you decided to change your doors and windows in Markham.

You may have been prompted by constant draughts, high humidity, unpleasant smells, and noise from the street. Or you just want to make your home more stylish and modern.

Regardless of what led you to this site, one thing is important now: you have saved a certain sum of money to make this rather expensive purchase. However, you were not ready for the huge number of companies dealing with the production and installation of doors and windows in Markham.

Eyes run up: what to do? Who to choose as your contractor?

We are ready to give you some tips on how to avoid problems when ordering and choosing a reliable company that can be trusted with such work:

1. Get local referrals

This is the simplest and most reliable way. If one of your friends has recently done similar repairs, he can give you advice on which company to choose or, conversely, which of the contractors is better not to deal with.

2. Make your own research


If no one of your friends has recently done the installation of doors and windows in Markham, you can explore the market yourself. To do this, look for the most rated companies and investigate their sites. Reliable brands have updated websites where, in addition to the assortment of products, you can also read reviews about their work.

No feedback on the site? Then google information about the contractor on independent platforms for feedback.

You can also search for specialized magazines with ratings of the best contractors dealing with windows and doors installation.

Brands with a good reputation that has been built up over the years, will make every effort to preserve the reputation and meet all the expectations placed.

3. Make sure that the company chosen is from your community

When ordering from a popular company, you should understand that its schedule may be booked some time in advance.

If the contractor operates in your area, you no longer have to worry about travel times. And also the contractor can maximize available work hours and keep your project on schedule.

4. Make sure the brand has a license and insurance

Thus you will protect your investments and minimize possible risks.

Insurance should include workers’ compensation and liability coverage.

5. Visit the office


First of all, this way you can be sure that you’re hiring a company, not just a crew of workers. The latter, as a rule, have no office and all the contact information is only phone number and email.

Secondly, many buyers know that they want to change their windows. But they have no idea what kind of material they need. Visiting the office helps to understand what materials the manufacturer uses: you can see them with your own eyes.

Feel free to ask as many questions as possible to the manager about the material, glazing, fittings, installation features, etc.

6. Choose the right material

If you have not yet been to the contractor’s office, the following information will help you to better navigate the topic.

The three most popular window materials are fiberglass, vinyl, and wood.

Fiberglass is an excellent material that can withstand sharp temperature fluctuations. It is often installed in regions with volatile weather conditions. It is durable and resistant to burnout.

However, only expensive models have the abovementioned properties. Cheap fiberglass products serve worse: they are not flexible and not durable enough.

Wood is a real classic. Looks beautiful, and costs a lot.

However, this raw material needs intensive care. Wood does not like the humid climate, and can start to rot, swell or deform.

Instead, it is better to buy vinyl. You can choose any look and finish. Including a wood-like one.

Vinyl withstands extreme temperature fluctuations perfectly. Unlike wood, it does not need any care and is not afraid of moisture or mechanical impacts.

And the price of such products is much lower than that of other raw materials.

Judge for yourself: the starting cost of vinyl windows is $250. Fiberglass products cost from $400, and the price for wooden models is at least $600.

Another advantage of vinyl windows is their energy efficiency. Having installed such products, your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

And you will be able to save on electricity and increase the overall value of your home.

7. Glazing


For a long time, windows have had only one glass. To date, this is not the best solution in terms of energy efficiency.

We recommend choosing the products that will help you to reduce the cost of heating – windows with double or triple glazing.

Note that the space between the glass should be filled with an inert gas: argon or krypton. This will make insulation more effective.

Low-E coating helps to save energy. In addition, you can apply any other tint on the glass at your request.

If you are also concerned with the safety of the home, pay special attention to the quality of glass. In this case, we recommend tempered safety glass, resistant to breaking and impact.

8. Assortment

You probably don’t even know how many window models you can install at home: casement, awning, single/double slider, basement, single/double hung, bay and bow, end vent sliding, and picture windows. And these are just standard forms!

In addition, you can order shaped windows: oval, round, elliptical, triangle, octagon, hexagon, diamond-shaped, trapezoid, half-moon, and more.

Make sure that your chosen contractor can realize any of your wishes!

9. Fittings


Parameters such as color and fittings also play a significant role.

A good window company should offer not only standard options but also the opportunity to equip your chosen model with the necessary accessories.

Discuss with your contractor all the features of the project and ask what is best for your home.

10. Warranty

Find out what guarantee you get for new windows and doors.

New quality window frames, if properly installed can serve at least 25 years. Many companies give a lifetime guarantee for their products.

Do not forget to specify the terms of delivery and installation of your order. It is also useful to calculate the approximate cost of your project and compare it with the one announced by the contractor.

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