Christian Charles Philip Bale was given birth to in the year 1974 January 30th and has been involved with acting throughout his career. Christian has been involved with both high budget movies and smaller ones as well.

christian bale height

He first came to public notice when he starred in the 1987 movie “Empire of the Sun” at the age of thirteen. He portrayed the role of a young boy from UK who found himself away from his parental care and into the “Japanese Internment Camp” during the period of the World War II. He played similar role in trying to portray characters in the movie “American Psycho”.

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Christian’s performance in movies has seen him become one of the greatest actors that can portray original characters in movies. In the 2004 movie “The Machinist”, he lost over 20kg of weight just so he could be best suited to play the role “Trevor Reznik” in the psychological thriller.

christian bale weight

He has since then become very popular and has received various awards including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, after his amazing performance in the movie titled “The Fighter” in which he played the role of Dicky Eklund. He played the lead role, portraying Bruce Wayne in the movies “Batman Begins” and both series of “The Dark Knight”. Both movies were recorded as commercial success and increased his popularity after his performances.

Christian Bale Personal Trainer

Christian Bale had to get involved in a very strenous workout based on his Batman movie role and yes, he succeeded in achieving the body he desired. The sort of workout he engaged in isn’t what is expected of normal people who workout but when modified, they can help people who intend to buff up their body

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  1. He relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 17th after his dad and mum had divorced
  2. His stepmother was at the age of 66 when she married his father
  3. He has good horse riding technique
  4. Brain Lymphoma was the cause of his father’s death
  5. He is British but have good American accent
  6. Christian Bale is very good in horse riding
  7. His grandfather was also a stand up comedian
  8. Christian Bale is one of the few celebrities that doesn’t make use of social media
  9. In his 2004 “The Machinist” movie, he was required to consume just apples, salads and vitamins. He also chewed gum, smoked cigarettes and also drank non-fat lattes
  10. Despite being born in Wales, Christian Bale has lived in other countries like Portugal, United States of America and England

Christian Bale Age and Nationality

Birth Name

  • Christian Charles Philip Bale


  • Chris

Date of birth

  • 1974 January 30th


  • Aquarius

Place of Birth

  • Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales (United Kingdom)


  • United Kingdom

How Tall is Christian Bale – Christian Bale Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

christian bale age

Body Build Type

  • Athlete

Height Measurement

  • 183 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 82 kg

Body Measurements

  • Chest – 46 inch
  • Arms – 16 inch
  • Waist – 31 inch

Shoe Measurement

  • Size 11 (USA)

Hair color

  • Dark Brown

Eye Tint

  • Dark Brown


  • Straight


  • David Bale (Father)
  • Jenny Bale (Mother)


  • White


  • Unknown


  • Actor