A coffee table is not just a piece of furniture but a true conversational partner that can tell you a lot about its owner. Unlike other furniture parts, the coffee table is in the center of the living room, attracting attention and setting the tone for the entire interior. Therefore, choosing a coffee table allows you to express your individuality and style.

Modern designers offer unique and creative solutions that turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a real work of art. Let’s look at the main trends in the design of contemporary coffee tables.


For lovers of laconic shapes, minimalist variants are the ideal choice. They are distinguished by:

  • the simplicity of lines and shapes;
  • monochrome color scheme;
  • absence of unnecessary details and decor;
  • laconic materials (glass, metal, natural wood).

For example, the Orlando model by Cattelan Italia. Its parquet walnut table top contrasts beautifully with the textured steel base. Thanks to built-in drawers, the table looks laconic but is functional at the same time. Such furniture will fit perfectly into interiors in Scandinavian and loft-style.


Multifunctionality is another current trend. The transformer can be changed depending on the needs of the moment. For example:

  • a tabletop with a 360-degree swivel mechanism;
  • height-adjustable tabletop (for use as a console or bar);
  • extendable elements to expand the surface.

The advantage of transformers is their versatility. One model combines the functions of a coffee table, TV cabinet, and footstool. They are also great for small interiors where the ability to transform the space is essential.

Unusual Shapes


To surprise your guests, pay attention to types with non-standard silhouettes. These can be:

  • ellipses and ovals;
  • trapezoids and triangles;
  • asymmetrical or amorphous shapes;
  • table tops with complex curves.

Such experimental shapes will decorate any avant-garde or art deco interior. They will add dynamics to the space and dilute the strictness of the lines. For example, the Artu coffee table from the Italian company Tonin Casa combines two ellipses of different sizes. Thanks to this, the table looks futuristic.

The bold design of contemporary coffee tables reflects the general trend toward experimentation in the furniture industry.

With a Sense of Humor

Furniture can be not only functional but also uplifting. Some designers add an element of play and humor to their coffee tables.

It can be an unexpected shape (for example, the figure of an animal) or a color scheme that refers to pop culture. Such ironic models will decorate interiors in pop art or kitsch style.

Inspired by Nature

Another popular concept is to draw inspiration from natural shapes and textures. It allows you to create organic and natural models.

For example, tables can:

  • imitate the texture of wood or stone;
  • repeat the curves of dunes or waves;
  • resemble plants or sea shells.

Such designs bring a touch of nature to the interior. This trend responds to the growing demand for eco-style and organic materials.



The choice of materials plays a significant role in the look of a table. Thanks to modern technology, designers are using a variety of textures and combinations:

  • combinations of natural stone, wood, glass and metal;
  • glossy and matte surfaces that create a play of highlights;
  • unusual materials such as acrylic, ceramic, or concrete.

The choice of materials is an opportunity to make the furniture unique and emphasize its design concept.

Tables for Different Interiors

A coffee table can become the centerpiece that sets the style of the whole living room. The interior concept should select the design. Consider suitable options for different types.


Classic interiors are suitable options made of natural wood with a laconic design: ideal materials like oak, cherry, and walnut. Forms can repeat antique furniture, like round table tops on thin legs with carved elements. Such models will create an atmosphere of coziness and tradition.


Modern lofts and minimalist interiors suit laconic glass, metal, and plastic tables. They can combine different textures of materials, for example, a wooden or marble tabletop on a metal frame. Such models’ main features are their simple lines and lack of decoration.


For interiors in ethnic style, tables with carved ornaments, imitations of antiquity, and bright colors are ideal. African or Asian motifs can inspire them. Options made of rattan and bamboo create a sense of handwork and connection with culture.


Luxury tables with marble tops, gold or silver elements, and Swarovski rhinestones suit glamorous interiors. Shapes can repeat the classic samples — round, oval, with carved legs. Such options will give the interior a bohemian chic.

A competent choice of coffee table designs will help to achieve harmony in the interior and emphasize its concept. This piece of furniture can become the natural center of the composition of the living room.



Contemporary coffee tables are more than just a decoration. It is a fundamental element of the interior, reflecting the taste and style of the house owners. When choosing, it is essential to be creative and find precisely the model that will meet your aesthetic preferences and needs for the interior. The modern market offers many unique design solutions to create a stylish and comfortable space.