Mistakes are part of every business’s progress. Do you really think that the most successful entrepreneurs were not making mistakes during their “career”? Most of them actually testify that the mistakes they made in the past were probably the most wonderful moments they experienced. Of course, at first glance, they were just painful. However, after they turned them into lessons, they became more experienced and better business owners that had the capacity to follow the latest trends and succeed in competitive markets.

But, no one says that you have to pass the same way as some of the most successful business owners. Instead of that, it can be much safer to learn from the mistakes of others. More precisely, you should be aware of the mistakes that others were making and turn them into lessons (the same way you would do with your own mistakes).

Anyway, one of the topics we would like to cover in this article is content moderation. There are some common mistakes businesses are making. That especially counts when we talk about small businesses as well as entrepreneurs that do not have the necessary experience with this form of task. Let’s go!

1. Relates to Crowdsourcing Moderation


You will probably find some companies in your environment using this method of work. The crowdsourcing moderation can look like a pretty good option at first glance. You will get what you need for a relatively low price which will allow you to save money. However, remember one thing – entrepreneurs should never save money on important things.

The crowdsources moderators are in 99% of cases completely anonymous. They are not capable of supporting the accountability of a business at all. As a result, you will get a bunch of moderators that deal with a lack of motivation. Apart from that, they will also not have the capacity to provide the necessary feedback that will help you establish certain changes in your business.

Another thing we have to say is that these content moderators usually do not understand the main vision, idea, and goal of your business. If that’s the case, then everything else will go in the wrong direction. Even if that person spends hours analyzing the content, he or she will never provide the best solutions.

We do understand that you need some sort of budget-friendly option. But, there are other alternatives that you can use! For example, there are true professionals out there that can moderate your content for a relatively affordable price. They will take care of social media moderation, image moderation, and other stuff. If you struggle to find good quality services of this type, we strongly recommend you check after reading this article and check which options are available for you and for which price.

2. Not Training the Moderators Enough

The tone and context of every content are two crucial segments. However, if the moderators are not properly trained, they will not know how to deal with these two issues. Generally speaking, the training of the moderators is not a simple process. But, it is essential that you keep certain pieces of training and knowledge improvement on a regular basis.

You need to provide all of them with quality pieces of information that are easy to understand. That way, they will understand what their tasks are and what your expectations precisely represent. Apart from the technical side of their job, you should also help them improve their communication skills. That is the only way to ensure that the entire process perfectly works.

Anyway, there is one additional mistake here that entrepreneurs make. They sometimes leave moderators to solve all the content issues with some sort of interpretation. As stated above, the moderators need to have a clear vision of the core values of your business. Because of that, instead of allowing them to be creative, teach them what they should do and, after that, let them show their creativity.

3. Neglecting the Importance of Community Guidelines


Do you know what community guidelines actually are? In short terms, they are some sort of standard that defines the behavior and mentality of your target audience online. If you do not have that form of guidelines, you will never get an idea of how the appropriate content should look.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are not going to remain the same forever. Every target audience, including yours, will change over time. Even if you are offering something to the same group of people, they will start to change their mentality, behavior, and needs in a certain period of time. Because of that, you will have to follow these changes regularly and change the guidelines as quickly as you can.

Your content moderators need to be aware of that as well. These changes can sometimes be drastic. If the moderators do not get the appropriate information from you, they could continue with the same content strategy. With that mistake, you will lose the most loyal customers cause you won’t meet the requirements and expectations they have. Most entrepreneurs realize this too late, so ensure that you do not become one of them.

4. Replacing Human with Technology Completely

We do understand the need of every business to modernize business. But, that’s not always a good idea. Using AI or any other technology for some huge tasks related to content is a good idea. For instance, you certainly won’t remove a massive amount of content manually. But, completely replacing people with different forms of modern technology is going to be a huge mistake. The question is – why?

Technology is technology! That’s the simplest answer we can give. Will AI know to recognize certain nuance in images, textual content, or any other form of content the same way an employee would do? The number of mistakes will raise over time and, in the meantime, you will use a huge number of customers that will not be satisfied with the content you share.

We suggest you have all these mistakes in mind next time you start working on your content moderation. That way, you will avoid making mistakes that can sometimes be fatal.