Most people value their teeth since they affect their appearance. Even though people value and want to maintain them, there are instances where they could have to remove them. For instance, some people extract their wisdom teeth while others remove them after having excessive tooth infection, decay, or overcrowding.

Most people having tooth conditions delay seeking the best tooth extraction. If you fear undergoing the procedure due to safety, you should employ tooth extractions Campbell. The following are the myths you should stop believing before tooth extraction.

1. The Extracted Tooth Should not be replaced


After removing the troublesome tooth, some people believe their area should remain empty. However, when the person has an empty gap, it is likely to cause an infection or suffer injury. Moreover, it feels unnatural and can negatively affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Besides, since the individual’s jawbone is not stimulated to the area, it could start to lose its density. After the tooth extraction, you should ask the dentist about the best tooth replacement option.

2. You Should Only Remove the Wisdom Teeth

Even though some people may require the removal of their wisdom teeth, there are instances they do not require to be removed if the person has no complications. Moreover, the person can extract any other teeth with extreme conditions such as injury or impacted teeth or create room to accommodate all the teeth.

3. It is a Long Recovery Process

Some people have been avoiding tooth extraction regardless of the need since they fear it will take a long before they recover. However, the recovery process is not long since the person will heal within 1-2 weeks after the extraction. The person will be able to carry out normal activities, such as eating after a short time. If you take more than two weeks to recover, you should visit a specialist since it is a sign that you have a problem.

4. The Procedure is Painful


Some people have avoided this procedure since they believe it is extremely painful. However, the extraction process is not painful since the dentist will numb the area with an anesthetic. Due to the small incisions applied into the gum, you will feel pressure rather than pain. If you have a necessary tooth extraction, you should not fail to have it, fearing that you will suffer excruciating pain.

5. High Fever is Normal After Tooth Extraction

Most people have normalized having a fever after having a tooth extraction. Even though a small fever could be normal, an extreme fever is a sign that you have an infection. If your body temperature rises above 38°C for some time, you should consider visiting a dentist.

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