It would seem that what can be difficult in choosing a mouse? I chose a device with a comfortable grip, preferably without extra wires and with high sensitivity, and that’s it.

In fact, the computer mouse  is often equipped with cool options and functions that can be very useful to any user. Let’s find out what they can be.

Special keys in computer mice

We are used to the fact that most mice have 1 (Apple devices) or 2-3 keys, but in fact, manufacturers also offer mice with 4-9 keys. The presence of additional keys allows you to speed up some processes and simplify the use of the PC. Let’s consider the types of such additional keys:

Double click. As indicated in the name, this key performs a double click, but only with one click, which is quite convenient.

Triple click. Such a key is responsible for performing a triple click, which is often used in games.

Office. This key allows you to open the menu for launching applications. It works only together with a special application for the mouse and helps in office work, simplifying the process of opening several programs.

Equipment of mice


In addition to keys, mice can be equipped with various functions, technologies, and options, but their price will be much higher. Let’s consider the most popular and useful:

  • Scroll wheels. Yes, mice can have a scroll wheel in two directions, and even a 4D wheel that allows you to view the document from bottom to top and from left to right. Such a wheel works by tilting it in different directions or by pressing it, which switches the control mode.
  • Fingerprint scanner. Like many smartphones, mice can also be equipped with a scanner for verifying a fingerprint and logging into a PC or laptop account without a password.
  • Silent click. The presence of such an option allows you to reduce the sound when pressing the mouse keys, which is ideal for people who prefer quiet work.
  • Multi-Device. This function is provided for the possibility of working with several devices at the same time: for example, with one press of a key, you can reconnect the mouse from the computer to, for example, a TV or a laptop.
  • DPI key. This option will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse without resorting to settings on the PC or within the game. Often, mice with this function also have an indicator indicating the current sensitivity value.
  • Detachable cable. Not sure if you need a mouse with or without a wire? Choose a device that can work in both modes! That’s right, such mice can work both on a cable (it’s removable) and in wireless mode.
  • Magic pencil. Do you often draw over images or draw your own sketches? This function will help you turn on the pencil in one click and draw a picture on the image (for example, underline the text or circle a fragment).

Internal memory. Mice with internal memory remember settings and other parameters of use by different users, which is relevant for those who use one mouse for different PCs or give it to other people.