Do you remember the celebrity nudes of Scarlett Johansson? We’re sure you still remember because the scandal a few years ago was quite horrendous in the world of cinema at that time.

Johansson stated that she felt her privacy was being invaded and it was inappropriate because even though she is an actress with millions of eyes turning to her every day, she is an ordinary woman who needs privacy for certain things.

Visit here if you want to know about the scandal. She had been silent for a while and due to the constant pressure from the media, she finally gave in and decided to speak up.


She felt it was unfair and ended up taking a firm stand against any party who had crossed the “red line” in interfering with her personal life. The actress stated that she must be firm in the future or irresponsible parties will lurk to take advantage of her private life.

Her legal team asked all sites that contain nude photos of Johansson to remove them immediately or they will face serious legal consequences.

The police arrested a man named Christopher Chaney, an amateur hacker who seemed obsessed with the celebrity world. He was caught and tried in Los Angeles Court. The verdict was handed down and he had to spend 10 years in prison.

Chaney confessed that he has been eavesdropping and accessing other people’s computers and it seems he was lucky enough to get hold of Johansson’s illicit photos. For the judge, Chaney had committed a serious breach of privacy and had consequences comparable to physical stalking.

Chaney admitted that he is guilty and he is ready to accept any punishment for his actions. But before he was dragged to court, he had insisted on denying the despicable act. Unfortunately, the FBI is hard to lie to and after a year of investigation, they found enough evidence to arrest Chaney.


For your information, the hacker used what is called the “forgot password” method. Not very sophisticated but effective enough to break into the emails of celebrities who are known not to implement “layered security”.

Chaney was trying his luck by trying to answer questions that confirm whether the viewer of the email is the real owner. He collected various information about his target and used it all to break into his email. As simple as that!

After all, the story of Scarlet Johansson is truly unique. The actress once sued Disney for the case of showing Black Widow in theaters and streaming platforms simultaneously that prevented her from receiving special royalties worth millions of dollars. But a few months later, she made peace and surprised her fans by turning to be one of the producers of the giant Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

Actually, her role at Marvel has ended but Johansson seems to feel at home “in the Marvel-Disney environment”. She once revealed that she was very grateful to work at Disney. It was said after she made peace with the giant film company.

Johansson told Collider late last year that Marvel has a lot of unexplored sides and that when that’s all optimized, the franchise will grow bigger than ever. Johansson’s journey with Marvel and Disney has been spanning almost 11 years and maybe that’s why the great actress can’t go far.


For her, Black Widow is a free project, like a kindergarten that allows students to play and share their creativity. She admits that the two companies have given her a lot of value. A lot of money is one of them. Of course!

That’s why she decided to become one of the producers in various future Marvel projects. She has talent in the field of film production and it has become known to the executives of the two companies.

The proof is that they entrusted Johansson, commonly called Scarjo, to lead the making of Tower of Terror, a new Disney film that is planned to be released mid or late this year. The film is set in sci-fi and is sure to satisfy both Disney and sci-fi fans alike.

Netizens have been speculating and debating with each other about this latest film but Disney is still keeping most of the details under wraps. They may be surprised that it was only last year that Johansson sued Disney over a potential loss of $50 million in profits.

To note about 5 months ago both parties made peace and the involvement of this 37-year-old actress (in subsequent Marvel-Disney projects) seems to be one of the points of peace.

Love Life

Scarlet Johansson is not free from controversy about her love relationship, even though she is known as a private person for it. And the lucky man she was linked with was Colin Jost. Of course, because he is her husband.


At least until now. Colin Jost, for the actress, is a unique man and the only man in her life who likes to use eye cream. This fact has been expressed by Johansson several times in her interviews.

There is one unforgettable moment. Jost immediately applied the face cream and felt hot on his face after a while. He panicked and was so frightened that he screamed.

Johansson immediately checked the cream and realized that she had forgotten to mention that it had a warming effect. Soon the moment was filled with laughter from both of them. At first glance, it was an ordinary moment but for Johansson, it was unforgettable.

The couple already had one child and as expected, it was Jost who spread the good news first. He shared it through his Instagram account. Johansson is a private person so she doesn’t share important moments in her life right away.

Their child is a boy and is named Cosmo. Quite a strange name but that’s not surprising as the couple gave it for privacy reasons. It seems they didn’t have to wait too long because they got married in 2020 and for information, “Jost’s proposal” was accepted by Johansson 1 year earlier.