Dental implants have become one of the most effective dental treatments that allow the replacement of a broken tooth or restore a smile easily. Upon surgical insertion, these artificial tooth roots look completely natural while supporting the loss function. The cost of this dental treatment can vary in different countries.

While some countries like the USA or any European countries include expensive dental care packages and multiple sessions burning a hole in patients’ pockets, on the flip side, there are countries like Turkey that provide optimum dental treatments at a reasonable price.

Dental treatment in Turkey includes procedures like dental implants, veneers, smile makeovers, dental crowns, dental lumineers, cosmetic dentures, dental bridges, professional teeth whitening services, root canal treatment, and all other various dental services under affordable price packages.

If you are inquisitive about the cost of dental implants in Turkey compared to other countries and the different treatment packages available, here is a detailed guide answering all your queries.

About Dental Implants


Dental implants are defined as artificial structures replacing a missing tooth. Via abutment technology, the surgeon uses a screw-like device that works as an anchor for the prosthetic replacements. The dental implants will feel and function like a normal tooth and are considered a more effective treatment than dentures or dental bridges treatment. Dental implants are permanent solutions for your missing tooth and have a higher success rate than other dental treatments. You also can avoid the discomfort of having dentures.

Dental implants available are as endosteal dental implants or subperiosteal dental implants. The cost of endosteal dental treatments can start from $450; the treatment usually lasts for a couple of months. In contrast, subperiosteal dental implants can be completed in one or two sessions but are less stable, and the price starts from $500. The methods used for dental implants usually include single teeth, multiple teeth, full mouth, sinus augmentation, or ridge modification, depending upon the patient’s requirement.

Why Is It Cheaper In Turkey?

Due to the Turkish economy, procedures like dental implants are cheaper than in other countries. International citizens visiting Turkey from countries with a stronger currency than Turkish Lira can enjoy the advantages of the price drop.

Various other factors affect the price of dental implants in Turkey as well, with the most potent factors are mentioned down below

  • The cost of living, i.e., rent and utilities in Turkey, is much lower than in other countries. Dentists can charge an affordable price for their services and yet will be able to create a profit at the end of the day.
  • The tax rate on medical services is low in Turkey, making it easier for medical professionals to save money.
  • The dental market in Turkey is extremely competitive, with different dentist clinics providing detailed treatment packages at an attractive prices. Therefore, dentists must maintain an affordable price chart to attract patients to their clinic.
  • Despite Turkey being a developing country, it is quite interesting to learn; it has access to quality equipment and some of the best manufacturers worldwide at a much lower price. Therefore, you can rest assured that the quality of the treatment provided to you or your loved ones will never be compromised.

Dental Implants In Turkey


The price of dental implants in the UK starts from $3000, whereas in the USA and Germany, it starts from $4000 and $2500, respectively. On the other hand, an average dental implant in Turkey can start from $350; therefore, you can save by 90%. However, the cost of your dental packages can vary. In Turkey, factors like the number of implants required, the implant’s brand, the patient’s severity, the clinic’s reputation, the dentist’s charges, and other additional procedures required can affect the price of your package.

Turkey’s dentistry standards can be considered well equivalent to advanced countries of Australia, the UK, the USA, or Germany. Most dental service providers in Turkey believe in providing ultimate customer service to their patients. Upon booking an appointment, you will receive complete information on the amount of time required to complete all procedures and for recovery. This becomes extremely important for international citizens who come to Turkey and require a well-organized itinerary. Most dental clinics consist of well-experienced and professional teams looking after travel arrangements, including transfer facilities, accommodation bookings, and even providing flight tickets.

What Should You Consider?

Enjoying dental treatment while saving money and enjoying some vacation time can seem extremely lucrative. However, there are certain factors that you should consider while booking an appointment for a dental implant in Turkey.

  • Do proper research before selecting a dental clinic in Turkey. Go through their websites and read their clients’ reviews, check the dental packages available on their site, and choose the package that caters best to your needs. Look for factors like international accreditation, availability of advanced technology, reviews, and modern amenities, among others.
  • Have proper consultation before dental implantation and a one-on-one session with your dentist to understand the procedures that are going to take place. You can also solve your different queries during the sessions.
  • Prepare a detailed itinerary carefully outlining your visit to Turkey. If you also plan to go sightseeing in Turkey, make sure you give enough time for your recovery. Consider your accommodation and living expenses during your period in the country.

The recovery period after having a dental implant is crucial. Take proper rest to ease your body into recovering. Try to consume a nutritious diet; avoid spicy, crunchy, or heavy food for 48 hours post-implantation, and drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated. Ensure you maintain proper oral hygiene. Do not rush your recovery period. If your body is feeling down, consult your dentist for proper aftercare. If you are healthy, the healing period might take a month before you can return home.

Bottom Line


With standard dental services at an inexpensive price, Turkey has quite established itself for dental tourism. Compared to other advanced countries, patients can enjoy a 70% dip in dental services without compromising quality. The dental market in Turkey is quite competitive; therefore, before booking an appointment, ensure you are well-equipped and have thoroughly researched prior to making the final call.