Have you ever owned a Craftsman air compressor before? If not, you are about to find out all there is to it when it comes to its pros & cons, as well as who should own it and why. Craftsman is controlled by Sears Holding and people love it due to its durable and long-lasting work-wear. However, Sears has never produced Craftsman Air Compressor products. Shocking, right? What they tend to do is apply the brand name Craftsman once they are satisfied with their product and they tend to sell these to consumers. Here is all that you should know.

So, where can you get the Craftsman air compressor?


Did you know that at the beginning of 2010, the manufacturer Apex Tool ended up creating loads of basic tools such as wrenches and sockets for Craftsman? Nowadays, however, Sears is selling their goods and tools through loads of different authorized dealers. Most of these (if not all of these items) are made in the US. The Craftsman air compressor in itself has been made by DeVilbiss Air Power which is a part of DeWalt. You can find some of these compressors in stores, as well as online and on Amazon.

What are some perks & pros when it comes to the Craftsman air compressor?


One of the most-known & well-sold models is the Craftsman Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K). This model is not too pricey yet it gets the job done. People tend to purchase it over & over again & enjoy it because of the following reasons:

  1. Its accessories

If you need something convenient and quiet you will enjoy this model. It is also super fast + it can perform so well in cold weather conditions. Enjoy its unique 13-pieces and enjoy the variety & benefits of all of its gadgets. These 13 pieces that you get with your purchase truly do make the purchase worth it.

  1. An oil-free pump

If you are a low-maintenance guy or girl you will enjoy this oil-free pump. Enjoy the lightweight model of only 30 pounds and move it around or carry it with you whenever necessary and with ease. This makes it easy to care for while also easily extending its lifespan.

  1. Its tank capacity

Tank capacity is an important feature for most people when it comes to their compressors. Well, the Craftsman air compressor comes with a 6-gallon tank, which is more than enough for most people. You will probably use it on small or medium applications. Its maximum pressure is also 150 PSI, which is way more than it is with loads of different compressor models.

  1. Utility

If you love to multi-task and you prefer a good deal when it comes to your items just know that this compressor comes with a number of gadgets. Enjoy the three inflator adaptors, PVC hose, coupler, tire gauge, blowgun, and rubber tip in the package. You will get your money’s worth with this purchase.

Most asked questions about this compressor answered

  1. So, what is the noise rating?

No one wants a loud compressor in their home, or near their work surroundings, right? You should know that this model in particular is around 71 decibels or slightly above. This is the case with most compressors by Craftsman, while other brands tend to be quite more noisy & loud.

  1. What NPT fittings do you need for using other tools?

Aim for one that has the fitting size of 1/4 inches. NPT stands for national pipe taper, which is a U.S. standard for tapered threads widely used on pipes and fittings for over 100 years. Ask around at a store or Google this feature when it comes to other brands & manufacturers.

  1. What is the best storage choice?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer himself doesn’t have a storage container available, but you can always purchase from another seller or come up with a substitute of some sort for this issue.

How does Craftsman compare to some other impressive compressors that are out there on the market?


Aside from Craftsman, there are some other well-known brands that you can consider going for. Bostitch and Dewalt are the two next best options for you to consider when it comes to your compressors + these two are not too pricey either. These are also highly-sold, well-loved & talked about on the internet. Here’s how these three look when placed & compared one next to the other:

  • Their utility of the unit

Dewalt & Craftsman don’t have the hose or practical storage like Bostitch does. These three overall work phenomenally, but this is the main difference in their utility.

  • Performance

The Dewalt has a max tank pressure of 135 PSI while Bostitch and Craftsman are pretty quiet and smooth + their maximum pressure is at 150 PSI.

Craftsman CMEC6150K is very easy to utilize and you can use it in cold weather while Dewalt & Bostitch can’t compare to its superior power. If you live somewhere where it tends to get cold pretty easily & quite often you will prefer Craftsman, for sure.

Overall, all three are a good idea, but Craftsman has to be our favorite due to all of its specifications & pros.

  • Want to know even more about these compressors?

In the end, making up your mind and knowing what to purchase can be tricky since you are not aware of your options. Are you trying to find out even more about Bostitch and Craftsman? At you can read a full review, as well as a detailed comparison among these two models. With this article, you will easily find yourself an air compressor that suits your needs, covers your goals & meets your criteria. Find the one that is best for your home use while not being too heavy or pricey. Read the review and find the model that suits you while having all of your questions answered.