For over a decade now, digital currency and its underlying technology have been in the spotlight. The influence of this type of asset is downright overwhelming: millions of people around the world are putting money in some virtual coins hoping they’ll eventually bring them substantial returns on investment. But that’s not all: cryptocurrency has started to be used as an everyday form of payment for all kinds of things, including jewelry, travel tickets, insurance, and even groceries.

Blockchain has also entered many industries, including healthcare, supply chain, finances, and gambling. In video games, collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens are making waves, increasingly more enthusiasts being thrilled with the idea of earning tangible rewards while playing their favorite online game.

Without a doubt, cryptocurrency is changing not only the financial world but also every aspect of everyday life. And since this sector has expanded at a rapid pace, the interest in its application and mechanisms has increased, giving rise to numerous movies, television series, and documentaries about this technological revolution.

This is great, as it helps you understand how the phenomenon came into effect and sharpen your virtual currency knowledge. You’ll learn everything from the types of crypto and their history to their actual market stance and future. This will further help you be more cautious regarding your crypto investments and finally decide if it’s better to buy Bitcoin or another crypto.

You might become a crypto master in no time thanks to these movies and documentaries we’ve compiled in the following list:

1. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It


As expected, this 2015-released documentary is about money, virtual currencies, and their functions. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It invites spectators to learn about the cryptocurrency that has taken the financial circle by storm and how it could change the future of finances forever. If you’ve never watched a movie about crypto, this is a great starting point, as it’ll take you from money seen through the lens of politics, economy, and culture to the beginnings of Bitcoin and its extraordinary potential. It’s interesting how the documentary also criticizes governments and banks for their attitude toward money. What to expect better from a movie? It is informative, it is addictive, it is spicy – it is everything. You’ll also enjoy the presence of bona fide crypto community figures, namely Roger Ver and Andreas M Antonopoulos, who’ll shed light on some controversial topics.

2. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Although released in 2014, this Amazon Prime documentary is a timeless, very insightful production about Bitcoin. You have the chance to learn more about the phenomenon that Bitcoin is today, how Satoshi Nakamoto put all pieces together, and how it has come to be worth that much from only a few dollars. Interestingly, Bitcoin still had an unclear status in the market when this film appeared. The movie was produced by Patrick Lope and Ben Bledsoe and directed by Nicholas Mross. It aimed to clear up everything about the legendary cryptocurrency, from its beginnings and functionalities to how it acquired this venerable position in society. Surprisingly or not, this film also provides insight into Bitcoin’s pitfalls. Notable figures, including Charlie Shrem, Erik Voorhees, and Mark Karpeles, appear in this movie so that it will be nothing but a delight!

3. Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People


Although this is an advertisement rather than an actual movie, we’ve found it hard not to include it in this list. That’s because the five-minute documentary tells the world a story about Bitcoin that is very different from what we usually hear. It’s about how this financial revolution can empower people in Uganda and how Bitcoin can be used to transfer money internationally.

More precisely, it tells the story of a Ugandan student who needs money for tuition payments but struggles with the slow and expensive money transfer systems. His brother-in-law, though, saves the day, proposing to send the student Bitcoin instead of fiat currency. A similar production that shows how Bitcoin is changing lives in countries with emerging economies is Bitcoins in Argentina.

4. Trust Machine: The Story of

So many releases focused on Bitcoin, but so less content on the blockchain. And that’s a pity, as people need to understand the technology underlying cryptocurrency before anything else. Well, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain was created with this purpose in mind.

It aims to provide viewers with in-depth information about blockchain technology and how it has revolutionized industries like healthcare, finances (it gave rise to the so-called DeFi), gambling, media, supply chain, and so on. This documentary explains how transactions between digital currencies are conducted so smoothly and how it could address real-life problems like world hunger, poverty, and inequality. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain also introduces spectators to a fascinating, next-generation tech – Ethereum.

5. Ethereum: The Infinite Garden


Ethereum has repeatedly proven to be the next big thing in decentralized applications (dApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and smart contracts. This second-generation blockchain has changed not only how the financial system operates but also how areas like app development are addressed. Due to its incredible features and real-life applications, Ethereum has become home to thousands of developers aiming to bring innovation to all aspects of life. Thanks to all these, Ethereum was dubbed an ‘infinite garden’, the name of a future production featuring crypto.

Ethereum: The Infinite Garden is currently in production, but it has been receiving a lot of praise already. Not only is it the first feature-length film about Ethereum (let’s face it: everything revolves around Bitcoin right now), but also an entirely crowdfunded production. Viewers are to savor interviews with various sound people in the crypto community, including Aya Miyaguchi and Vitalik Buterin. However, you’ll have to wait until 2024, when the documentary is set to be launched.

Until then, you can indulge in some other interesting movies and documentaries about blockchain and crypto, such as:

  • Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Future of the Internet
  • Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King
  • Banking on Bitcoin
  • Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency
  • The Bitcoin Gospel