The growth of cryptocurrencies is undeniable, and their price is reaching an all-time high. Due to that, it is becoming hard for investors to acquire crypto coins as they are relatively expensive. With that, users are trying to find new ways to obtain cryptocurrencies. Some beneficial ways to get free crypto coins are airdrops, crypto faucets, and more.

If you are a crypto investor or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you might have heard about crypto coin faucets. However, some novice investors want to know more about cryptocurrency faucets. Thus, we are here with this guide to explain whether the crypto faucets are legitimate and real.

Introduction To Cryptocurrency Faucets


A crypto faucet is a website or software that rewards users with modest amounts of crypto coins in exchange for finishing simple tasks. The rewards are modest, like tiny drops of water leaking from a faucet, hence they are named “faucets.” Crypto faucets provide thin quantities of free or earned crypto coins to the stoner’s wallet.

You have to accomplish tasks as easy as watching ads, seeing videos, finishing quizzes, opening links, and finalizing a captcha in order to receive free cryptocurrency. Crypto faucets are not a gimmick with which you can get hefty amounts of money by any means. If the task is easy, the pay or the reward will be less or modest.

The rewards earned by performing tasks are put into the site’s online wallet because several websites provide a payout limit. It is possible for a user to withdraw this prize only after meeting the minimum defined threshold. It may take as little as a day with the high-end crypto faucets. However, it may take longer than a week for regular crypto faucets.

Despite the fact that crypto coins have had incredible growth every year, they are still not totally popular and are unfamiliar to several individuals. The goal of crypto faucets is to provide users with free crypto coins so that they may learn about digital currencies and crypto assets and potentially start investing in them. If you would like to know more about cryptocurrencies, make sure to click here.

Cryptocurrency Faucets Are Legitimate And Legal


Yes. Cryptocurrency faucets are legitimate and legal as they offer small amounts of crypto coins to the users after the successful completion of the allotted task. However, you have to be careful as there are some scams that are associated with cryptocurrency faucets. A crypto faucet’s strategy is primarily focused on finishing basic tasks and partaking in pre-determined activities.

The faucet website has the ability to change the rewards and set a time limit for stoners to claim them. In general, users must sign up on a crypto faucet by providing their personal information as well as their wallet address. After completing a task, the reward is sent to a micro wallet. It is comparable to a standard wallet but can hold tiny proportions of crypto coins. Micro wallets are established automatically for several crypto faucets when you register your account.

In addition to that, the prizes or rewards are automatically delivered to the users’ primary wallets once these mini wallets are loaded. Crypto faucets do require user activity to perform activities and visit websites to get entry to the faucet. Thus, naming them a passive income source is a stretch. Because the profit is so small, it is more likely to increase your crypto assets over time.

With the quantity of crypto available, the number of faucets and time needed to generate substantial money is not doable. However, saying that crypto faucets are a time waste is an identical stretch. First bitcoin faucets gave out 5 bitcoins, which was only worth a few cents at the time. It is now worth almost a quarter-million dollars.

Some Facts About The First Crypto Faucet


Gavin Andresen designed the first faucet program and named it “The Bitcoin Faucet.” He was a software developer born in Massachusetts. Satoshi Nakamoto once called Andresen the primary developer of bitcoin. The faucet’s first edition gave out “5 bitcoins to each visitor” for merely completing a CAPTCHA and inputting a BTC address to collect the cash.

Other individuals with bitcoins were even inquired to “assist” by transferring coins to the faucet address, which would then be distributed to others. You might be wondering why he did that. Andresen stated on the website that he wishes “bitcoin to succeed.” Thus he developed the faucet to provide others with a few coins.

At the time, bitcoin’s value was only worth a few cents. However, this case demonstrates how modest amounts of coins can add up to a hefty sum with faucets. Andresen essentially discovered a means to make bitcoin more decentralized, kicking off the network impact that is still running powerful even today.

The crypto faucets work in a similar way as cryptocurrency airdrops. In that, they aim to get more coins into the hands of crypto coin investors, making them more decentralized. In addition to that, it further enhances network security. As of now, there are different types of faucets, for example, mining faucets, ad-based faucets, and others.

In addition to that, there are separate crypto faucets for bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, bitcoin cash, and several other crypto coins. You can find some of the best paying crypto facets of all time by doing a little research.

Bottom Line

In order to conclude this guide, we can say that crypto faucets are clearly legitimate and real. However, they do carry some danger and can waste some time, and they also provide interested people some time to understand the notion of digital money. If you want to start earning small amounts of free crypto coins, it is best to select a decent-paying crypto facet website. Later on, register your account and begin finishing the small tasks to acquire free crypto coins.