There are numerous ways to design your home like a pro. Some of the ways include putting up a lot of sceneries and paintings up your walls. Others include placing beautiful fresh plants near the corners of the walls or you could even hang them up. You can even decorate your home with statues, antique pieces of furniture, and several different wall hangings that can easily be found in any shopping mall.

However, the best way to design as well as decorate your room is none other than placing neon light signs in your rooms. These neon light signs not only add to the scenic beauty of your room but they also give a very aesthetic look to your home. Neon light signs are basically electric signs having various shapes and having various designs that have some gases filled inside the Neon tube. They are extremely glowing and are mainly used in order to advertise a product. These neon signs are also used to add beauty and a more dramatic look to your home.

You can find some already made neon signs that are available in the market however the good thing is that you can also customize your own neon light signs. Whatever design you have in mind, whatever shape you have in mind, you just have to transfer the idea that is in your brain to the man who is going to customize your sign. Therefore, in this way, you can design almost any sort of sign that you desire. is here to help you in this exact same regard. Here you can design your own custom made fluorescent signs without facing any difficulty.

However, there are some points that should be taken care of while customizing your own fluorescent light signs. Lucky for you as you have come to the right place at the right time as this is just the article that you require to read right now. Therefore, without any further ado, let us dive right into this journey. I hope you have braced yourselves and I hope you have fastened your seatbelts because the place where we’re about to enter is a world of its own. Without wasting any further time, let us embark on this beautiful journey.

Down below are written the top 8 easiest instructions you could follow in order to customize your own neon light signs.

With an arrangement set up and the right devices, you can make your own personal neon sign in one evening. There is some work and tolerance included, yet it pays off, furnishing you with an excellent and enduring demonstration of your imagination.

Have you properly thought about it?


Before you assemble your materials, be certain you have thought out your plan, regardless of whether it is a word, your name, an expression, a shape, and so on, so you can imagine the size of the materials you need to utilize.

The Construction

At the point when you make your plan, recollect that words should be worked out in cursive so that each letter is associated. In case you’re making a plan that is apparently multipiece, for example, a cut avocado with its pit appearing, you basically need to make the external shape followed by the internal shape, covering the “interfacing piece” with tape so it doesn’t illuminate when the Do-It-Yourself neon light is lit.

  1. Attract your plan pencil across several pieces of paper. The thought is to draw your plan as precisely as could really be expected, and to the specific size, you need your sign to be.
  2. Follow your plan with string, which is the most effortless approach to decide the length of wire required.
  3. Match the string with the wire and cut the wire a similar length as the string utilizing the wire cutters.
  4. Curve the wire along with your print or drawing of your planned neon light plan. At the point when you’re set, the wire ought to be the exact plan you want. Take as much time as necessary doing this, as you need to ensure you get it just prior to joining the EL wire.
  5. Cautiously secure your neon light to the wire utilizing a craft glue gun, beginning with the lower part of the EL wire (the part that is associated with the battery pack).
  6. Contingent upon the length of your plan and the length of your EL wire, you might need to begin a couple of centimeters in from the battery pack, so the battery pack doesn’t simply hang off the tip of your plan. Match the EL wire to the string if this makes a difference.
  7. Move gradually from one finish of the wires to the next, cautiously utilizing the paste weapon to seal them together.
  8. In the event that you have an abundance of neon light toward the finish of the plan, just cut it off with scissors so it won’t enlighten.

You have recently made your own neon sign – adios to that! By following a couple of basic advances and utilizing fundamental materials, you planned a lighting apparatus that you’ll appreciate for quite a long time to come.

Now, where to put it?


Neon signs can without much of a stretch be held tight on smooth surfaces utilizing a pushpin or snare. You can likewise drape them in windows with a cup that has a snare joined.

The thought is to discover a spot that your neon sign will have the most effect — which you might have effectively arranged before you made the sign in any case.

The cheapest way to buy a neon sign is to buy a ready-made neon sign like the ones available at, and there is also the option to design and build your own fully custom neon sign – built just for you from a custom design that you approve. This is the key difference – the ability for you to have input in the design process. Typically ready-made signs are 25% cheaper – but they tend to cover most of the common uses. Custom neon signs are obviously more expensive as they are one off pieces designed just for the individual ordering the sign.

Final Verdict

Here you have it, in eight simple and easy steps, you can customize your own fluorescent sign lamps. every one of the steps recorded on this page is basically essential in their making cycle and is extremely simple to follow. I hope this article proved helpful to you. We wish you all the best. I hope you get to make the most wonderful sign one has ever witnessed.