It is difficult to underestimate the importance of communication on the Internet, as well as its sheer volume. Today, almost everyone communicates with other people on the Web in one way or another. They interact using instant messengers, look at photos on Instagram, read publications on Twitter, and so on. The number of services to facilitate people’s interaction on the Internet is simply enormous. These services continue to increase in number every year.

The choice of a platform for communication depends on many factors, which include your interests and preferences, goals, as well as the speed of the Internet. The usual question that comes to mind is, “How can I make the right choice if there are so many similar sites and applications?” The smartest and easiest solution is to study reviews about the platforms and see the user rating. For example, one of the widely used dating sites is AdultFriendFinder; click here for an extended Adult friend finder review. It’s a site with one of the most loyal visitor return rate. This is the only way to see honest opinions about dating sites, anonymous video chats, popular dating apps, and so on. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of dating platforms with positive reviews and good ratings.

Most popular dating sites

These days, there are quite a few people who consider classic dating sites a relic of the past. Nevertheless, the audience for such sites is simply huge. These sites have helped a lot of individuals to find a perfect match for themselves. Let’s take a look at a few popular dating sites and see what users say about them.



No top dating site list is complete without It is one of the pioneers in online dating. This site was launched in 1995, more than 25 years ago. Currently, it remains one of the main online dating sites in the United States and 23 other countries. has a very large audience and finding the right match is not generally difficult. However, in reviews, users often talk about the limitations of free features. You can register for free, view user profiles, and receive messages, but you need a paid subscription to answer them.

2. Tinder


At one point, Tinder was a real breakthrough in dating, especially among young people. Interestingly, Tinder’s biggest surge in popularity came during the Sochi Olympics. Currently, the platform has about 50 million active users. There are many positive reviews on the Web about the convenience of the site interface via DatinRing and mobile apps, accurate search, and a large number of users. The disadvantage is that the site has a lot of paid features.

3. OkCupid


This site is unique in its structure, which is fundamentally different from its rivals. It was developed by Harvard students, and it is not based on location, interests, or likes, but on mathematical calculation. Users answer a series of questions, and can also pose their own questions, indicating their importance. Subsequently, a mathematical algorithm sets to work, which selects the ideal candidates for a relationship. Based on user reviews, OkCupid does a very good job at this.

4. Badoo


Badoo is one of the most popular dating sites in the United States, although its popularity has expanded greatly in recent years. The site’s main advantage is its many free features. You don’t have to pay to use the basic features, which is what users value most in their reviews about the site. Additionally, Badoo has applications for all popular mobile operating systems, and the site is available in almost 50 languages.

Video chat sites

Dating sites are quite convenient platforms, but with some nuances. Not everyone wants to spend time registering, regularly updating their profile, or even paying for the opportunity to reply to messages. It is not surprising that millions of people around the world are looking for more convenient alternatives such as anonymous random video chats.

1. Omegle


Omegle is the pioneer of all anonymous chat roulettes, which have been operating since 2009. This is a classic anonymous web chat with a basic set of functions. In the reviews, users note the high speed of the site and a large number of people online. On the other hand, Omegle is often criticized for mediocre moderation, lack of useful features, and slightly outdated designs.

2. CooMeet


This is an excellent video chat for men who want to meet interesting and beautiful girls. This is thanks to a unique gender filter that never connects men to other men. Almost every review about CooMeet touches on this point. Among other things, users note the excellent functionality of the site, high network speed, the absence of fake people and bots, convenient mobile applications, and a unique affiliate program. According to the reviews, CooMeet has no obvious disadvantages in comparison with its rivals.

3. ChatRandom


Reviews for this site are always positive. Users mark a convenient gender filter, which though it doesn’t work as well as on CooMeet, is an added advantage anyway. Other benefits include search by interest, a chat rooms feature, and gay chat. The site has a separate chat with girls option, which requires paid access. Some users complain about this in their reviews. Also, their reviews show that there are usually few people in other chat rooms, maybe even just a couple.

4. ChatRoulette


At first, ChatRoulette garnered a huge amount of rave reviews. However, this only continued until 2010 when the site was flooded with fakes, bots, Internet trolls, and exhibitionists. The reviews became increasingly negative. Users complained about terrible moderation, limited functionality, and later, about an outdated interface. Remarkably, over the past year, the situation has improved. Currently, the site has implemented better moderation with updates for a better user interface. Gradually, the audience has begun to return to ChatRoulette, but its registered membership is far from past glories.

5. Shagle


This is a very convenient video chat site. In the review section, users always mention its simplicity, high speed, and minimalist simplicity. All you need to do is to indicate your gender, press “Start” and you can chat with new people immediately. The developers say that their site has over three million monthly users. It is hard to prove this assertion by the developers, but judging by the reviews, Shagle has no shortage of visitors.

6. Camsurf


Users always mention the convenience of Camsurf services when reviewing the site. There’s a gender filter and other interesting features such as the ability to hide your location, safe search, introductory message, and search by interests. All these features do not always work perfectly, but in general, Camsurf copes with the job well. Another benefit that users regularly mention in reviews is the official mobile app.

7. Chathub


Chathub is a minimalist and simple anonymous video chat app, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage for many users. There is a gender and geographic filter on the site, but this is essentially the only search setting. The interface is approximately the same when compared to other chat roulettes; not perfect, but not bad. Users note the absence of mobile applications as one of the major disadvantages of Chathub. You can use the web version from your smartphone, but this is far from convenient.

8. Bazoocam


Bazoocam is one of the most popular chat roulettes in France. In recent years, the audience has noticeably expanded to other countries. Users praise the site for its high connection speed and online streaming function, which is not available on most sites. On the other hand, Bazoocam is often criticized for its extremely outdated design and high moderation.

See for yourself

Reviews in the modern world are a very important indicator of the quality of goods and services. They help a potential buyer or site user to discover objective appraisals, advantages and disadvantages. However, can the reviews be 100% trustworthy?

No, you shouldn’t believe every word on the Internet. No one can guarantee that the reviews of these sites are completely objective and honest. Some reviews are biased, others were bought, others were written by competitors to create negativity around a competing site, and so on. Nevertheless, having studied dozens of reviews, it is quite possible to form an accurate impression and understand whether to use a particular site or not. However, the most effective way to find out all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular site is to use it personally and form your own opinion.