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What is DevOps?

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In the past two years, the DevOps Master certificate and DevOps Professional certificate have gradually become popular in the development and operation circles. But a lot of people don’t know what DevOps is and what the use of this certificate is. Let’s have a look at it.

When we talk about DevOps, we’re probably talking about processes and management, operations and automation, architecture and services, culture and organization, and so on. So, what exactly is a ‘DevOps?

With the increasing frequency of software release iteration, the traditional waterfall model(including development, test, and releasing) has been unable to meet the requirements of rapid delivery. Then DevOps came into being around 2009. In simple terms, DevOps is about optimizing development, testing (QA) operations (OPS) processes to enable software to be built, tested, and released faster, more frequently, and more reliably through highly automated tools and processes.

In the 2016 DEVOPS Trends survey,74% of companies are trying to adopt DevOps, but what are the benefits and values of DevOps?

  • Direct trigger of code submission: Eliminating the waiting time and providing quick feedback
  • One delivery pipeline for each change: easy to locate and debug problems
  • Efficient automation of the whole development process: stable, fast, predictable delivery results
  • Continuous automated regression testing: improving delivery quality
  • Facilities shared and provided on-demand: maximizing resource utilization

It can be generated from the above that the benefits of DevOps are more based on continuous deployment and delivery, both for the business and for the product. But actually, DEVOPS began by embracing the cultural and technical methodology of DevOps which is a set of processes and methods for communication and collaboration between departments that help improve corporate culture and employee engagement.

Overall, DevOps is a complete IT operations-oriented workflow, based on IT automation and continuous integration (CI) continuous deployment (CD) to optimize all aspects of application development, testing, system operations, and so on.

What is DevOps Master?

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DevOps Professional(DOP) is the first course in the Exin DEVOPS certification system. It is the only certification in the world that uses the DevOps Handbook, the bible of DevOps, as its core textbook.

The certification is designed to test your understanding of DevOps practices and is available to IT practitioners in a wider range of fields.

The primary purpose of this certification is to test candidates’ proficiency in the “Three-Step Process” of DevOps practice: flow principle, feedback principle, continuous learning and experimentation principle, as well as a number of technical practices.

Through the study and examination, candidates will fully understand the impact of these organizational and technical changes on their daily work.

This course is taught face to face by Mr. Liu Zheng, the translator of the core textbook, the first DevOps Trail Teacher in China, and the organizer of the China DEVOPS days Conference.

Target Group

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This certification training is designed for all IT professionals. The course provides a comprehensive and complete introduction to all DEVOPS related backgrounds, basic theories, and core practices.

All IT functions/roles should participate in this course, including but not limited to Software Development Engineer, Operations /DevOps Engineer, Test Engineer, Information Security Manager, Release Manager, ITIL Process Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, etc…

Syllabus(2 days)

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DOP Theory Course(2 days):

  • DevOps basic practice analysis
  • How do enterprises apply DevOps
  • Three-step method of work: flow principle and feedback principle
  • Three-step method of work: continuous learning and experimental principle
  • Implement information security, change management, and compliance practices in DevOps

“Phoenix Project ” Sand Table Practice (1 day – optional)

What is DevOps Professional?

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The DevOps Master(DOM) course is the highest level of the Exin DEVOPS series of certification courses.

Exin DevOps Master is an advanced certification that brings together principles, knowledge, and practical skills that enable them to introduce and promote DevOps in their organizations to better manage the application and service life cycle while facilitating collaborative team collaboration.

Target Group

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DevOps is primarily concerned with software development, but its principles are increasingly being applied to all other processes, making the DevOps Master certification very attractive to IT professionals who want to expand their knowledge and cover the latest developments in IT management. Application developers, product owners, administrators, project managers, test managers, and IT service managers will all benefit from this certification.

Course outline – 3 days

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DOM Theory Course (2 days):

  • DevOps system introduction
  • Planning requirements and design
  • Development and deployment
  • Operation and expansion
  • End of life cycle

“Phoenix Project” Sand Table Practice (1 day – mandatory)

“Phoenix Project” Sand Table Practice

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What is the sand table practice exercise of the Phoenix Project which is popular all over the world?

DevOps Sand Table is a sand table training course of the same name developed by Mr. Jan Spilt, founder of Gamingworks, and Mr. Gene Kim, author of the book “Phoenix Project”.
“Phoenix Project” is an IT novel for children, which has received nearly 1,000 reviews from

Amazon readers in the United States and has been recommended by many celebrities. The book tells the story of an IT manager, Bill, who is appointed in a crisis. With the help of the director and his team, he practices the “DevOps three-step work method” to save the Phoenix project, which is over the schedule and the budget. Finally, he has turned around a long-established auto parts manufacturer.

The target group

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“Phoenix Project” Sand Table Practice covers all the key players in the business and IT scenarios, especially IT professionals who work in IT development and IT operations and want to improve IT service performance by applying best practices in DevOps or add value to the business through IT solutions.

The Sand Table is also for enterprises that can achieve more efficient and accurate IT solution deployments by creating a better collaborative atmosphere.

The goal of the Project

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Understand the relationship between human (cultural) processes and tools in an organization. Keys to practicing DEVOPS: Visualization, Single Piece Flow, Small Volume Production, WIP Limits, etc. Effectively apply the three-step working method of DEVOPS guiding ideology.

Why are so many Ops people seeking DevOps certification?

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In today’s society, the job market is so competitive. If you want to do a job, you must get the corresponding certificate which is a key to prevail in the workplace to navigate and is also relevant to your salary. It is also worth a cornerstone of earning an enterprise certificate.

Earning an enterprise certificate, in addition to the holder of a promotion and pay increase leadership team, is a systematic and comprehensive grasp of actual combat skills, applications, and services in the life cycle of promoting IT professionals (developer operations staff and support staff) between the cooperation and communication, which finally realizes: continuous integration, continuous deployment last feedback, successfully applies the conversation to a corporate team, and contribute to the conversation principle, widely used in the organization and implementation.

What is the core value of DevOps?

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This is the IT development and operational personnel in the training before the most concerned point.
To the enterprise
· Improve the quality and efficiency of product/service delivery
· Enhance customer value by responding to change
· Reduce bottlenecks
For the individual
· Prove your knowledge and skills
· Increased remuneration and company satisfaction
· Continuous learning and improvement
· Be a DevOps facilitator
· The only certification in the world to produce DEVOPS Handbook based on the DevOps field
· Authoritative neutral certification with international recognition
· Endorsed the EU Official ICT Personnel Capability Framework Model
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