Have you ever smoked weed before, and are you getting into it for the first time ever? The process of understanding all the basics can be quite challenging, as well as overwhelming to understand. There are loads of different flowers, weed options, as well as different brands coming out with unique products on a daily. Do you want to understand the difference when it comes to good and bad weed? Save your money and get good stuff only! Keep on reading and find out all there is to know.

What is the main categorization like?


The most basic categorization falls into three categories, and those are low-quality buds, medium, and premium. All three of these apply to every bundle and are categorized in the exact same way worldwide.

Premium-quality weed is a masterpiece in itself. It is made by expert growers who know what they’re producing at all times. Heads up, however, since this weed costs way more than any other kind. It is colored in different shades of green and it will get you high in a matter of minutes. If you want to try the best, check out and explore their options. They have premium weed, CBD, edibles, as well as vape & extracts for you to explore and browse through!

Low-quality marijuana buds are the most popular since they are so affordable. These buds are squeezed and they come in a brick form as you purchase them. They are quite dark brown or green while also not being properly dried. As you taste this bud it can feel raspy on your throat. If you have a sensitive throat and you prefer lighter options, this one might not suit you.

Medium-quality buds are often considered as intermediate home growers buds. These are of higher quality and they have bright green tones with a lot of flavors. A lot more love and care have been put in their making. This stash has brighter shades of green, extra leaves, and it has been dried up during the curing process. It is not too strong, but it will get you high enough. It is not way too pricey, and it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable on your throat either. You can easily find many different strains by googling “same day weed delivery near me” and browsing through a few results.

What to look for when it comes to your cannabis flower


1. Its color

In this case, looks do matter! You should get the prettiest colored leaf there is. Marijuana can come in different colors, such as green, brown, purple, and sometimes even red. It is not important to go for one color in particular, but it is more-so about its vibrancy that can tell the quality. If it is bright and bouncy, it is a keeper.

2. Scent and flavor

Terpenes that are found and seen in cannabis flowers will tell a lot about its aroma. These are mushroom-like glands that appear during the flowering stage. When it comes to their harvesting time, they will develop. If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to its scent and you can spot it, it is a keeper!

3. The pistils’ color

Small hair-like tendrils can be spotted if you look close and hard into the flower. These pistols are known as the flower’s sex organs which can tell a lot about the progress and the development of the flower in itself. At first and as they grow, these pistils will have a white hue to them. They will change their color into a dark orange as it gets time for their harvest. A bud with amber-colored pistils is the best kind for you if you truly wish to get high.

4. Resin and crystals

Resin and crystals are the most important elements since they are in charge of any psychoactive components. You have heard of THC and CBD before, right? Well, the more trichomes the buds bring, the more resins you will see in your flowers! You can spot it with a flashlight, and only go for a flower that is covered in this resin or crystal accessory! It will make your TCH experience enjoyable.

5. Density and size

Density and size are important since they will help with your overall experience. If your buds are big and tight, they will get you stoned! Dense buds are not the best solution, and you should find the best big flower that is on the market.

6. Proper trimming

Last, but not least, most planters will need to trim their flowers. This process ensures that you get rid of any sugar leaves. Sugar leaves will indicate that the grower was lazy, which is why you should get a leafy flower that suits your preference, and that is guaranteed to get your high.

Some other qualities to consider


Aside from these top six facts that are important about the leaf and marijuana flower, the following three kinds will help you understand what to look for in a brand, and how to tell different manufacturers apart.

  1. Ethical cultivation: How was it cultivated? Most experts recommend using living soil. No synthetic fertilizers are the key when it comes to this form of agriculture. The best kind is sun-grown cannabis.
  1. Trustworthy companies: go for someone who is small and possibly family-owned. This is the most ethical solution that has been made with care.
  1. Diverse options: diverse cannabinoids means desirable and unique CBD products. If your chosen brand has a license, a fan base, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers, go with them! Your weed and your chosen product should be free of any pesticides or potential contaminants.

Ready to make your purchase?


So, are you ready to make your next big purchase? Since now you know the basics as well as key items when it comes to marijuana, do you feel a bit more confident with your future purchases? Make sure to understand the basics before you go on a shopping spree. Simply apply these rules and you will enjoy your experience each time when getting high on your own or with your friends!