Speeding and reckless driving are two different terms that are often used interchangeably. However, being charged with reckless driving is a more serious offense than getting a traffic ticket for speeding. The penalties and consequences are vastly different.

Being charged with reckless driving can cause one to face legal consequences. Criminal offenses can have an impact on your professional as well as personal life. Car accident attorneys Los Angeles can look into your case and help you protect your rights by building the strongest possible defense. Check this link now.

Differences between speeding and reckless driving

1. Traffic infraction vs. misdemeanor offense


Getting a traffic ticket for committing a traffic infraction is usually not a big deal. They are treated differently than other serious offenses like reckless driving. Once you pay the fine for your traffic ticket, the matter is resolved. However, reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense that results in a court trial.

2. Penalties and consequences


Traffic ticket penalties often range from $10 to $250, depending on your speed and where you were speeding. However, the penalties are harsher, and the consequences are long-term for criminal offenses. Reckless driving can result in:

  • Imprisonment
  • Huge fines up to $1,000
  • High insurance premiums
  • License suspension for several months

3. Points on driver’s license


Penalty or demerit points refer to points appointed to a driver when they commit traffic misconduct. If the number of points accumulated by the driver over a period of time exceeds a certain amount, their driving license is canceled or suspended. A speeding ticket will get you as few as 3 demerit points; however, the numbers get doubled when it comes to reckless driving. Points on your license can also affect your auto insurance costs.

4. Permanent criminal record


A speeding ticket is only a traffic infraction, and it does not invite a permanent criminal offense record. However, since reckless driving is a misdemeanor, situations are handled differently. Even if you accept your fault or plead guilty, such records will always stay in the government files, and anyone who runs a background check on you can find this information.

A permanent criminal record can affect your life in the long term. It may ruin your personal relationships as well as create difficulties in getting job opportunities. If you are a student applying for a scholarship or to a well-reputed educational institution, you may also have a hard time there.

Undoubtedly, the details around the accident and its cause will play a significant role in your case. Being involved in a car accident can be stressful and frightening. You will be concerned about the injuries you have sustained and your car’s damage. During this time, you must not turn to your insurance companies immediately. Insurance carriers have their own trained experts who will ensure your insurance claim is diminished as much as possible. Before contacting your insurance provider, you must contact one of the skilled and experienced car accident attorneys in Los angeles.

If the accident is the other party’s fault, you don’t have to contact the insurance company in the first place. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company and its adjusters. This means you can freely get the time to rest and recover from the accident. Each case and its outcome will depend on some situations surrounding it. Thus, you need to have every detail in order and all pieces of evidence collected properly. This makes it important to work with a qualified car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Many people choose to deal with the car accident case by themselves; however, this is a big mistake. If you give a statement to the insurance company and ignore legal advice, your risk diminishing your insurance claim’s overall value. Sometimes, the insurance company might pay an amount barely enough to cover your medical bills.

Steps to Take to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

Because of the high speeds involved and lack of driver protection, motorcycle accidents are the worst kind of accident there is. Drivers involved in these accidents can sustain serious and even fatal injuries. The path to recovery is a long one for those who have suffered severe injuries. If you have been involved in this kind of accident because of another party’s negligence, you must hire the services of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. You must work with someone who deeply understands the legal process involved in your case. Although motorcycle accidents are often unavoidable, there are steps to take to avoid these accidents. These include the following:

1. Play it Safe


When driving your motorcycle, assume nobody can see you and drive defensively at all times. Keep away from possible blind spots by staying in front of or behind the nearest vehicle. If a car is merging into the lane, give it enough space to get by.

2. Pay Attention to Road Obstructions


From rocks to debris and other vehicles, you must be vigilant about what is around you. This will let you avoid anything that may enter your space. This can include oil slicks, patches of gravel, parked vehicles, or branches.

3. Always Check your Mirrors


You can only be aware of your surroundings if you continuously use your mirrors. You will be aware of speeding drivers who decide to change lanes by turning on their blinkers. You don’t want to miss these subtleties. A crash can usually happen when a car turns left into an unsuspecting motorcyclist.

4. Avoid Riding Between Cars


Being on a motorcycle may tempt you to swerve between cars in traffic to save time. However, this can lead to a disaster. The risk can even be higher if you drive between an active lane of traffic and a parking lane. Somebody could abruptly open their door and hit you.

Can an attorney help?

If you are involved in a case of reckless driving, you are indeed in deep waters of trouble. However, a skilled attorney can protect you in almost all types of cases. Your attorney will know how to investigate the case and find elements that can potentially reduce your charges and the consequences of your actions.