Auto accidents can be tough to deal with. Unfortunately, auto accidents continue to rank as one of the top causes of thousands of deaths yearly. Each driver must take precautions and understand the importance of adhering to traffic laws and signals. However, auto accidents occur when drivers fail to understand their duty to protect others and themselves.

If you or your loved ones have encountered an accident and wonder if you have any legal grounds against the liable driver, you should contact an Albuquerque auto accident lawyer and ask them about your case. Apart from legal help, it is also necessary to be aware of the different categories of accidents. Awareness can help many people in avoiding such accidents. Check their website here.

4 Essential Types of Accidents You Should Be Aware of


1. DUI accidents

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol is illegal and could be extremely dangerous for the intoxicated driver and others around them. In many states, driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08% or higher is illegal while under the influence of any drug. Illicit drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine and prescription drugs will not be tolerated as they diminish the driving ability.

2. Distracted driving accidents

Distraction is one of the most common causes of several auto accidents. It is a must for each driver to pay attention to the road while driving a vehicle. A driver must refrain from any activity that would not allow them to control the car safely. Distracted driving has many forms. For instance, smoking, talking with passengers in the car, eating while driving, using cell phones, etc., constitutes distracted driving.

3. Traffic violations

Traffic violations such as speeding and jumping signals can cause fatal accidents and severe injuries. Traffic signals are meant to be followed and keep every driver on the road safe from accidents and crashes. Sadly, some drivers do not track traffic signals and continue to commit traffic violations. Although, it would be difficult for you to prove the fault of another driver’s traffic violations. In such cases, it would be advisable to consult an attorney in Albuquerque.

4. Large commercial vehicles

Large commercial vehicles like delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, and many more can cause astronomical damages and injuries in an accident. These large vehicles can cause deaths if the driver is inattentive or inexperienced. Large trucks have a higher center of gravity when compared to smaller passenger vehicles. These vehicles are more likely to roll over and cause accidents.

Your next steps following a car accident


Getting into a car accident can put the victim and the people around them under a tremendous burden. From physical injuries to emotional trauma, there is a lot at stake. Fortunately, you can seek financial compensation if the accident was a result of someone else’s carelessness. However, what you do after a car accident plays a vital role in getting successful compensation. Therefore, below are all the essential steps you should take after getting into a car crash.

Pull over to a safe place and check for injuries

One of the most crucial things is to ensure you and the people around you are safe. Ensure to pull over your vehicle to the side of the road and check if there are any significant injuries.

Report the accident right away

Irrespective of the size of your accident, you should report your accident right away. Reporting the accident to law enforcement will help in collecting evidence. For instance, when you report the accident, the police will file a report containing all the crucial details of the accident, including the date and time, where the accident happened, and who was at fault. You can use this police report as evidence when filing a car accident claim. Furthermore, many insurance companies will ask for a police report after you file a claim, and not having one can affect your case’s outcome.


Seek medical attention

Whether you are injured or not, you should always seek medical attention. Sometimes, various injuries do not appear right away after the accident and can take days, weeks, or even months to show up. In such cases, it can be challenging to prove that the injuries occurred due to the accident. Getting a diagnosis will help ensure that your health is protected. Lastly, the doctor’s report will also help prove that your injuries occurred due to the crash and not other reasons.

Document the accident

When you file a claim, you need to provide evidence of the accident and the damages you suffered from the crash. Without valid evidence, you would not be eligible to seek financial compensation. Therefore, following the accident, collect pictures and videos of the scene. When you take pictures, make sure to take pictures from multiple angles. Additionally, take details of the other driver too, including their insurance details. Pictures with the time and date stamp will help prove the accident.


Collect witness details

Witness plays a vital role in evidence. When you file for a car accident claim, the people who saw the accident can provide their statements about how the accident happened. Remember, your friends and family do not make a credible witness. Therefore, collect contact information and the names of the witness who saw the accident. You or your lawyer can contact them later to take their statements.

Write down the details

Getting compensation and identifying the driver can be complex if you get into a hit-and-run accident. Moreover, collecting evidence can also be challenging. Therefore, write down all the minor details you remember about the accident after the accident.

Speak to a car accident lawyer

Even though you may consider that you can get financial compensation easily if you have all the evidence against the at-fault party, sometimes reality is different from what we think. The insurance company is trained to minimize your compensation by finding loopholes in your claim. This is where an auto accident lawyer can protect you. Since the lawyer deals with similar cases, they will help protect your rights and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.