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Digital nomads are people who work and travel at the same time. It is for those who refuse to accept a 9-5 job lifestyle and want more out of life. However, before you decide to join them on their adventures you will need skill and along with that a gear.

Here is a list of things you will need.

A trustable laptop

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Everyone needs money to travel and digital nomads earn their money by working online. For this, they need a portable and reliable laptop. When selecting a laptop you should be looking at features like battery life, processing power, and the amount of storage space they have. There are different laptops you can choose from and be sure to make a smart decision because you will be depending on this equipment a lot.

Laptop cover

When you travel your bad and the things inside it will go through roughs and toughs of the road. But the laptop is one accessory that you can’t afford to be broken. Hence you need a laptop cover that is sturdy and is shockproof. A laptop on this journey is the source of income and the most expensive accessory. Hence give it all the care you can.

Sms tracking application

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Every nomad has 2-3 clients at least (depending on their work they can be more or less) hence sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of what each client is demanding on each step of work. Hence an Sms tracking app will help you keep up with all the messages sent by them. Client satisfaction plays a big role in jobs in the online world. You can find great SMS Tracking Apps at

A backup smartphone

It is a really common occurrence that a smartphone can be broken; someone can steal it or even get dead. A smartphone is such an essential accessory that you can’t survive without it. Hence having a cheaper backup phone is a must in your list.

Wi-Fi connection

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Since all your work is based online you will need a hotspot that will give you a good service and work efficiently. Clients won’t be there to listen to your problems and there is a line of people who are waiting for you to lose your job so they can have it.

Portable battery

When you are traveling on long distances and staying in small villages or island there is a possibility that the place might be deprived of electricity or your phone goes dead in the middle of the road. It is important that you have your devices (especially phone) running at all times so that you can contact people in case of emergencies.

Durable clothing

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When you are traveling from one place to another having too much baggage can be a hassle. The biggest mistake new nomads do is packing a lot of clothes. You don’t need a new complete dress for each day. We suggest packing separates that you can pair randomly, for instance, two pairs of jeans (black and white) with a few basic color shirts. The lesser it is the better it would be.


Often during travel like on airports and trains you will get bored or the noise created by people will cause you a headache. To distract you from all that music on a noise-canceling headphone or air-pods can be a good remedy also using these you can easily talk to your family or clients without any disturbance.

A wristwatch

You need to check the time constantly in every place. Hence investing in a wristwatch that will work for the long term would be a good idea. It shouldn’t be too expensive but not too cheap either

Chargeable backpack

This is something obvious when you go traveling, since being a nomad you will be on a continuous journey. Solar power or electrically chargeable bags will help you charge your devices and obviously, it will help you carry all the things you need daily. In your bag, you will be carrying a lot of valuable items so getting a bag that also has an anti-theft feature would be a good choice.

A padlock or a steel-based locking cable

When you are in a hostel or at airports you often tend to sleep now at this time if you don’t want your bag disappearing from your side. Then this tool is necessary, make sure it is safe, and unlocking it for a stealer is not that easy.

First- aid kit

You never know when you might get in an accident and if there will be a hospital or not in the place you are staying in. Hence a basic first aid that can be portable be carried in your bag pack will be helpful.

Have multiple accounts

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Debit and credit cards can be compromised anywhere in the world. Hence it is ideal to carry the card of more than one bank and keep your cash spread around. This way even if something happens you won’t lose everything.

Join the nomad community

There are a lot of Facebook groups that help Nomads from all around the world connect. Become a part of those groups because people there are helpful they can help you get out of situations, guide you, and even help you get jobs according to your skillset.

Digital Nomad life has its perks like you can work when you want and take a few days off with no one asking you a reason. It might get difficult too but if you have the right things then you will be able to cruise through the adventurous lifestyle smoothly.

Being a nomad is a journey of fulfillment. I can’t promise you much but the thing I can assure you about is that it will be life-changing. Your perspective will change, your feelings will change and you will not realize it happening until someone points that out for you.