Life hacks before the excitement of the exam. Studying information at night is a bad idea. Scientists from America have experimentally proven that a sleepless night will slow your brain down during the day and there will be mistakes everywhere instead of correct answers.

Build a strategy for yourself. Read what seems to be the hardest, even use EssayAssistant, as first and go to bed quickly without flipping through your Instagram feed.

Useful foods for brain function


Everyone has food in their refrigerator that is rich in vitamin B, namely choline. It’s eggs. Researchers at Boston University advise students to have scrambled eggs for breakfast. The vitamins it contains prevent the brain from aging and improve the process of remembering.

Whole-grain oatmeal will give you enough energy to get you through your exams.

Meals flavored with curry or turmeric help you remember information better.

Take mint leaves with you. Their smell will concentrate you and surprise your teacher.

A couple of drops of fish oil for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not only decorate your meal but also help your reasoning on the exam.

Drink all of the above with water. After meals with turmeric and fish oil, you can’t do without water.

The right dessert for your brain work would be a chocolate bar. Flavonoids contained in bitter chocolate will allow you to complete the task better than your classmates who refuse sweets.

Cardio exercise before an exam:

  • Will have a good effect on your attention span;
  • Charge your motivation and energy to acquire new or assimilate old knowledge.

Aim your thoughts in a positive direction; think about what to do after the exam. Believe in yourself and your strength, then you are sure to have a great result.

Music will help:

  • calm down;
  • gather your thoughts;
  • overcome stress, or prevent depression.

How much do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Sometimes low self-esteem can be bad for your results. Think for three minutes before you enter the classroom, what makes you different from others, what you do better than they do. This will open your eyes to the fact that you are not the weakest in the group.

If you still think gum is a fresh-breath item, stop. It is what will not only help you attach the spur, but also help you concentrate on the question and the construction of your answer.

Don’t worry and don’t worry. You have a huge responsibility for your future. Just imagine that the exam is a game in which there are more chances for a positive result than for failure.

As practice shows, to be admitted to the exam, you need to pass all the necessary student papers, such as the abstract. By the way, if you need some time-management tips, check TOMATO method below.

Can a Tomato method increase your Students Productivity?


Sometimes it is quite difficult to organize yourself and make you get involved in the work or study process.

However, there are some very entertaining and interesting techniques for organizing work. They help to diversify and develop very useful skills. But it’s ok, we all humans. But for students, it is important to develop some of these skills. One of these techniques is the “Tomato” method. The name of this method of organizing time already arouses interest and curiosity.

The Italian student, F. Cerillo, was sewing up at the university on a full-time basis. Like all students, he tried to complete a huge number of tasks at the very last moment. However, this situation, unlike other students, did not suit him.

Armed with knowledge from psychology and medicine, he created his way to organize time. The technique takes its name from a tomato-shaped alarm clock. This event took place in the distant 1980. Now the “Tomato” method has a special place in the science of time management. What is it like?

The mechanism of the “Tomato”


First of all, you should acquire a timer or alarm clock. He is needed to set boundaries between scheduled tasks. Add some variety to your work environment and find an alarm clock in the shape of a tomato. Let this little thing make you and your employees smile.

The main task is to make a plan. Break down the flow of tasks into items of importance and urgency. Each task should be accomplished within 25 minutes. Set a timer for that time and get to work. Once time is up and the cherished signal has sounded, it’s time to rest. The total break time between the 25-minute work intervals is 5 minutes. One work interval is one “tomato.”


Successful people kill 10-13 “tomatoes” a day. You’re probably wondering, “Why exactly 25 minutes?” The fact is that the human brain can work effectively and concentrate for 25-45 minutes.

After that comes the weakening of attention, the body requires rest. This simple law is the basis of the “Tomato” method. The most interesting thing is that it works, the capacity for work increases, and the person has a peculiar incentive to kill as many “tomatoes” as possible.

  • The general scheme of the mechanism of work of the method looks as follows:
  • 25 minutes of intensive work – one “tomato”;
  • 5 minutes’ rest;
  • after every fourth “tomato” – 20 minutes of rest

The main point of this method is the ability to concentrate for 25 minutes. It turns out that this is not so easy. The fact is that during this time, no one and nothing should distract from the task at hand. You should turn off your phone, close your social networking pages and chats, and ask your employees not to disturb you.

During this period, it is not recommended to drink tea, coffee, or chat in parallel with your girlfriend. This method of organizing time develops the skill of increased concentration, which allows you to do much more things than in the usual relaxed mode. As one practice, one is drawn into the process and enjoys this method. It is effective and does not allow the brain to be overloaded with excessively long work without a break.

In many large enterprises, one can see cheerful red alarm clocks on the desks of employees. This just goes to show that the method works and is being successfully introduced into the work organization system of large companies.

The tomato method is ideal during exam preparation, so you can use it without any problems. Prepare for the exam without being distracted by anything, so if you don’t pass the essay – don’t worry, because you can get the essay from us!