When making a logo, the first and most important step in the creative process is to research and clearly define your target audience. In the introduction, it was said that the main goal of a logo is to attract potential customers and make your brand relevant to them. Therefore, before you start sketching your logo, you should know who your audience is and how to get their attention using color theory, symbols, or fonts.

Make It Easily Readable


Make sure you can read everything. When making a logo, it’s important to know that the viewer will only see it for a few seconds. This means you only have a short time to get the client to remember your brand.

Check your logo many times, and if you can’t read your brand name, change the font to one that’s easier to read. Clients will not connect with your brand if they cannot read your name, even if your logo is the best and most eye-catching in the business.

Make Multiple Variations

Make sure your company logo works well in every direction by making vertical, horizontal, and square versions of it. This will ensure that your logo always looks great, no matter where it appears.

When making a logo, you should consider color and make black-and-white and single-color versions. You should also consider where the logo will be used and choose a color based on that.

Keep It Simple

As I said at the beginning of this essay, keeping things simple and following the rules of minimalist graphic design can help your logo stand out in a crowd and be easy for your target audience to remember.

If you want your target audience to remember your company logo easily, it’s a good idea to stick to minimalist graphic design. Barber Logo Maker is a great example of a simple logo maker. Once you’re done with your logo, try to remove parts without changing your brand’s meaning.

Remember Your Audience


Your main group of people should be one of the main targets of your logo and brand. They should like the way it looks. Even if you think some fonts or colors are beautiful, your customers or potential customers may not agree. If your logo doesn’t get the attention of the people you want to reach, you’ve done something wrong.

The first step in making a logo is determining who you want to reach. Find out what they like and how they use the Internet so you can make a logo that will appeal to them.

Do Not Keep Changing Your Logo

Keeping your logo as much as possible and not changing it if it’s already perfect will help your brand stay consistent and ensure that your logo is easily recognizable over time.

Customers will be confused if you change your logo so often that they can’t tell it’s from your company anymore. Remembering that a new logo doesn’t have to be very different from the old one to be better.

Do Not Copy Other Brands


A good logo design aims to make your brand stand out from the rest and make it more important. Unfortunately, copying other companies’ logos is a surefire way to fail at your first logo design goal: to stand out from the competition.

Even though getting ideas from other designers and companies is important, it’s also important to be yourself and show off what makes your brand unique. Copyright infringement could lead to bad press and legal problems if you don’t.

Do Not Use Multiple Fonts

Not only does using too many typefaces break the first rule about not having too many parts in your logo, but it also gives the wrong impression to your audience (as has already been mentioned in this post).

In a design, don’t use more than two different fonts. You can get away with just one font and play with its weight and size for a logo.

Do Not Forget To Get Feedback


Getting feedback from other people before making a decision is a good idea. For example, your logo may have a hidden significance that you’re missing out on. When you made it, you probably had one idea in mind, but the people who use it might not understand what you meant. So before you launch, ensure your brand idea speaks to the right people.

Include a focus group of potential customers in making a logo. Show your starting point, the next ideas, and the one you think best represents your brand. Then, get feedback on your logo design to determine where it could improve.


A logo is a vital part of any company. It is the defining symbol of your brand/company. Keeping it simple and easy to remember is better than making it too complicated. Always test out your logo design before going to publishing. Always keep the don’t of logo making in your mind.