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Today, people share hundreds of thousands of pictures and clips on the worldwide web every single minute. Some of them are professionally filmed, others are amateur. Some are made purely for entertainment, while others are intended for commercial purposes. Be that as it may, watching a video is much more interesting than reading a text. Therefore, it is not surprising that users spend more than 50% of their time on social networks watching broadcastings. However, many streaming services and social networking sites only allow you to view these files when you are online, and you cannot download them to your device for offline display. In this article, we will look at how you can download any content from Instagram for free without registration, even if you do not have an account on this network.

Easy Way to Download From Instagram


Today, there are many ways to download any content, even if the platform’s official policy does not allow it. Someone uses programs developed by third parties, someone uses Telegram bots, and some even know how to open the code of a web page and watch it in developer mode. But in my opinion, it’s too much! For those who do not have deep knowledge of programming and are afraid to install suspicious software on their electronic devices, there is a way out. Instagram video downloader story is available in the browser. And it’s easier to employ than you might think.

To take advantage of this opportunity, go to the Toolzu website. This Instagram Story Downloader allows you to save stories quickly, easily, and in good quality. All you need is to specify the nickname of the account you are interested in. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access closed private pages, even if it is your friend. But you can view content from open accounts without any problems.

You are most likely aware of the 24-hour limit for Stories. If you have not had time to view the photo or video, it will disappear and will not be available for viewing. Only the account owner will be able to view these materials in their archive. Thanks to Instagram video downloader online, you can download Stories after a day has passed since publication. Also, using this online service, you can save a video from posts, stories, and IGTV.

Here Are a Few More Reasons to Use Toolzu:

  1. The service is absolutely free for all users regardless of location.
  2. It works in the browser and no matter what operating system you have Windows and iOS or Linux.
  3. You can download stories to any electronic device – smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  4. The quality of the picture or sound does not decrease when downloading.
  5. The original file is available on your device in 30 seconds.
  6. The service is completely anonymous – the author of the story has no way to find out who downloaded the video.
  7. There are no restrictions on the number and size of files transferred during the day.

The most important advantage that this online resource gives is freedom. You only require Internet access. You do not have to install any software on your electronic device. In addition, you can get the original content of absolutely all public profiles on Instagram, even if you are not subscribed to them. Moreover, you may not even have your own profile on this social network and still be able to download videos.

Some people ask how legal it is to download other people’s stories. You can relax. It’s legal as long as you don’t use the content for commercial purposes. If the page owner has chosen the public profile type, he automatically agrees that his pictures and videos will be shared publicly and available to a wide audience.

How to Use Saved Video Files


We assume that by reading this article you probably already know why you want to download files. However, let’s talk about it anyway. The first thing you can do is browse offline content for your personal use. This rule works well for educational videos. For example, you can save a video recipe for your favorite dish, a home workout, a foreign language lesson, or some useful life hack.

You can also share this content with your friends who don’t have an Instagram account. For example, via one of the messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber. Just send them a file in a message.

If you are impressed by someone’s content, you can share this video of your own Insta Story. Of course, it is necessary to tag (provide a link to) the original account so as not to violate copyright. Or you can simply post this video to IGTV, your Facebook page, or even another social network – TikTok, Twitter, or YouTube.

If you have video editing skills, you can collect several files and assemble an original video clip from them. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to employ it for commercial purposes, but this is a good entertainment option. Although there are people who made money by watching celebrities’ stories, saving them, and posting them in their accounts. If we are talking about popular people, then even a 15-second excerpt from their lives is already attracting attention.


Whether you’re an active Instagram user or just using your page to follow the lives of your friends, you have access to a wide variety of video content on this social network.  Original author’s videos are a boundless ocean of ideas, advice, different cultures, food, and music. Social networks have erased the borders of states. Now we can have friends all over the world and learn about the lives of people in different countries. It’s great that today many people have the opportunity to make videos and share them. So if you need a creative idea, an education, a home decorating tip, or a video of kittens playing in the backyard, check out Instagram – you’ll find everything here.