While tax preparers have several tax software solutions, Drake is 1 of the most preferred choices. In a recent tax software survey by the Journal of Accountancy, most respondents voted for Drake software with a high rating.

Drake comes with some of the most helpful features like Drake Tax Planner, Drake Scheduler, and more. Still, tax pros face everyday challenges, like timely return filing, customer support during non-business hours, and data security. If you also face these problems, it is time to modify the way you work by switching to Drake tax software cloud hosting.

Drake Hosted Cloud improves its capabilities and helps tax preparers simplify everyday workplace tasks.

Let’s look at 5 significant benefits of Drake tax software hosting:

1. Adequate Data Security

As a tax professional, the security of the data you handle for your firm is critical. The Internet age and the current work-from-home environment have raised the risk of cyber threats and unauthorized leaks of confidential data. Deploying strict security measures may not be possible for every tax professional.

Drake hosting service providers guarantee the security of your data on their remote servers using advanced security measures.

2. Cost Cutting


Imagine the financial implications of setting up a reliable in-house server for Drake. You would require a complete IT infrastructure in place, including the hardware and hiring professionals for regular upkeep. You can eliminate a substantial portion of these expenses by turning to Drake tax software cloud hosting solutions. The cloud provider will take care of the costs related to software deployment and maintenance as per the Drake hosting plan you have chosen.

3. Remote Software Access

Has it ever happened to you that your customer called for a tax consultation during non-business hours? If you are at home or anywhere else but away from your office, your inability to access tax data can leave you vulnerable in such situations.

However, with Drake tax software cloud hosting, you can access your data on Hosted VDI no matter where you are or at what time. You can use any smart device like your smartphone or laptop to access cloud-hosted Drake at your convenience.

4. Impressive Software Performance


Living in an age where PC usage is a part of our daily lives, we all know that our systems have limited computing resources. If we keep on adding more software to our computers, it will ultimately result in performance issues.

A simple solution to such performance problems is hosting Drake Software on the cloud. Having Drake hosted on high-performance cloud servers implies no performance lag. You can also choose a reliable server for Drake Software to experience incredible performance.

5. Disaster Recovery Benefits

Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods can cause significant damage to various businesses, including the tax and accounting industries. Recovering data from the on-premises systems becomes next to impossible in such cases, leading to loss of clients and business reputation. You can stay prepared for such situations with the help of Drake hosting, which ensures the replication of data in servers in multiple locations.


Drake software hosting is a highly beneficial solution for tax experts, with numerous features and benefits. If you have not switched to the cloud-hosted Drake software, do it today with Apps4Rent as they can help host all your team members on the same cloud platform with their Drake Tax Software hosting service. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provides service for Exchange 2013 to 2019 Migration with 100% assistance and round-the-clock tech support.