Because of the multiple layers and the struggle to keep warm, winter wear is sometimes a bit bland. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are several ways you can step up your winter styles and elevate your looks without breaking the bank or completely redoing your wardrobe!

1. Update Your Winter Wear

The first and most important tip is to update your existing wardrobe. There are undoubtedly quite a few pieces that you are drawn to year after year. The same hoodie or sweatshirt, that reliable hat-and-sweater combo, and more. These pieces don’t have to change in a big way, but surely you can update some of them.

Buy a new sweater, change up your hats, and add colors where you didn’t have any previously. Instead of a bulky winter coat, choose a slimming wool jacket. Replace those snow boots with a more stylish version from your favorite retailer.

Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure that you’re updating it every few years. New styles, prints, and accessories will get your mind working towards new style ideas.

2. Accessorize!


Winter is the perfect time for new accessories. Try colorful earrings, a bright and fun new scarf, or change up your current look for some neutral knits. Jewelry can still look great during this time of year when your wrists, hands, and neck are usually covered. Keep in mind that you’re going to take that jacket off eventually!

But hats and scarves are the biggest winter accessories that you need to pay attention to. Get a matching set, or pair them together carefully. You can choose any type of hat that will match your style. Keep in mind that beanies and caps can still send a positive message such as Black pride hats!

3. Layering is Key

Everything about winter calls for layers, including style. Create careful, visible layers with sweaters, jackets, and more this season. Layer your knits, wear socks over your tights or leggings and make sure that you’re never wearing a single, solid piece of outerwear.

Even if you tend to get cold, layering up can be a great way to express your style without sacrificing warmth. This is especially important if you live somewhere where it gets cold. Look to others for fashion tips and how to layer perfectly.

4. Knitwear


Knits exist for a reason, and that reason is winter. Knitwear is right at home in the coldest time of the year, so you should take the opportunity to elevate your style with clever knits. From your favorite knit sweater to a chunky hat and scarf combo, knit fabrics can make your look feel more put together than other winter wear.

Choose knitwear with more defined stitches or opt for something that you know is handmade. A knit sweater loses its charm when it looks and feels like it was made by a machine.

You can layer knits, as well. Make sure that you choose knits of different sizes, colors, and definitions to get the most out of this style.

5. Stylish Footwear

Finally, we come to footwear. If you live somewhere with large snowdrifts and lots of ice, it’s hard to find stylish footwear that allows you to navigate properly. However, it’s worth shopping around until you can find the perfect, stylish snow boots.

You can choose boots with fur around the top, or snow boots with beautiful lacing designs. Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose function over form. On this one item, it’s worth choosing something that works over something that looks good.

6. Printed Outerwear


Printed outerwear isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it. When you’re feeling bold and want to draw attention, a printed jacket can be the perfect solution. We aren’t talking about the furry jackets with wolves howling at the moon – we’re talking about animal prints, designs, and more!

Choose a leopard print jacket if you’re feeling feisty or stick with a subdued tartan design if you want to look classy and interesting. The choice is yours, but there are plenty of printed jackets and coats to choose from.


Winter Wear doesn’t have to be frumpy or boring. There are tons of ways you can spice up your winter wardrobe, even if you’re only wearing your old pieces in a new way. Remember to accessorize and play around with colors and styles until you find the one that’s perfect for you.