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Engraved bricks can be used for many different things. It happens quite often for somebody to donate money for a school, a certain project, or any other building as a sign of charity, and this is where engraved bricks are used to ensure that the name of the is permanently remembered.

These are not the only occasions where engraved bricks can be used. There are many other casual uses as well, such as marking who built a house, a bridge, or any other construction.

Currently, there are many ways that a brick can be engraved, but one of the best ones is by doing laser engraving. This ensures that the brick is marked in detail, and without any unwanted damage being done to it.

In today’s article we are going to talk about five best-engraved bricks for your legacy. It seems like a pretty interesting subject so were going to end this introduction right here and jump straight into the content.

  1. Donor bricks

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As we mentioned above, if you ever end up being the donator for a certain project, and you want your name to be remembered by the next generations, one of the best ways of doing it is by getting an engraved brick added somewhere in the build.

Doing something like this doesn’t cost a lot of money, but is going to ensure that everybody knows the name of the person who made this project come to life. It’s a very common occurrence to see an engraved name of somebody who funded a certain project, whether this is a school, a statue, a monument, or an entire building.

If you ever decide to fund a certain project, this is an inexpensive yet efficient way of being remembered for many years to come.

  1. Class-reminder bricks

Some of the best memories happen in high school, so every single one of us wants to remember that time for all the great things that we’ve experienced. One of the best ways of making sure that all these memories remain is by getting an engraved brick and adding it somewhere at your school’s location.

This is a very common thing that a lot of high school graduates do upon finishing their last year. This can be added anywhere, but mostly it’s being done somewhere in the backyard, or if the school has a special place for things like this, that location is used instead.

Usually what’s displayed on the brick is simply the name of the class and the year they started and finished. It’s nothing too complicated, but it allows both the school personnel and the students to remember all the fun moments they had together.

  1. Military service memorial bricks

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Not every military story has to have a sad ending. It happens quite often that an entire military squad finishes their service and returns home happily and safely. These are heroes that served our countries and their names deserve to be remembered even if they weren’t lost in battle. This is why you can often see walls in parks made out of engraved bricks, displaying the names of those who bravely served our nation.

Sometimes it happens that our heroes are lost in battle, but that doesn’t mean that their names should not be remembered. Either way this is a great method to keep them all in our memories forever. If you’re looking for a place to get high-quality engraving for your bricks you’re more than welcome to visit They work with the laser method, meaning that you’ll get high-quality products with easily visible and readable names.

  1. Fundraising bricks

Fundraising projects are needed more than ever now in a moment where we have a global pandemic. There are numerous operations worldwide in which donators participate, helping those in need with the construction of hospitals and other medical facilities. Since these are fundraisers, everybody who donated money should be remembered as a good person. This is why you can often see that the front side of these constructions has a spot where engraved tiles are laid out, displaying the names of everybody who helped make the mission successful.

Before this was a thing, some people didn’t have enough motivation to donate to fundraising campaigns, simply because they felt like they were not getting anything out of it. Now, they know that their name will be a part of something that’s going to be displayed there for years, and we think that this is a great solution for rewarding the donator and motivating others to help the less fortunate.

  1. Decorative bricks

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Sometimes the fundraising campaigns are done for the simpler cause. This means that the money raised by all the donators are used for building something decorative. Usually, we can spot something like this in parks where we have larger fountains or decorative monuments. If you’ve ever participated in something like this, you can let others know by requesting a brick with your name engraved on it to be used in the build.

Using this type of bricks doesn’t always have to be a part of something public. It happens quite often that owners of larger, more expensive homes do something like this so that their name can be displayed for many years to come, to let others know who this home belongs to. Even if they end up leaving the home as a legacy to their children, their names will be remembered.

We’ve seen these be used by architects for the same reason. It’s the same as an artist signing a certain drawing because both of these are some form of art.


Many like to have their name remembered, so they try to find various methods to leave it down in history for as long as they can. We like to remember people by the good things they did while they were alive, which is why we found ways of awarding them for doing things such as donating and helping those in need. Crowdfunding campaigns are very popular at the moment solely because of this reason. It’s pretty safe to say that sophisticatedly-carved bricks have a significant purpose in today’s society.