Hunting for jobs can feel demoralizing. Crafting unique cover letters, constantly optimizing your resume, and interviews that seem like slam dunks that turn out to be near misses.

If you’re currently on the job hunt, or will soon re-enter the hiring pool, take the following tips to heart. There are things you can do today that will enhance your hireability immediately. Stay prepared, be yourself, and do whatever you can to improve your hireability.

1. Understand and Acknowledge the Background Check

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: what does background check consist of? It’s more than merely a quick check on your criminal records and education history. Today’s background screening services can delve into your credit history, any past bankruptcies, your history of drug testing at past jobs, occupational health, your social media history, any and all civil records, and more.

There’s an entire profile of you out there that you might not even be aware of. Here’s tip #1: become aware of it.

In the tech world alone, an estimated 93% of firms and companies use background checks as part of their hiring processes. You need to know what is going to be pulled on you in each segment of a background check. It’s smart to develop talking points for interviews if those findings are brought up. You’ll look prepared, competent, and honest: hugely hireable qualities.

2. Add Digital Marketing To Your Skillset


Even if you don’t work in the marketing or public relations fields, digital marketing is a huge asset that will stand out to any employer screening resumes. Demonstrating even the most passing familiarity with the core tenets of digital marketing is a big plus on the job hunt. Being able to speak to hyper-modern trends in digital marketing is even better. Our tip? Explore TikTok.

3. Treat Interviewers Like They’re Interviewees

Remember: your interviewers aren’t the only ones that should be asking questions. Treat yourself with the dignity and respect you deserve by handling each interview like a two-way street. The company wants to know if you’re a good fit for them, but are they a good fit for you?

According to research conducted by Glassdoor, the average hiring process in the U.S. lasts just over 23 days. That’s over three weeks to formulate the right question to ask your interviewers to find out: do I really want this job? Plus, demonstrating your own sense of self-worth will command respect from interviewers.

4. Curate Your Digital Footprint

These days, everyone looks at your social media. From the smallest job at the local gas station to the highest-paid gig at a top ten tech job: your social media footprint online will be meticulously researched.

Whatever accounts are linked to your primary email can be brought up using search services in a matter of seconds. Can you stand by everything you post? If you can’t, deal with your internet history ASAP.


5. Take Charge of Your Job Search

Take control of the hiring process and get offers from companies you admire. Follow these tips to turn your search around.