Maintaining excellent health is about more than visiting a doctor on a regular basis, though that’s certainly a core part of the overall concept behind wellness. But other pieces of the puzzle include a few mundane efforts, like locking doors and windows before retiring for the evening, wearing a helmet to protect against head injuries, not swimming alone, etc. Likewise, there are numerous ways to add a few extra years to your life. Many install home lifts to make their living space more enjoyable and safer.

The tricky thing about practical suggestions is that they’re too easy to overlook. Far too many adults hear commonsense tips and say they do that already, or it’s too much trouble. Unfortunately, those attitudes can turn into dangerous lifestyles and lead to bad habits. That’s why some otherwise prudent adults ignore the various warning labels on household cleaning products, travel alone without taking any precautions, wear shoes that offer no protection on slick surfaces, and fail to get routine physical examinations. Consider the following pro tips, all of which have the power to make your everyday life safer, healthier, and more serene.

1. Lock Doors and Windows at Night


It costs nothing to take commonsense health and safety precautions. Chief among the many suggestions in that category is related to nighttime security. Locking all doors, windows, and other points of entry into your living space should be part of your nightly routine. Just remember to replace faulty or very old locking devices as soon as possible.

Some homeowners choose to replace all their original devices with smart locks that incorporate computer technology and are virtually impervious to break-ins. Another aspect of everyday security is making sure windows can’t be forced open or pushed out of place. Check yours to see whether they have deep or shallow grooves that hold them in place. Consider upgrading older, shallow-groove windows with more secure versions.

2. Install a Home Lift

Residential lifts are no longer a rarity as many homeowners are choosing to install them to make their living space look great. But there’s another factor at work in that lifts are an ideal addition for anyone who wants to avoid using stairs. Older adults, anyone with a disability, and young children can enjoy safer, more convenient lifestyles when their homes are equipped with private lifts. Plus, budget-minded homeowners appreciate the fact that a lift can boost the potential resale value of the property and attract more bids if the place ever goes on the market. Those who install Stiltz home lifts can add an elegant atmosphere to any room in their home, make the place safer for everyone, and enhance the value of the property.

3. Wear a Helmet

Modern-day protective helmets, fashioned from ultra-light but highly durable materials, can be lifesavers. Those who ride motorcycles and bicycles take part in rollerblading, go skydiving, explore caves, enjoy rock climbing, and do so many other things wearing helmets to protect themselves from serious injury. Unfortunately, it’s far too common to see bike or motorcycle riders wearing no protective gear. The same goes for sports participants, climbers, bladers, and others who can’t seem to be bothered to don a potentially lifesaving helmet.

If you want to boost your personal safety factor overnight, always wear a helmet when you take part in activities that run the risk of causing head injuries. Depending on the make, style, and model, a typical helmet can range from downright cheap to pricey. Word of caution, however, is to never attempt to save money by purchasing a used helmet. Try to buy high-quality gear from respected retailers. Think of protective headgear in the same way you do seat belts in cars. Both can save your life and prevent serious injury.

4. Don’t Swim Alone

Swimming is a fun activity, but don’t turn it into a potentially hazardous one by going alone. Even if you’re an excellent swimmer, remember that accidents happen, and many drown under otherwise normal circumstances. When you swim with at least one other adult, there is always someone to call for help should you suffer an injury while in the water. Many have lost their lives in shallow water during the day because there was no one nearby to call for assistance. If you swim in places where there are currents or tides, always wear a life vest.

5. Get Regular Medical Check-Ups


Regularly visiting a professional healthcare practitioner is wise medicine. Those who maintain regular connections with their doctors and other care providers are better able to identify all sorts of illnesses and conditions in the early stages. Particularly with life-threatening maladies like cancer, early detection is of vital importance. Speak with your professional healthcare team and find out how often you should get routine check-ups. The frequency varies based on age, pre-existing conditions, and many other factors.

6. Read Labels on Household Cleaning Products

Always practice caution when using cleaning products, especially if there are children in the home. Read label directions and follow them carefully. Many cleansers contain caustic and potentially injurious substances. If you aren’t sure how to properly use the product, wait until you can get instructions from a reliable source.

7. Own at Least One Pair of Non-Skid Shoes

Shoes are much more important to personal wellness than most people suspect. The two soles absorb 100% of the body’s impact against the ground thousands of times per day. It’s no wonder that manufacturers of running and other sports shoes price their products on the higher end of the spectrum. But there’s no need to fork over a princely sum for a top-rated pair of jogging shoes.

If you want to protect yourself from slipping on smooth, wet, or oily surfaces, invest in a standard pair of non-slip shoes that look good enough for work or casual social events. The gripping soles vastly reduce the chances of taking an unexpected tumble on rainy streets, slick office floors, or uneven surfaces of all kinds. If you’ve never worn non-slip shoes before, it can take a few days to get accustomed to them. But, after a short while, you’ll wonder how you ever wore anything else.